Your Life Forces of Empowerment – Steps 4-7

If You Passed By the First 3 Life Forces of Empowerment to Harness Optimal Joydom of Ease in

 You Can Scope That Right Here.

The Next Steps We Delve Into In Order to Harness Our Life Forces of Empowerment to Optimal Tap Into Empowerment of The Highest Kind.

These ARE PROVEN 2 Be Principles That Are Inherent In Expanded & Higher Consciousness

 Very Many People Are Indoctrinated Into the Tangible World of Matter.

Encouraged to Sludge Through the Mud of What Has Already Been Created by Those Before Them.

Taking our Life Forces of Empowerment to an optimal vibration and using your life forces of empowerment means understanding that YOU ARE THE CREATIVE IN LIFE .

You have the tools and capabilities within you to harness a life optimal of your own influence in creating.

The world as we know it through life forces of empowerment

To be of one’s own creativity in life is to harness the power of ones own magnificent brain power.  

Within this power lies our next FORCES OF EMPOWERMENT of which is contained within and can be utilized by most humans is that of:


Visionary Focus & Imagination

Create your life through your life forces of empowerment

In Order to Create Anything In Our Worlds, We First Must Be With The Creative & Imaginative Ideas To Do So.

 A life force optimal that is infused with your Mind’s most incredible imaginings is a gift.

Life forces of empowerment honour a bestowment that seems to somehow get squashed and circumvented out of the mainstream modalities of education and growth.

There is no limitation or comparison or competition when you engage your life forces of empowerment.

You are the complete director of your life experience/

I shall not exist if you do not imagine me life forces of empowerment

  To Harness a Life Creative of Deliberate & Creative Living is to Dwell in the Spaces of Possibility.

 A Wonder As to What Can Be Infused Anew Into This World That Is, In Truth, Chalk Full of Magnificent Potentials To Be Realized Into Matter.

There is a term that reads “What You Can Conceive, You Can Achieve” and as it is so, let it be so.

The mind can conceive of it all

How Do We Harness The Immense & Creative powers that are the POWERS OF YOUR CREATIVE AND IMAGINATIVE MIND?

The first step is at first to acknowledge this beautiful aspect of your Mind’s capabilities.  

Your life forces of empowerment are yielded by the workings of your MIND.

If indoctrinated in a Newtonian world model of living then chances are your Mind’s attention is usually focused on what there is right in front of you and how to manage all that has already been created.

Newtonian world mind

 Imagineering your own life into an expanded feel means that you take invested time, space and attention to invest in your imaginings and potentials of pursuits available to you moving forward.

How Much Time & Attention Are You Taking In A Day to Think on What You Want to Create for Yourself For Your Future?

The ways in which we live as humans have us in a systematic, routine and habitual flow of behaviour.

To govern our life forces optimally is to look at these habits and behaviours and determine.

Taking the time to take the time to really delineate expanded imaginings for what is possible for you in terms of your creative life is a pursuit of worthiness to expanded living.

Our brains tend to focus on the absence of that which we seek rather than dwellings of possibility in which we can create. 

 Encompassing a positive mental attitude and frame about your life is the first step to getting in a vibration of creativity.

Imagination takes you everywhere
The better it gets, the better it gets.

We need only harness this attitude in its entirety to know the TRUTH of who we are.

Vision boards, Instagram accounts with visuals of things to come, drawings or doodles in sketchbooks, journal writing and idea generating tools like craft stores, art stores, fantasy literature, engaging in pursuits out of your “norm” are all really wonderful ways to harness and expand your connectivity to your own imagination.

Another Really Easy & Natural Way to Recognize the Beauty That is Your Imagination?

Play With & Engage the Perceptions of Kids.


This beauty yields all smiles
If you have kids, this is a good feel to enter the mindscapes and perceptions of their worlds rather than conditioning them to yours.

Children are in a Theta state of wonder and imaginative play unlike anything I have ever had the honour to experience.

Raising a little ginger haired creative little imagineer has been one of my life’s most beautiful bestowments that I have cultivated for myself.

In guiding children, we can learn and expand our own experience too!

We can harness the feels that are inherent in childlike wonder, imagination and pure innocence and discovery.

A Positively Charged View of Yourself is a Key and Ignition to Imaginative Creativity in One’s Life and The Purposeful Direction Of It. 

You are not able to create from a place of lack, so the IMAGING and IMAGINING of your MIND can distill and fuel a good amount of advantageous energy of momentum to your benefit.

The POWER OF FOCUS is a sweet vibe when you can be within yourself as an observer to your experience and see if you have a focus of ADVANTAGE vs COMPLAINT in terms your OWNERSHIP OF YOUR FOCUS.

Focus is a powerhouse key to elevate


Confidance of Self & Expression Thereof

Encompassing a state of being that is confidant is really just a matter of dialing in a vibe within yourself  that is chill and resistant free.

When you can maintain balance and autonomy in your OWN VIBE, in the execution and management of your OWN VIBE, then confidance will yield as a natural by product of that endeavour.

 To be in one’s own skin RESISTANT FREE and in COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of who and where you are at in your vibe, is a homeostasis of energetic biology that proves optimal for creativity in living. It also SHIFTS THE ENERGY in your present LIFEFORCE to an OPTIMAL DEGREE.

How Can You Be in a Creative Space if Mentally, Emotionally and Physically You Feel Lacklustre in Your Own Being?

  It is literally an insane balls way to normalize living.  

Going against who you naturally are in this present moment is a sabotage and stagnation station to your evolvement and growth.

 If you can’t own the skin you are in there is no way that you can lead and transmute that which you do not connect to nor take ownership of. You can’t drive a car off the lot if you are not in possession of the car.  You can’t decorate a house unless you have first acquired the house.

Build your house of self

You can’t improve or expand upon the Self if you are not connected nor refuse ownership of the Self.

Another good feel to enabling almost immediate confidance is to reduce the importance you havre surrounding your need to feel more confidant.

This nugget is distilled in the beautiful books of Vadim Zeland in which he states that “Insecurtiy lies in the overestimating of importance of things.”  If you can apply this principle of reducing importance to all areas of your life, you are made in the shade right there. Seriously, just set the task to do this and see the magic of his words.

Love letters literally

 In terms of your own esteem and self management, then if you can see the value in reducing how important you make your own estimation and projection of yourself to others and your endeavours, then you really are enabling yourself to yield an energy within of peace, fluidity, ease and transparency. 

In that STATE OF BEING the confidance yields itself in the DOING of your tasks from a creative and unhindered space.

All great accomplishments are born from the most epic of self expressions founded in the conduit of the Source of the Heart & Soul’s energetic vibration.

As with all endeavours that have to do with intentional and creative living, resistance is futile.

Your life forces of empowerment cannot resonate with resistance.  They yield an energy of beautiful flow.

Resistance is futile with the life forces of empowerment

 Confidance of Self is bred from a place of acceptance and acknowledgement of the wonder and good that is omnipresent to being human and having  lifeforce energy to acces, transmute and play with.

The energy yielded in acceptance of Self vs Resistance of Self is a supreme energetic power house of force to your elevated energetic vibration overall.

When we integrate all these forces together (1-7) it propels us energetically in an upwards and expanded direction.

Roll the life dice

To have any issue at all with anything at all is resistance. Taking a look at that about yourself is a supreme thrive for a GoodVibe in your lifeforce as it rolls for the Soul smooth when you Live & Let Be.

  Be You.

You are magic

Let Others Be Themselves.

If in the event that these endeavours clash, then that is par for the course.

We Expand by Being in Relationship and We Expand Through Experience.  When We Limit Our Relationships or Experiences We Limit Our Expansion.

 This can be hard sometimes, especiallly when other people are unable or unwilling to meet themselves to the depth you are willing to meet yourself, but then again that circles back to the principle of letting people live and let them be who they are to live and grow and learn and expand along the way.

The only time I get into grievance with someone is if they disrespected my boundaries or I have a part of me that needs healing.  Both those situations, I am at the forefront of my experience, in relationship with those around me, in their own experience.

You are worthy of love

The whole world is in relationship with one another and the barometer for the most optimal relationships is to be authentic in who you are and resistant free to those with whom you are relating.

A norm of society can be people playing games with each other or try to manipulate certain outcomes based on their knowledge of someone and the way they are.

This is negated for you when you adopt your life forces of empowerment.

 It is a cluster f*ck of living when no one is truly living for themselves in their own authentic expression of who they are.

Compartments and categories in your life forces of empowerment

Entangled within all sorts of commitments and compartmentalize their lives into categories.

The Humanness of Who You Are Is Omnipresent In All Areas of Your Life. 

 If you are misaligned in relationship to yourself, your own needs, wants, deepest feels and desires, then that will be reflected back to you in the relationships that you keep.

Taking care of number one with no resistance is basically you, with confidance. In being confidant with yourself , you own who you are in your entirety.

The wholeness of you


 Action and Movement

When we look at the preceding forces of our empowerment then action and movement seem like the most natural compliments to achieving that which we aim to accomplish.

Our bodies, our brains and our cells are always in a transformative motion, so it is a sweet and harmonious vibe to vibrate to that effect ourselves through the application of our aware attention and delineated and well managed focus.

Love thee earth yah

The Universe and the Mama Earth that we inhabit has an energy and momentum of that which we would do well to acknowledge and harmonize with.

There is the old world model of struggle, stress and climbing the ladder to success in a state of competition and oneupmanship to your fellow human.

The new Quantum Model of living states that all that you ever could desire in this world already exists and we need only harmonize within to achieve it on the outside.

The prestigious Einstein

Whatever your choice in how you perceive and relate to the world around you there is a motion and movement that is omnipresent.

To Become Synergetic With This Factoid is Where the Sweetness of LIFE FORCE FLOW is Where Your Success Lies. 

Movement and action enable motion dynamics in your experience.

Staying in a cyclical motion of habits, behaviours and actions that are aligned with your highest visions (EMPOWERMENT STEP 04) will provide you a path of expansion and creation to your esteem and benefit.

Earth love
Having an awareness and a conscious governance over your actions and movements in your life experience has a huge impact on the outcomes you generate in your movement forward to where you want to be.

If you are putting one step in front of the other in an aligned vision, with clarity of purpose and in a state of being that is harmonious with the natural flow of life then the efforts of that congruent behaviour proves to be the supportive energy of creation that is exponentially advantageous to your success.

The Universe and the Mama Earth that we inhabit has an energy and momentum of that which we would do well to acknowledge and harmonize with.

There is the old world model of struggle, stress and climbing the ladder to success in a state of competition and oneupmanship to your fellow human.

The new Quantum Model of living states that all that you ever could desire in this world already exists and we need only harmonize within to achieve it on the outside.

The flow of the good life
Managing your state of being is boss in terms of all creative living and embracing a higher consciousness aptitude of the LifeForce dial in.

 In a state of stress you yield poor results. With your life forces of empowerment, you yield……POWER.

 In a state of balance, you yield creativity.

To remain optimal in your life force energy is to have a delineated focus and conscious awareness of how you are moving and acting throughout your day.

If you are lost in drama or fragmented focus, then that is what the world will yield to you.

Punch in the focus for your life forces of empowerment
A vibe of ease, satisfaction and creative passion is a solid state to which your focussed actions can be tantamount to your productivity.

Making Yourself and Your Own Vibe a Priority Is An Act of Self Responsibility and Self Respect.

  If you are piled up with obligatory actions or duty and responsibility for someone else’s goals (kids, work, relationships) then taking time, space and attention for your own actions and movement to gain traction for your intended purposes.

To Be In Awareness of Your Actionable Expenditures Is a Super Beautiful Vibe for Self.

  In terms of your consumable actions of nourishment and with whom you spend your time as well as how you fuel your body are all ACTIONABLE ITEMS that are well within your control and governance


Love Energy & Soul Roll Support

To roll forth with the Soul on a path to a good feel is to cultivate and harness the power of your HeartSpace.

From this zone, the electromagnetic energy you propel from your biology is the strongest energy you can emanate and harness for your life.

This is one of the life forces of empowerment that propels you forward the most effectively in any pursuit.

The body has a brain in the head, the chest and the gut.

The gut brain is responsible for our feel good chemicals of serotonin.

The head brain is responsible for the majority of the body’s processes and the functioning of them.

 The heart is the propulsion of the most powerful force available to human life.


Love and love and love again

The connectivity one lives with a conscious connection and devotional consistent practice to the energy of love in one’s own HEART is a POWERFUL pursuit.

Many a person can work solely from the logic of their MINDS and their conditioning keeps them in a chase to the next thing.

This kind of living keeps you in the headspace and breathing from the chest where your fight or flight receptor cells are hanging out enabling your fight or flight responses to come online and keep you operating in a state of stress and maniacal energy.

Heartspace is the nature of things

To connect to love and the HEARTSPACE is connecting to the physical centre of your circulatory system.

This governs upwards of 75 TRILLION cells emanating an electromagnetic pulse or magnetism and electricity thousands more time than that of the HEAD BRAIN.

It has an intelligence and proves to be an ambassador for communication that manages your body’s processes.

Your inner needs of connectivity to your heart in place is a fine way to secure yourself in a state of being that is yielding round the clock empowerment.

To follow the guidance of your HEART and to follow and encompass the energy of this space is an empowerment infusion  that is supreme for your well being.

  To Be In Optimal Vibration of the Self Means to Have a Solid Relationship Within the Honouring the Dictates of Your HEART.

I knew a gal in the entertainment industry that was so used to being diminished and it being normalized that when she started exemplifying the same behaviours in our friendship I had to cut her loose.

 I have come from a place where I have had to rebuild the entirety of my life because of someone else’s inability to guide and manage themselves with peace. The impact of that deficit challenged me to evolve to who I am today. It also has made me a discerning candidate in this world as to who gets an investment of my time and attention.

 I do not sit in blame or judgement anymore as my reactive trauma brain has been realigned to wholeness.  I am fully empowered in owning the love and cultivating the unconditional love of myself in my entirety.

 When this is not reflected in my investments, and with consistency, I now maintain an exemplary level of self respect and self love that the only people I attract to my experience and who will remain are the ones that they too, have cultivated and harnesses that love within.

Love is omnipresent

Being connected to love means being free.  Free from judgement, critcism and duty to be something that goes against who you feel and know yourself to be.

 No other person can provide this knowledge to/for you and yet your psychology and beliefs most likely were conditioned Cultivating love for yourself and a non negotiable unconditional vibe of authentic expression and living then you are not expending energy unnecessarily managing that which goes against your natural inclinations and inherent way of being in the world.

Go towards that which feels like love for you.

In all your pursuits and when confronted with an energy that proves unworthy of that there is the opportunity for you to assert your right to expression and the dignity thereof.

It Is Your Inherent Right.