The Physiology of Emotion

The Physiology of Emotion



Your beautiful body is a natural intelligence designed to keep you alive and in a thrive.  If you find you are instead, in a dive, then taking ownership of empowerment over your own state of being and world view can be highly effective to right your pathway to a more optimal life ahead of you.

Let’s take the emotion of FEAR as an example of how to better understand the physiology of emotion.  Understanding that emotion is bred from thoughts is a solid way for you to gain and expand your own emotional intelligence.

  Let’s say someone gives you information that perpetuates a state of fear within you.

Let’s say, just as an outlandish and highly irrational example, that your neighbourhood friendly government it perpetuating a state of fear of death and life limitation to you and taking away your rights and freedoms under the guise of protecting you.

Your Thoughts Have Great Power.  
The physiology of emotion has great power

The conscious mind residing in your forebrain has knowledge that you are in a state of fright/fear.  However your animal brain residing in the area near the brain stem where the hypothalamus lives cannot tell the difference between a thought imbued with fear or a real threat to your survival.

Your body is designed with survival mechanisms for the perpetuation of the species.

When your animal brain perceives a threat it activates your stress response, setting off your fight or flight survival mechanisms, activating the HPA axis, activating the sympathetic nervous system, shutting down your immune system and getting you ready to fight or flee the danger you are perceiving.

The physiology of emotion

Your growth, expansion and well being come to a stagnation when your body is in the middle of a stress response. The maintenance and repair functions naturally designed to keep you optimal come to a complete standstill.

 As a human you were gifted the stress responses to be activated and triggered very rarely.  They were ingrained and implemented in balance to a time that was more in balance with the natural world around us.

  The human body is designed to be in a state of peaceful physiological rest the predominant portion of the time.  The modern technological world in which we live creates a good deal of opportunity to create havoc on the peace of a human system.

The normalized stress of the world today results in our forebrain thoughts and feelings to repetitively trigger the hypothalamus to elicit your stress responses.

In your mind you understand it is a feeling, but your animal brain is perceiving it as a real threat and attack.

The physiology of emotion and attacks to the system

The world is fraught with information coming at you that induces such feelings like fear, anxiety, frustration and resentment. These negative emotional states trigger the HPA axis within you.

  Whether or not your body is in ACTUAL danger, your MIND believes you really are.

 This biological process that is activated releases corticotrophin-releasing factor (CFR) into your nervous system.

This responds by stimulating the pituitary gland causing it to secrete prolactin, growth hormone and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) which stimulate the adrenal gland causing the release of cortisol.

Cortisol is responsible for helping your body maintain a balance/homeostasis when the brain signals a threat.

When your hypothalamus is activated it also activates the synmpathetic nervous system (your fight or flight survival mechanism)

This activation causes your adrenal glands to release epinephrine and norepinephrine.

The release of these increase your pulse and blood pressure that affect other physiological responses.

 There are a host of metabolic changes that occur within you as a result of the secretion of these hormones.

The physiology of emotion and eggs


Blood vessels travelling to the gastrointestinal tract, hands and feet constrict while vessels travelling to the heart, large muscle groups and brain dilate preferentially shunting blood to the organs that will help you flee an emergency situation.

 Your pupils dialate to receive more light and your metabolism revs itself up in order to jolt you with a boost of energy.  This accomplishes this by breaking down fat stores and liberating glucose into your bloodstream. Your respiratory rate increases and your bronchi dilate, allowing more oxygen in.

This enables your muscles to become tense and prepare to execute a great sprint of power to escape your perceived/actual threat. Stomach acids increases and digestive enzymes decrease.

This often results in esophageal contractions, diarrhea or constipation. Cortisol suppresses your immune system to reduce inflammation that would accompany any wounds hte attack may inflict.  The mechanisms of reproduction come to a complete standstill.

Essentially your body ignores sleeping, digesting and reproducing and is set to focus on running, breating, analyzing thoughts and delivering oxygen and energy to keep you safe and protected.  This is your natural intellignece within you designed to change you to help you fight or flee the threat.

The fallout of this activation is that if the threat is presented ot you only in THOUGHT /MIND  the body cannot decipher that there is no imminent danger to the body and if activated repeatedly due to perceived stress and threat, then it can cause a form of deterioration in your system to your great deficit.

This results in you receiving more harm from the natural mechanisms your human system is equipped with, rather than in your favour for your support and survival.

Live well

Activated repeatedly to your deficit is unnatural to optimal life force.

  Wouldn’t you know it that when you direct your conscious forebrain to purposefully generate positive thoughts and feels like love, connection, intimacy, pleasure and the goodfeels your hypothalamus stops triggering the stress responses that have run amuck.

The chillax vibe that is encompassed in your being, the relaxation state that is natural to its most optimal function, enables you to exist in the parasympathetic nervous system state and our of the sympathetic nervous system that had you pumping with cortisol and adrenaline shuts off.

The body’s natural intelligence can get to work on its repair and optimization.

Minding your focus and purposefully generating loving thoughts to yourself and the lenses of your perception IS generating optimal health within.

Catch the peace



Your own awareness is a powerful tool, however when you are in a stress response it can be tough to get yourself back into regulation and a balanced state. Having a daily devotional, whether you yield a stress vibe or not, so just esteemed vibrations for your own living.

The most effective methods that yielded in mine own biology for remaining out of the stress response was a consistent and repetitious training of my mental focus and biological tools to get in and through my body in a connected and empowering manner.

Read here about the benefits of engaging your vagus nerve for optimal system regulation. 

If you have abuse trauma conditioning then  adopting a consistent and systematic investment of meditation can provide great neuroplasticity to engage in transmuting the entirety of your biology.  Deep seated trauma can be transmuted with consistent and systematic repair to your neural landscape.

This song here, MARCONI UNION, is a scientifically generated good feel for your biological peace. 

You can engage this song while implementing these following four steps:

1. Close your eyes

2. Connect to your breath and engage 3 deep diaphragmatic breaths, deeply inhaling thorugh the nose and exhaling without force through the mouth.

3. Find a word, sound, phrase or muscular activity that you engage in a repetitious manner with the focus of your mind.

4. Passively disregarding imposing thoughts and returning to your repetitions and focus of your breath.

Getting out ahead of yourself in terms of your own biological management is a thrive experience for the entirety of your life force experience.

There are infintie potentials available to us in any moment to consciously choose and direct ourselves.

When we allow the habits of stress and depletion to guide our states of being and condition, then that is the momentum in which we move forth.

Courage dear heart


Take complete ownership over your own energy with the DEEP PROGRAM in 7 weeks of self study is a life shift. 

The most effective way to optimize your own energy is to invest the time in the experience of doing so.  Methodical and systematic habits that yield a positive impact upon your state of being is an investment that is priceless.  Your own self development, nurturing and care is reflected back to you in the energy you attract and generate in the entirety of your life experience.

Many people resist meditation because they cannot concentrate long enough or they are so detached from themselves and their state of being that they demonstrate great resistance to being still within themselves. To be able to devote time to sit in the skin within and masterfully gain control over it and direct it to peace is a life giving & a life supporting investment.

Are you in esteem of yourself enough to honour your own peace?

For bio energy elevations and higher consciousness mindset guidance, please reach out to Bex@

Radiate sweet harmony