The pericardium meridian


The PERICARDIUM MERIDIAN starts at the HEART where it divides into two branches.

These two paths emerges from the lower chest area up to the armpit before reversing down the arm to end at the tip of the middle finger.  One deviates and stops at the ring finger, where it meets the triple warmer.

It is working in tandem with the HEART MERIDIAN as it is the bag that contains the HEART itself proving a protector from any foreign harmful invasions.

The PERICARDIUM MERIDIAN is a pivotal meridian for any symptoms that relate to illness of the MIND. Because the HEART stores “Shen” mental energy.  Balancing the energy of the heart chakra is a supreme feel to maintain a healthy and balanced mind space.

The PERICARDIUM MERIDIAN governs the blood and the mind so impacts your personal relationships and the state of being of which you encompass within.

In the Chinese system of health, extreme emotional outbursts are seen as powerful disruptors of balance and a major cause of disease. Without the pericardium to protect it, the heart could be gravely injured by every-day emotional fluctuations.

Manifested consciousness of which you govern such as Heart Protection, Joy, Vulnerability, Love, Self Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Expression, Relation to self, Relation to Others, Openness, Armoring are all expressions of the balance of energy in this channel.