A Sample of Agreements In Trust & Dignified Energetic Exchange

 Hello Beautiful Being of Light & Magic. This Post Will Demonstrate a Dignified Energetic Exchange That Transpires When You Optimize Your Energy.

infinite love vibes

This is the first of several correspondences you will receive during your bio energy treatment optimization. Dignified energetic exchange between client and healer is a consideration to take

This email here covers the good feels of respecting each other’s confidentiality in a mutually beneficial and supportive manner.

When Energy is Exchanged Between Two People It Has Potential To Yield Positive, Negative or Neutral results.

A dignified energetic exchange is a thrive in terms of success and mutual respect.

My intention as your bio energy guide is to empower you to harness a strong and empowered connection within your own body’s intelligence to yield a space, within you, that is optimal.

  Optimal functioning looks like health, vitality, joy, ease in living,  peace, prosperity and abundance. 

all kinds of magic

 We are all human and we all have energy that circulates within us to allow us to function and exist in this epic world in which we live.

 I am offering you a journey to invite a more balanced, uplifted and empowered relationship you keep within yourself. This journey will be executed with a dignified energetic exchange.

You Can Do Anything, You Just Can’t Do Everything.

 That still allows for a great deal pure potentiality to be bred into your life experience by the hands of your own creative intelligence.

During our time together there will be exchanges of energy in the form of words, actions and agreements.  This written and verbal agreement  here is in place so that we may uphold the honour, dignity and respect of each individual who is investing their time, space and attention into this pursuit of expanded and elevated living.

I agree to invest with full integrity, honesty and transparency to hold your disclosures and the contents of your energetic health  in complete confidentiality. This is an action and intention of trust, peace and positive end outcomes. It is an axiom to a dignified energetic exchange.

integrity is a clean energetic vibe

 I ask, as your guide that the contents of the supportive tools of which I send you are kept for your/your family’s use and insight only, as we are working with the energy field of you/your child and you/child alone.

To be discerning and mature with the matters in which we deal with our life energy is of exponential value in terms of governing oneself with a clean energetic vibration. 

Thoughts, words and actions are aligned and one’s own standards and discipline of Self are upheld and adhered to with respect and dignity.

It is my view that This requirement is non negotiable in the exchange of effective energy work. 

your life force

If you recognize within yourself that this is a tangible and understood requirement of adherence, then I welcome you to confirm the agreement between you and I by written verification of your name in response to this email with the understanding of the binding legal nature of this action to be upheld with dignity and respect.  If you are in governance of a child then we will work collaboratively to enhance and expand your child to a place of optimal well being and health. 

I thank you for your investment and I look forward to our journey together in realigning you to an elevated and more optimal version of beautiful, formidable you!!

Many thrive vibes to you and a sincere thanks in advance for your commitment to a mutually beneficial and dignified exchange.

keep the karma good