What Are The Radiant Circuits in You?

What are the Radiant Circuits?


What are the radiant circuits of a human system?

A good thrive to know about when you are invested into your own well being as an energetic human being.

The radiant circuits a human system contains are radiant indeed.

They are referred to as such given their ability to create an instant circuit to distribute energy throughout the entire human body.

You could also consider them reservoirs of energy that are geared to go where they are meant to, when needed.

In TCM, the radiant circuits go by other names such as the Strange Flows, the 8 Extraordinary Vessels/Meridians or the Collector Meridians.  Essentially a series of energetic flows in the human body.

These energetic circuits that exist in your experience as the nature of being an electromagnetic being are the ones that bring you JOY, EXCITEMENT & VITALITY.

The energy of these circuits are in symbiotic resonance with the feels of falling in love. The kind of energy that provides propulsion and exhilaration to achievement and hope and feels of gratitude.

How do Radiant Circuits Work?

The Radiant Circuits are intuitive and responsive to the body’s needs.

 They do not flow in a specific pattern like the MERIDIAN SYSTEM which flow in a specific pattern.

They have the capacity to move, jump or hyperlink to where they are needed most within the system of the body.
It is an aid too, the radiant circuits to enable connection to universal energies in harmony with the naturalness of your own intuitive gifts and knowledge.

How cool is that?

Why Work your Radiant Circuits?


As humans we can get into patterns that are not serving our highest and best selves.  This comes in the form of negative thinking and the perpetuation of it and the patterns of self-sabotage.

The energy aspect of your being that enables your survival is your fight/flight/freeze/fawn mechanisms directed by your TRIPLE WARMER MERIDIAN. 

This energetic system is likened to the protector of your body’s system and drawing energy from the radiant circuits can create habits that prove destructive or dysfunctional to your energetic health.

When you work with your radiant circuits, you can disengage the triple warmers hold on the habitual patterns of negativism and enable a state of energetic peace that promotes a state of joy and happiness.

That reason within itself makes having an awareness and application to engaging the radiant circuits a very wise and sweet feel.

They offer you an opportunity to attend to your needs and nurture yourself appropriately and it is SUPER SIMPLE and EASY to engage them.

The 8 Radiant Circuits

In your human system that is made up of much more energy than it is matter, you have 8 radiant circuits and they are listed as follows:

  1. Yin Regulator Circuit
  2. Yang Regulator Circuit
  3. Yin Bridge Circuit
  4. Yang Bridge Circuit
  5. Belt Flow
  6. Penetrating Flow
  7. Central/Governing (meridians that are also Radiant Circuits)
  8. Triple Warmer/Spleen (both meridians that are also Radiant Circuits)

1/2. Regulator Circuits


The REGULATOR CIRCUITS are the energies that co-ordinate.  They adjust and regulate energies throughout our human systems on all levels.

They are influential in the management of our hormones, chemistry and circulation, supporting us to adap to external and internal changes.

There are 2 CIRCUITS that make up the REGULATOR CIRCUITS:


1. YIN REGULATOR: the one on the front/inside of the body


 2. YANG REGULATOR: the one that runs the back/outside of the body

They also enables the establishment of harmony with other people and the environment in which you exist.

3/4. Bridge Circuits



The bridge circuits



The BRIDGE CIRCUITS in a human system are the energies that communicate, bridging to people, emotions and worlds.

The purpose of them is to improve our connection and communication with others and lend you to an increase in heightened intuition.

There are two Bridge Circuits:

3. YIN BRIDGE CIRCUIT: runs on the front/inside of the body

4. YANG BRIDGE CIRCUIT: runs the back/outside of the body

The act of tracing these circuits with your hands activates them due to the electromagnetic nature of your hands engaging them.  It is an empowered feel to connect fully to the body while tracing these circuits.

 If you prefer hands off treatment then they may also be engaged within the energy field of the individual and be traced at a distance of a few centimetres off of the body and still be effectively activated.

5. Belt Flow

The belt flow

The belt circuit or belt flow is responsible for connecting the energies between the upper and lower parts of the body.

It is like an equator of the human system that assimilates and ingrates information between the upper body and the lower body.

It is an assimilation of information that discerns what is deep and enduring from what is superficial.

It distributes energy to the top and bottom of the human system and connects the top and bottom of the body.

It acts like a source of balance to how inspired and grounded we feel in our experience.  It is pivotal to our sense of responsibility of our own selves and lives.


6. Penetrating Flow

The penetrating flow

The PENETRATING FLOW is involved in bringing energies to your most inner depths.

It penetrates the chakras, the musculature system, your bone structure, your gentials and deep into your cellular structure and nervous system.

Connecting this energetic flow in your energetic system enables a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to your life.  It can propel the good emotional experiences deep within your body.

It carries ancestral energy and is the foundation for the power and fortitude of our energetic constitution.  It enables our resilience and increases our intutive and psychic abilities.

7. Governing and Central

The governing and central meridians lends themselves to their titles.

They strengthen the aura, clear your confusion and doubt and provides courage to propel one forward in their own lives.

You can read about these meridians here and how to trace them upon yourself. 

Tracing and connecting to these energies within is an investment worth making.

8. Triple Warmer/Spleen

The triple warmer meridian

You can read more about the TRIPLE WARMER HERE and trace this meridian with ease.

The SPLEEN is the advocate for life, metabolizing your consumables, metabolizing your emotional energy and impact of your life experience, it is like your inner maternal care taking energy.

The TRIPLE WARMER is our protector and fight or flight system and takes no prisoners.

The spleen meridian

  It is an energy to protect us at all costs, so it is imperative to implement your own balance within your own energy to ensure you are not over reactive or utilizing this system to your detriment.


Peace and balance within the energetic system is optimal health. 

Having an awareness and an acumen of understanding of these energetic aspects of our own human health can provide real empowerment and thrive to the entirety of your life experience.

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