The spleen meridian is vital in its energetic delivery as it is a profoundly impactful organ for the channel of optimal immunity in the human physiology.

Its performing function is to convert your consumables into energy and blood.

Energetically it has been associated with the MIND’s THINKING and the quality of thought forms that the MIND generates.

This is based on the clarity and efficiency of its performance dependent on how you fuel your system.

The spleen meridian begins at the large toe and moves along the inside of the foot crossing over the inner ankle bone. It makes its ascension to the underarm.

There contains a branch of this meridian that departs from the abdomen and runs within the human physiology to the spleen creating a linking chain to the formidable energetic HEART and the gut brain


The spleen meridian

When you are in complete autonomous control of your MIND’s attention and have complete governance over your life force, then the spleen meridian in fully empowerment looks like solid digestion, vital energy and optimal immunity.

In a misaligned state of energetic affairs this meridian may demonstrate what mechanistic medicine would label as hepatitis, distended abdomen, appetite loss, disorders of the blood, disorders in menstruation, watery and loose fecal expellation, diarrhea, flatulence, anorexia, pain in the root of your tongue and stiff and/or swollen knees and/or thighs.

With a list that sounds like the side effects of most prescription medications, it is a sweet feel to be aware of this life force generating meridian and how you can be aware of it to make it optimal for you.

Tracing this meridian or putting pressure on the insertion points between the hours of 9am to 11am periodically can prove to be very healing and elevating for this essential energetic channel and its renewal.

Energy medicine is a dignified and non-invasive practice that enables the human to take ease and empowerment over their own life force energy in a simple and self connected manner.

A good feel for the self empowerment knowledge base.