Cause and Effects of Your Bio Energy Optimization Treatment- Your LifeForce Level Up

Side Effects Known to Be Natural Due To The Cause of Bio Energy Optimization Clearing & Rejuvenation

The energy in your body shifts as a result of bio energy optimization.  Your system has begun its initial detoxifying of heavier and denser energies that no longer serve you.  As a result, many effects of this cause can occur.

 The effects vary from each and every unique individual sporting a human bio suit.  Having their own biological energetic blueprint and responsiveness to the bio energy optimization experience.

Catch your bio energy optimization feather

I have had clients get nauseous, get letharfgic, get exuberant, laughing hysterically, get inspired, get emotional, get dizzy, cry very forcefully, get super chatty….there Infinite possibilities with the beautiful practice that is  bio energy optimization healing. We work in harmony with the connection we have to the Source of renewable energy within and available to us.

 I am the guide and it is your journey, so however your particular body responds is natural to a bio energy optimization treatment. Your Mind is something you can direct with positive thought frames and elevated perceptual inner dialogue.

 Basically, don’t freak out.

We are seeking and implementing a change in your biological energy and the following responses may be yielded, allowed and accepted as gracefully as you are able to accept yourself and your experience and field their presence within you.

Elevated Energy/New Lease of Life/Lighter Feels

When energy is cleared and free flowing the immediate response for some individuals is a feeling of exuberant, elevated energy.

 Lighter, more open feels in the Heart and Mind that lend itself to a more compassionate and easy going state of being overall.

There is a Feeling of Lightness and Relief as Well as a Renewed Enthusiasm For Life, Overall.

new lease on life



We are working with the layers of your energy system in a formulaic and systematic manner.  When energy begins to shift and expand out of your system, it can cause a recalibration of your heating and cooling systems that are under the governance of your autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the core temperature of your body.

When we open up your energy body thorugh the 4 bio energy healing optimization treatments, this system proves to recalibrate to a cleaner, elevated and more optimal flow in which you access your life force.

Network web of electromagnetic activity

 A by product of that wonderful elevation can look like sweats, over heating, feeling nauseous or dizzy as the imbalance in the system makes itself known and releases.

Nausea and vomiting are governed in your bio system by 2 distinct centres in your brain being the vomiting centre and the chemoreceptor trigger zone which are both located in the medulla olongata portion of your cerebral environment.

I have had 4 decades of direct experience with the governance and discovery of the autonomic nervous system’s intricacies through mine own neural wiring and biological governance of being nurtured in an environment of which toxic stress was omnipresent during my most pivotal and influential developmental years.

I have experiential insights and knowledge as to the impact this system has upon an individual and the governance of optimal health and well being due to my realigning with mine own neural energy work in dissolving a dissociative complex post traumatic stress neural wiring to one of complete optimal coherent and balanced regulation.

 This is why I am confidant in the efficacy of bio energy healing optimization work.

 It allows for an entire shift in your body’s biology, no matter your present state of perceived fixed disempowering illness.

With the quantum model and adhering to pure intention of pure potentiality of achieving an optimal end result outcome are very tangible and commonplace practices in the field of energy work.

Storms within will rise and release

  Should these particular symptoms entitled above be a concern for you during our treatment, I will sit you down, cross your meridians by way of crossing your arms and ensure you are grounded and well supported until the nausea passes.

 The ratio of nauseousness is very low in my experience, but it is well to advise of its occurence so as to inform and empower you with so as to not be disconcerted should it happen in your optimization treatment.

People can feel uneasy as it is getting a bio energy treatment. It is not something that is widely indoctrinated in governmental healthcare modalities, although, thankfully is on the rise and the tides are shifting.

 A good way to stay elevated within ourselves is how we frame our experiences as they happen to us.

The lenses in which you look
Being nauseous is no fun and I would never ask anyone to pretend like those feels were all good, but even though we are in a place of discomfort, we can always CHOOSE HOW TO LOOK AT A SITUATION.

I frame these effects, derived from the cause of working with your energy, ones of advantage as it denotes the shifting and expelling of denser energies that are not serving your best self.

 Frame it as a detox and nurture yourself through this journey of uprooting energy from your body’s life force operating system with as much grace and dignity a human being afflicted with nauseaus vomiting can muster.

Consider it a detox

Lethargy/Fatigue/Extreme Desire to Sleep Long Amounts

When detoxifying your energy body has been activated, the effects of that may prove to have you overcome with lethargy or fatigue.  When denser energies begin to shift out of your energy centres, especially energy that has been stagnant and residing in your system for a good amount of time, the expansion and release of that stagnated energy would only prove to take a toll on your system.

Our circadian rhythms, the natural intelligence wired within us to regulate states of sleepiness and wakefulness in a 24hour period.

Many humans who ascribe to the rat race of living are not living in harmony with their natural circadian rhythm within due to stress and poor habits of not enough nourishing sleep time and sleep cycles for the brain.

Strange Things Happen When Sleep Doesn’t.

Sleep like a dog

When energy in your body is detoxified from a dense and stagnant state to a light and free flowing state, the release of the energy impacts the entire system.

Melatonin levels are impacted and your system is recalibrating to its optimal life force vibration.

A manner in which it nourishes its own healing is to signal to you the need for rest and digest of this new level.

If your body yields to exhaustion, then that is informational and par for the course of releasing these heavies that serve you not.

 Put Yourself First and Honour Your Body Talk and Go To Sleep.

 Let Your Body Rest and Reset. 

One of the most effective ways to heal a body system is to sleep and allow the natural intelligence to do its work to realign your body to its optimal functioning.

  Nourish the system with consistent water consumption to support your body’s natural vibration to thrive by being appropriately hydrated and ensure no artificial vibratory patterns present in your sleeping space.

Cleansing feels
Your brain wave frequencies perform with pristine divination when unimpeded by human made technologies that prove at a dissonance with the frequencies in the natural world in which we all tangibly live.

Connecting your brain chemistry to the Earth’s vibration during your sleep rejuvenation periods is a far superior vibe to be dialing in artificial frequencies from your technological devices.


A Profound Sense of Peace, Elation & Relaxation

When energy gets shifted out of your energetic centres, and clears from your being, a euphoric and ethereal sense of well being and peace can overcome your state of being.

 A feeling of weightlessness, complete relaxation in the entirety of the body and an all encompassing sense of peace. If this is the effect of the cause of your energy shifting, then you need only accept and enjoy it in its entirety and understand that should you enter into such a space, that this is, by default, your natural set point in which your human bio suit should be functioning the predominant portion of the time.

This is health. A healthy self translates to heal thy self.  When you are able to consciously regulate a state of bliss and peace in your Mind and Body in a discerning and controlled manner, you have found the key to abundant living.

The world is a mirror to your state of being.

Your state of being is based upon your thoughts, beliefs, emotional intelligence, habits and subconscious programming. To be in a space of peace and healing means that your wholeness of Self has aligned within.

Peacefully serene

Mild to Severe Emotional Expression & Release 

We are emotional beings.  Emotion = Energy + Motion.  It is a form of electrical circuitry that informs your human experience.

No matter our own acumen with understanding our own emotional landscapes it is an inherent part of us and how we govern our lives and has a profound impact on our own governance and the outcomes we yield in our life experience.

Emotional intelligence means that we understand the emotions are an energy in motion within our human systems.

Emotional intelligence range

In many cases when physical ailments arise in our experience it is a method for your body to communicate to you that something underlying in your emotional body is stagnant or recycling an energy that doesn’t serve you and showing up as physical illness.

Bruce Lipton, a Cell Biologist noted that 95 percent of all disease is stress related.

This means that only 5% of the human population are walking around in bodies where they have no control or governance over their state of health, but then that also means that 95% of us humans are well within our own capacity to ensure we remain disease free.

It only stands to reason then, that if disease is caused by stress, then it would only make sense that engaging in rest, relaxation, joyful exchanges and activities and nurturing love to the self is a platform from which optimal health and well being are created.

  In abudance.

We, as humans, make things complicated by holding onto emotional upsets around situations and harbouring these emotions within. When your energy is cleared and detoxified, there is a real ease of emotion and the scale of emotions in which a human being entertains, is vast.

Emotions on a scaleScales of emotion

  When energy is released out of your system, it can activate the emotions that are connected to the stagnant energy and then the vibration of those emotions (electric energy) is what you are vibrating, you will attract people, situations, occurrences that demonstrates to you these emotions within yourself that you carry.

It is your work to be discerning of the thought patterns you keep that are attached to your emotional states.

 The mind is a beautiful servant but a  terrible master.

 Nurture whatever expression that comes out of you with compassionate kindness and unconditional love and acceptance.

If you are angry, let yourself feel and acknowledge the anger energy within you and let it be there with you until it begins to dissipate.

The more you act in a heightened emotional state that proves an unhealthy avenue for the circuitry of the emotion to recycle itself within you and then the patterns of your anger become chronic.

 The same goes for any grief, shame, sadness, guilt.

  These are all lower vibrational emotional frequencies and must be acknowledged and felt with unconditional acceptance and peace.

Feel your feels
To be able to unleash your emotional energy baggage you carrying you have to allow them to express themselves. Stifling and suppressing emotions is what causes the stagnation you are seeking relief from in the first place.

 Allow whatever emotions that arise, to express themselves fully.

 In anger, try to remain in silence and time in nature to yourself. Never ACT in ANGER.

Be with it until you are calm and rational within once more.

Acting in anger strengthens the disconnected frequency and recycles and energizes the emotion. We need to detach, through awareness and deep breathing, to allow the emotion to rise and complete its expression in a healthy way to release it from your being.

Keep being an emotional human
If you feel your feels, you released your stagnated emotional energy and you heighten the frequency in which your system vibrates in the world.  When you vibrate higher, you attract better.  You create an internal landscape within that is clean and elevated from recycled emotional heavies that serve you not.

How To Nurutre Your Emotional Releases.

The first and most pivotal aspect to successful energy flow is acceptance.

The most efficient and effective way to create peaceful and non judgemental acceptance of your experience is to be present with it without the Mind casting judgements upon it.

Allow what is to arise, be there and release out.

The more you resist your experience, the more it will prove to persist.

 Allowing all is a key component to eliminating resistant energy from your state of being. No judgement, and undconditional acceptance.

Nourish with water
Drink Plenty of Water,  Rest and Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit 🙂

Be kind to your own needs and recognize that you are of great value to be investing time, space and attention in to your own well being and optimal care.

Allow the feels to be felt.

 Very often people hide or suppress their most authentic expressions.

Feel your feels

The Universe is inclusive and we need not diminish our expressions out of indoctrinatied fear of abandonment or needing acceptance by behaving in a certain fashion.

  Any and all expressions that are authentically your own expression and felt deeply signifies your connectivity and goveranance of a very influential part of your human state of being and life outcomes.

Being Honest With Yourself About Your Most Authentic Feels & Experience.

Judging Not Their Presence But Allowing Unconditional Love & Acceptance 2 Yourself in Your Entirety.

It is a release and refreshment your body’s intelligence will certainly thank you for. There is a catharthis when you allow the dynamic aspect of your emotional circuitry to complete its natural expression within you and to released out of you.

 This is an aspect of our humanity that needs the most attention from all beings within themselves to grasp for their own empowerment.

With understanding comes peace and with peaceful beings roaming the Earth, that is a vibe that Thrives!