The little intestine meridian

The small intestine meridian begins in the little baby guy finger at the outside tip and travels up the back of the arm to the back of the shoulder.

Intersecting the BLADDER MERIDIAN, it then has two branches two which it diverges.  One moves internally through to the beautiful HEART & STOMACH to settle in the small/little intestine.

The secon diverging branch travels externally around the cheeks on the face, passing through the eye and ear.  A short branch off the cheek links the meridian to the inner corner of the eye where it makes its connection to the BLADDER MERIDIAN.

The little intestine meridianThis energetic meridians function is to act as a separator from that which is pure and that which is impure.  Aspects of this delineation of purity includes consumables as well as the thoughts and belief you carry within.

When aligned, the neck, ears, eyes, throat, head and mental wellness and small intestine function optimally.

When in a state of misalignment it symptoms that may demonstrate themselves as a result will look like fever, sore throat, swelling in the chin and lower face, deafness or hearing in capacities, severe pain of the shoulder, lower jaw, upper arm, elbow, forearm and an irritable bowel.

Acupressure and your hand tracing in acknowledgement of this energetic meridian is an elevated investment.

Engaging in a Qi Gong routine like this one here that supports the SMALL INTESTINE can prove a superior thrive for your Life Force and the energetic dignity of your human experience.

Infinite love to self