THE TRIPLE WARMER MERIDIAN The triple warmer meridian


The function of the triple warmer meridian is to circulate liquid energy throughout the organs of the human body.  The Triple Warmer distributes special “Source Chi” which is produced by the KIDNEYS.  It has as significant role as it manages the relationship between all the various organs and allocating energy between them.

To trace this meridian with the electromagnetic nature of your own hands, you turn your hand over and begin at the ring finger. Trace straight up the arm to beneath your ear, follow your ear around and behind, ending at your temple.  Do both sides of your body on both arms and sides of the head.

The location of the triple warmer begins at the tip of the ring finger and flows over the shoulder to the chest cavity. At the top it breaks into two branches. One branch journeys through the mid and lower parts of the body, uniting the upper, middle and lower burners. The second branch runs externally up the side of the neck circling the face to meet the GALLBLADDER MERIDIAN.

UPPER WARMER/BURNER: DIstributes life force energy from the diaphragm upward.  Associated with the Heart and Lungs (Respiratory System)

MIDDLE WARMER/BURNER: Spleen, Stomach, Liver and Gallbladder are all in receivership of lifeforce energy by way of the middle warmer meridian providing this lifeforce energy from the diaphragm to the navel.

LOWER WARMER/BURNER: This enables the optimal function of your reproductive and eliminatin systems.

If the TRIPLE WARMER is out of its optimal alignment, this can materialize as water retention, stiff neck as well as ailments that affect the ears, eyes, chest and throat.

  The symptoms related to the imbalance in the water element aspect of your human biology such as swelling, urinary incontinence and ringing in the ear.

Your natural circadian rhythm has this meridian at its peak from 9pm-11pm. Engaging traces upon both sides of your body with the triple warmer is a solid and simple investment to honour your own energy.

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