What Is Distant Healing?

What is Distant Healing?

If anyone had told me 3 years ago that I would be offering such things as distant healing I would have told you to get off whatever it is you were smoking.
In coming through my healing 15 years of toxic stress conditioning from my biology, I have been gifted and entirely new and expanded education on how a human system can exist in this wide, wonderful and expansive world in which us humans exist.
In releasing all the toxic stress from the entirety of my physiology, physically, emotionally and mentally it was no easy feat.

What is distant healing wisdom

When the mainstream modalities of mechanistic medicine not only failed my efforts, but proved to exacerbated my problems, I had no other choice but to actualize my experience of my own volition.

In doing so I found a breadth of knowledge that has led to my freedom to now be in a fully healed and thriving biology on all levels, but in that pursuit of self knowledge and healing, have been gifted a great energetic acumen of ability to impart and elevate my fellow humans.

Due to being highly sensitive to the subtle energies of the world as a result of healing 15 years of toxic stress abuse conditioning in my biology, the polarity of that gift of conditioning has created a great energetic acuity and acumen within me.

What is Distance Healing and How Does That Work Exactly?

   I too, was new to this whole modality of healing but the success I had with the people whom I offered distant healing for during the height of the onset of the pandemic, it was great self affirming proof that we as humans, are energetically connected to a unified field of consciousness and our own bio fields that we naturally have are accessible and can be communicated with, within this field of infinite energetic consciousness.

  This enables distant healing to prove effective. 

It is a form of energetic healing sent across space and time to be received as a healing impact on the recipient.

This enables the recipient to gain healing because we are accessing their energy body which is the high commander of the physical body’s processes.

What is distant healing

Your energy body is a very real aspect of your physical existence and with your consent and agreement, can be accessed, altered and provided healing with the intent, agreement and energetic acumen of me, your healer.

The manner in which I dial in the distant healing is to ask to have you send a picture of yourself, your name, location and date of birth.

 Given your time zone, I then await until you are asleep and gauge by time when you will be in your theta brain state of sleep. It is in the theta brain state that energy is most impactful in healing and shifting any energy to thrive and heal empowerment.

Time is an illusion

The Illusion of Time and Space


In the Newtonian world model of conditioning and belief, the perception that most humans live within in this physical reality. Physical reality is one that is conditional and resides in the mindset of duality.

This essentially means that for most people and their perceptions of the world experience the world of time and space as fixed.  In this fixed paradigm of existence, perceptions are locked and limited to thinking that things are separated by distance and that time only moves in one direction of forward motion.

  This modality of belief conditioning keeps you firmly rooted in the physical world.

Given our human experience is both physical AND metaphysical this kind of belief conditioning may prove to limit your capacity to manifest and change your life expereince in terms of its natural expansion.

The illusion of our perceptions of limited time and space constructs can be deconstructed by your investment into higher consciousness learning inquiry and also, EXPERIENCING FIRST HAND the effects of a distant bio energy healing session and receiving the results of your engagement within it.

What is distant healing through a telescope


 Why Distant Healing Works


When an energy worker facilitates a distant healing session, they are in themselves, accesssing a state of higher consciousness that is outside of the parameters of time and space.

There is an alteration in the brain wave state to theta which is considered the “waking dream state”.

This enables their human system, by way of their energetic focus and acumen of authority over their own energy to perceptualize a vantage point where time and space are not fixed.

 In this state of connection and non separateness, time flows not only forwards but in reverse too.  It is not fixed. Where the intention of awareness the energy practitioners focus goes, is where it will arrive and be felt.

For an intention of healing to another sentient being who is in connection and agreement with the pracititioners intetnions and acumen, then a transfer of energy can and will take place.

Recent discoveries in quantum physics now provide the scientific underpinning for many of the holistic healing phenomenon we have seen and have been in play for centuries of which mechanistic medicine negates in is mutilation and pharmaceutical dependency approaches to “health”.

What quantum physics has theorized is that time is not fixed, nor is it linear, only flowing in one direction. Time is fluid and flows both forwards and backwards simultaneously.  Everything that exists in the world of the physical is also mirrored with a very unseen yet real metaphysical component.

What is distant healing in metaphysics


  Energy healing works within the very real, yet unseen metaphysical aspects of our humanity. 

Your future can thus affect your as much as your past. Your past can be altered as much as your future. From this perspective everything is happening at once, there is no past and no future, only the present moment.

What science is also revealing about space or “distance” between objects is that they are actually not separate as they may seem. Though we experience things as being separate from us this again is merely a perception of our limited belief in the illusion that time and space are fixed.

  You can test this phenomenon by thinking on someone with consistency whom you have shared love with but you no longer see or talk to.

When you hold your energy of thought and feeling towards them with a consistent focus in your mind and body, then something will happen that will denote to you this truth.

They may call you, show up on your social media or you may encounter as situation, circumstance or person indicative of that whom you were holding in your mind and heart.

It is a natural law of unified consciousness that enables such an experience.

What is distant healing roped in

In reality the energy does not “travel” anywhere. As Albert Einstein so beautifully demonstrated with proof that energy is everything and it is everywhere.  It is simply “sent” and received” by intention alone and is instantly “transmitted”.

As you see even our language is set up to reinforce this belief that time and space are fixed and that objects are separate from one another.

If you can understand that from an altered state of perception, one can perceive and experience a different relationship to time and space you will begin to understand how this is possible.

With an invested practice and acumen into the world of energy,  having awareness of different brain states and that which they can yield to this world of perception feels like a waking dream.

When we alter our brainwaves to the theta state for example, one is able to understand, perceive and experience a sense of the unity of all things and that there is no distance between things and no separation.

 One can see, and I have personal experience of this, that everything is connected and everything is energy in varying states of vibratory expression.

Light energy

From a state of altered perception the healer is able to then instantly access information about the client and also instantly “transmit” healing energy to the client. From this vantage point everything, past future and present are all happening at once.

All points of information are readily available and the healer only needs to ask to see certain reference points to gain knowledge or to change events and outcomes.

How To Connect For A Distant Healing Session


I have performed distant healings on people in the UK, Germany and Mexico all from my home in Vancouver, BC and all with accurate energetic assessments and optimization.

There is a specific framework of steps that need to be adhered to in order for the healing to prove effective.  Upon connecting with me at yourlifeforceoptimal@gmail.com the steps will be presented to you in a very simple and straightforward manner.

  If you feel that my work is inaccurate or not yielding any healing, then a guaranteed full refund is yours for the taking.  It is a no risk investment.

 This is how confidant and emphatic I am about the efficacy of the healing I am able to distill to other energetic beings.

For local healings in Burnaby and Vancouver BC and for distant healings anywhere on the globe that his connection via messaging, then please reach out and connect to me.

What is distant healing


Bex Arnold at yourlifeforceoptimal@gmail.com