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Your Life Force Optimal & Owning The Skin You Are In

In this video above, the topic of plastic surgery is discussed as a mental health deficit normalized in our society.

 I used to work in the busy downtown Toronto entertainment district and a lady would come in to the establishment in which I worked frequently.   I swear each week it looked more and more like she was fixed in an expression of reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.  Your life force optimal and owning the skin you are in means acceptance.  Acceptance of the naturalness and entirety of owning the skin you are in.

Reentering the earth’s atmosphere
When engaged in conversation and saying something to garner a laugh and a smile, there was no responsivity whatsoever to her intended expression.

Her face was fixed & I felt much compassion for her as it was evident she was uncomfortable in your own skin. Harnessing your life force optimal is the opposite of this vibe.

Fixed face
Now, call me old fashioned, but being able to express ones emotions whole heartedly in the expression of them on ones own face is an inherently sweet vibe to being human, no?

I was with a friend of mine downtown a few weeks back and we we’re sharing a laugh, to the degree we were both expressing our smiles, our laughter and our joy that even the really sullen looking dude sitting on the side of the road whom we passed started smiling and laughing too.

The flurry of emotional expression


We are made to express and emote and we are all connected to a super beautiful Divine energy that exists within each and everyone of us.

It is a free flow of magnificent light and ethereal peace to be connected to that Source within you.

If you judge that statement or it makes you feel the feels of uncomfortable feels in your skin then you, my fellow human, have some work to do.

To inject our faces with collagen to give an appearance of youthfulness is an expensive pursuit with deliterious effects on your human biology and its natural divinity, not to mention the concerning af normalization of the non acceptance of ourselves.
It is a weird vibe.

Stranger things

Some of the most beautiful people, whether they have wrinkles or the most youthful of appearances on their faces are most epic and elevated when naturally their own.

  To invest in oneself in esteem and value is know that how you are, who you are and what you look like are all reflections of your inner core beliefs about yourself.  When you go to inject foreign substances , neuro toxins even into your (already divine and intelligent) biology you are diminishing the very fabric of the fundamental structure that makes you uniquely beautiful.

To be in acceptance of oneself fully and in wholeness is to love oneself completely in your entirety.  It is also an axiom and quantum fact that what you believe about yourself is what will be reflected for you on the outside in the experiences you encounter.  It seems a good feel then, to be generating a vibe within of acceptance.

  Then what is yielded outside of you are circumstances of which you can feel accepting of.

Peace within as so without

The world about you will reverberate your most consistent vibe you carry within, so if you have been normalizing your diminished indoctrinated beliefs as your normal homeostasis of self respect, then it would be a good vibe for you to know that we are inherently neuroplastic and in any moment of any day you have the power of CHOICE in where and how you delineate your focus both inwardly and how you absorb that which is outward of you.

To live in peace and acceptance of oneself is to live in wholeness.  Whatever conditioning you have received from the society in which you live or the frames that were instilled in you when you were young, you have the autonomous right to take control over yourself and the outcomes you are producing in your life experience.

To adopt the mindset that no matter the age in which you find yourself, to know you are whole and beautiful without question is to own the skin you are in and be there fully.

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