Your Human Heart Intelligence -Your System of Circulating Your Body’s World

Your Human Heart Intelligence

Your beautiful Heart that you contain within is an electromagnetic marvel. It is also makes up your circulatory system distributing blood throughout various systems to form a complete circuit. Human heart intelligence is its own Divine entity.

The Human Heart Intelligence Is An Intelligence Worth Acknowledging.

Neon human heart intelligence

Human heart intelligence contains its own cardiac muscle that never tires.

It works 24/7 to pump blood in and out of the heart. It is activated by electrical impulses from its own intelligent pacemaker, the sinoatrial node which ripple through the Heart.

Human HEART intelligence is the centre of the human circulatory system.

Within that system there are 2 forms of circulation that work interdependently within your human body.


Systemic Circulation and Pulmonary Circulation

Systemic Circulation: is the transporter of nutrient-rich oxygenated blood throughout the body. Nutrients and Oxygen are deposited in body tissues. Gases and waste entities are transferred to the blood. Upon completion of the circuit of the body, the blood returns to the heart with an oxygen depletion and infused with carbon dioxide – this is a waste product of your cellular functioning.

Pulmonary Circulation: This is we’re the oxygen-depleted blood from your heart gets moved to your lungs. The lungs are where the gas exchange occurs and then the blood is enriched with oxygen to be returned to the heart to enter the systemic circulation again.

One may see then that it is a natural by product of a human systems capacities to endure a thriving life force by way of the quality of air one is repeatedly breathing in to one’s lungs.

Human heart intelligence floral feels

Our human systems were designed for fresh air, movement, sunshine, natural and vibrant foods from the Earth and unrestricted breath ways to optimize and nourish our cellular biologies.

Energy healing is a method of returning the Heart’s vibrational resonance with that of the Natural & SuperNatural World that surrounds us.

The Human Heart Intelligence is resonant with Universal intelligence, which is in symbiotic relationship to the Earths resonance and intelligence.

Our epic planet

Our Human Heart Intelligence is a Shared Aspect of all of Humanity’s Consciousness.

Recognizing this is key to peaceful associations globally.

We as humans circulate best in rhythm of the natural world around us.

The fight or flight reactivity energy that is indicative of an inordinate focus of technological frequency exposure to the body mind functions can become difficult to manage.

That which is natural is easy. The hearts natural intelligence is a thrive to the natural world as well as connected and open expressions of one’s experience.

In feeling and by way of intuitive guidance.

Human heart intelligence

Being the centre of your circulatory system, your human Heart intelligence is the manager of one 75 trillion cells.

It is also the epicentre of your the electromagnetism in your entire body far exceeding that of your human Brain.

In utero, the first pulse of life is demonstrated by the beating of the Human Heart and proves to be an organ of communication that has the potential to manage the intuitive processes of your entire body system.

It has an electrical energetic field and electrical pulse that far exceeds that of your brain, therefore garnering it a space in the centre of the body as well as the home of your own unique soul speak.

Through focusing on your Heart with deep breathing your Heart then takes the governance to run your brain. Many teachings in our society dictate a strong “having” and “doing” paradigm of existence.

It is capable of performing brain-like functions and over half of your Heart’s cells are neural.

The identical cells found in that of your Brain.

It is an informational powerhouse that sends vibratory information between itself and the Brain to enable and govern emotional processing, sensory experiences, memory and reasoning.

Your Heart is also a major endocrine gland that produces impactful hormones that have great influence and impact in regards to the brain and body’s physiological functions.

The human heart intelligence grows



The energetic makeup of your body makes the heart the epicentre of energy healing.

The cellular structure of your human body is energetic by nature.

All energy contains a cellular structure and are in themselves energetic (sound,motion,information) The closer the cells, the more harmonious their vibration as the close proximity the more likely they are to vibrate in unison as a collective energetic structure.

This shared signal of energy creates a very powerful electric and magnetic signal within your body’s vibration.

It is the most intense vibratory signal in the body and can process, filter and sort information internally, externally and intuitively.

Human heart intelligence is the first to receive information and then it compels it to the brain.

It is the operating centre of your body’s intelligence.

Its Power is Unparalleled Because It is Connected To the Energetic Power of Creation

Human heart intelligence vibration


You know this because of your experience with love and perhaps your experience of hate.

Both polarities are extremely impactful to a human’s own governance.

The heart’s ability to use background noises to increase its signal of perception.

The heart gets programmed based on the stimuli of cellular experience it encounters.

It is the first entity in the body to process information.

The HEART processes the information first and then sends it to the BRAIN.

If you have encountered love, you know the effects such an energy has on your state of being.

When you encounter its opposite, then that looks like misaligned health and overall feels of unworthiness, rejection and abandonment.

It really is that simple. The rampant human mind can make it much more complex than need be.

Photons of light energy


Our Hearts are Connected to an Infinite Field of Intelligence that Creates All Things and Thrives on Love and Peaceful Effortless Power Energy.

Under certain conditions the human heart can produce its own photons of light energy given the magnitude and strength of its cellular power.

Literally the light of love is capable of emanating from this magnificent entity we all contain as humans.


To connect with the universal energy that your biological landscape has access to is an honourable and dignified investment for living an elevated existence.

A focus on the analytical Mind is the predominant propulsion for peoples trajectory forward in society.

Many people are of the belief that the brain is the first to perceive and respond to incoming information and provides the responses for us to initiate due to that information, but the real deal is that your Heart is the first to be impacted by incoming information, and from there, then the brain and remaining body.

Light has been an entity that can be generated by the human heart.

It is the epicentre of your life force and your own magical entity within.

Heed its dictates and nurture the container in which it resides.

The human heart intelligence is gold

In doing so, you are GOLDEN.


Connecting to Your Human Heart Intelligence

Connecting a deep diaphragmatic breath and placing your mental focus on your Heart while tapping it can prove a very simple yet profoundly effective way to bring yourself into a space of peace and calm.

Taking the focus out of the Mind and into the Heart promotes a coherence that is optimal for your functioning and overall well-being.

Green is the colour commonly associated with the energy of the heart.

Consuming naturally organic green vegetables is a thrive for your biology.

Human heart intelligence health

Expanding your physiological pursuits to enable good stress and resilience to the Heart’s natural intelligence is a sweet investment of esteem for one’s own care.

Meditation is a beautiful way to silence the MIND and CONNECT to the human Heart intelligence of which resides within every human being.

Expressions of emotion and desires of your deepest yearnings are well to do for the Heart. The expression of your heart space has a fundamental governance to your happiness.

The Universal law of MENTALISM shows us humans that focus expands. When you put your MIND’s focus on connecting with your Heart, then that is the power of your ATTENTION at work.

Developing a conscious and connected relationship to the heart space you contain can come in the form of deep breathing, your mind’s attention and intention to do so and tapping the heart with your hands as well as acknowledging the feel of it in the cage of your body.

In the energy healing of the Heart is a good feel to be aware of the Heart Meridian.


Human heart intelligence meridian line

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Given your hands are electromagnetic in nature, tracing your right hand along these areas on the surface of your body can compel and influence your own body’s energy.

The power of healing hands comes in the fact that we as humans are electric and magnetic and we give off a vibratory signal.

This is how I can heal people with the non-invasive healing modality that is a bio energy treatment.

Cultivating higher consciousness mastery in one’s own energetic field enables them to generate a powerful vibratory essence to impart and create.

Human heart intelligence is the ether to that which creates life.

Gaining a connected and confidant relationship with your own heart space will serve you tremendously in your life experience.

Human heart intelligence light


Understanding the energy your body contains and simple practices to keep it optimal is a sweet thrive for your overall lifeforce.

Optimal health is simple if you CHOOSE to make it so.

Keep it that way in your application of how you dial in your thought vibration and you will see it is an axiom to life to be in an optimal and chill state of being.

The HEART is Not a Logical Thinking Entity Yet It Has An Incredible Intelligence.

The intuition and emotional energy you encompass is a byproduct of the Heart’s language.

This language, when heard and heeded enables a beautiful trajectory forth in your life outcomes.