The inner depths of your human experience are brought about by the PENETRATING FLOW energy circuitry contained within your energetic system.

When in a free flow of movement, this energetic flow penetrates the energy centres of your chakras, your bones, your muscles, the genitals and deep within the entirety of your cellular structure.

The penetrating flow


In traditional energy medicine modalities the PENETRATING FLOW is referred to as the energy of your ancestors and sets the foundation and strength of the particular humans energetic constitution.

When you engage and implement an orgasmic experience within your own body it is a transcendent and spiritual kind of energy that permeates your body with the penetrating energies of the Universe in which you exist.

This is a cellular experience that is felt in terms of the PENETRATING FLOW.

It is the energy available to our expansion and experience that enables us a deep sense of purpose or meaning within ourselves.

To trace this flow begin with your hands on the back of your sacral area, move them up and over your hips and round to the front of your genital area.  From there rise your hands up the front of your body to your chin and back to the points of your jaw and back down to your heart centre.

Here is a handy and quick video for your visual reference for you to engage and stimulate your penetrating flow.