The Natural Force Order of Love Energy & How You As A Human Can Engage Its Expression

The Natural Force Order of Love Energy & How You As A Human Can Engage Its Expression

The force and propulsion of Life is a creative energy and it is renewable and infinite.

We as humans live in a world where we mentalize at different levels of consciousness and everyone is free to choose their own directives of how they wish to be in the world and guide the lives they have been gifted to direct and lead.

Many are influenced by others in relational dependency and many are autonomous in their own interdependence with those and the world around them.

Collectively, we are one human race.

The natural force order of renewable lifeforce energy is built on the foundational energy of LOVE. This is an axiomatic truth to the hormones and growth propulsion found in the limbic brain system of the human species.

One need only look at their own experience to know the truth of this, and if one argues with this truth, then it really is demonstrating a call to love within themselves.

The dependency of one’s own worth and value is not found in another, and anyone who seeks their own validation through another has essentially departed from their own aptitude of LOVE.

To be able to love for the sake of love is a gift,

To love in the hopes of having it returned is a powerless position that can enable a good deal of heartache and self-destruction.

The only person a human has power over is themselves and the governing of themselves and their hearts callings. When a person is aligned with the energy of their own heart and its expression, they experience the energy of love. Whether this energy is compelled to the object of their love and if that other reciprocates their feelings is inconsequential.

To be able to harness the energy of love, just as a natural by product of being human is a NATURAL FORCE ORDER ALIGNMENT and proves a highly creative and compelling energy one can utilize for a high vibrational existence.

Whether you love or whether you hate, the energy of love is an axiomatic property of all life on Earth. In many relational dynamics people are called to love by way of feeling unheard, judged, disrespected, abused and unloved. In many instances and due to the nature of the subconscious minds of humans people are made victimized, indignant or combative when their ideals of what love is fall through the cracks of what the truth of their experience is compared to their own individual ideals of how they wish or feel to be loved.

In any relational dynamic there is a balance, or imbalance of give and take. In this day and age of the masculine and feminine energies found in both the male and female species, it is a good vibe to understand aspects of our own shared humanity in a pool where everyone is uniquely individual and autonomous in who they are.


What may feel loving to one person, may feel invasive to another. We cannot know or speak of the complexities and sensitivities each individual human encompasses in their beings in their entirety. We can only really know, in truth, the encompassments we keep within ourselves. Our dendrites (mirror neurons) and cellular biological make up provides us with a beautiful opportunity to recognize and engage those whom we are resonant with.

In any relational dynamic, it is good to have relational tools to keep your engagements successful and even more advantageous to be experientially implementing them. When you govern yourself with congruence you are aligning to a state of condition where such tools and implementations are easy, efficient, effective and rewarding.




Punitive, argumentative, disdainful and judgmental language can sometimes become commonplace in relational dynamics that have been long established.

Many people lump themselves into commitment with someone and then normalize verbal abuse and oppression as just par for being in a long term commitment.

This can be quite unconscious to most as the brain has over 70k thoughts a day and 80 percent of them are negative. Being consciously aware of how you propel and delineate your language in relationship with oneself and with those whom they are in committed and close relationships with is a solid thrive to determine how your worth is being valued and how much self-respect is being upheld in terms of your own dial in.


Pink love

Love is a kind energy and expression of language is a sound force that has impact. It is not only what you say when you express yourself, but how you say it. Using words and language that BUILD UP rather than TEAR DOWN is the first dial in for how to engage an expression of love in a thrive.

When a person says words that are seemingly harmless but in an undertone of anger and resentment, the receiver hears more of the tone than the actual meaning of the words.

Verbal compliments and words of appreciation in a genuine tone that is symbiotic and CONGRUENT with the words spoken are a method to build up a habit of relational communication that is aligned with the natural order forces.

Being encouraging in communication rather than disdainful and punitive may seem quite an obvious acknowledgment but underhanded and incongruent messages can run rampant in long established, or even new relational spaces.

Check yourself and how you are used to being spoken to. Within yourself and by those whom you share your expressions.

Communication of kind words are still possible in moments of conflict and antagonism.

In fact, they are imperative.

Allowing things that bother you or that are impacting to you emotionally and psychologically to a deficit will bleed out upon your relational dynamics in unhealthy, combative and abusive fashions if you harbour them within yourself.

Being able to cultivate and implement skills of communication in terms of your own needs, values, self-respect and dignity is key to being able to maintain and uphold dignified relating.

Many wounded child aspects of many adults that go unhealed or ill repaired will come out in adult relationship dynamics. To be in full ownership of ones own responsibility means that you are not dependent on another for your own inner turmoil or inner feelings of conflict you are fielding.

You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm which means if you are being verbally abused you have the right and duty to set clear and definable boundaries as to what you will and will not tolerate in terms of engagement of dialogue and behaviour in relationship. No matter the fervour of love or connection, you as a human being have a fundamental right to peace and be free of harm verbally, emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. Own your right and reflect what you expect.


People are inside themselves with their own dialogue and needs to be heard and expressed. When it comes to effective and balanced reciprocal communication, the skills of listening are imperative.

The majority of humans are geared and ready to respond to someone’s expression versus actually absorbing and listening to the truth of what the other person is really saying. Being able to adapt to an energy of real curiosity leads to real understanding and growth for your own expansion and learning.

The beautiful aspect of communication, real communication and listening is that it enables us to truly evolve as humans in relational dynamic by being open to another persons way of being, perceiving and understanding in the world. We are all so beautifully unique that to adhere to a one size fits all in terms of how we express and absorb information and communication is ludicrous and does a great disservice to our own autonomy.

To offer your own dignity of presence and attention while the person whom you are sharing your energy with has an opportunity to feel heard and validated in their expressions as they put them to you, without you trying to change them, give opinions about it or interfere in any kind of manner is hugely respectful and gives off a good vibe in terms of true connectivity with another.

To be understood, first seek to understand. In the openness of your willingness to hold space for someone in a safe and kind manner, is gold to the SOUL and allows for one to be truly heard and thus, valued in their autonomy.


Connection and connectivity of heart and Spirit are best accessed through quality time, space and attention OFFLINE and in the PRESENCE of those whom you wish you to connect with. This includes the self-love vibration you are emanating within.

To be immersed in the distractions and demands of life can impede the connectivity you breed and compel. Taking time to connect, taking the space to connect and the attention to connect in tangible loving investments will grow and expand any area of human connectivity.

You need not go out and spend a ton of money to gain quality.

Tide and time wait for no man

A simple walk holding hands with the one you love with no technology, an engagement of an offline activity like a board game, playing cards or even telling stories can create a positive and connected space for love energy to grow and expand.

Simple gestures like hugs, kisses, snuggles and silliness and play are all beautiful expositions of our own expressiveness as humans that can be shared with the one(s) you love.

You make work a priority, you can prioritize time and attention for implementing connected activities and mutually interesting adventures that bring a renewal of energy and expanded awareness of yourself and those whom you are sharing yourself with. Schedule it in if you need to.

Relationship to the self and with others takes work and investment and cannot yield a thrive if none such investments are made or acknowledged.


Balance is the fundamental guiding principle of the Universe so adapting it to your dial in of human behaviour proves a good feel.

If you are always giving of yourself but not in receivership of your own needs and wants in relationship, then it is a good vibe to check in with yourself and ensure you are honouring the rightfulness and dignity you are deserving of. If you are always taking from those whom you share your life, but are not providing any giving, then a check it out to your own vibrational set point of balance is a solid idea.

Many people give of themselves out of duty and obligation. When you can boundary your own energy to the degree that you know the own truth of yourself and what makes you optimal, then delineating what you will and will not give and receive in relational dynamics becomes quite easy.

Are you giving too much to compensate for your own shortcomings or feelings of inadequacy, or do you give a lot because it is inherent in who you are and you know how to give as well as take in equal proportions?

Gifting goldlove

Do you take and take from those around you, because you can and because the dynamics have been laid so that you are able to manipulate or adhere to the normalization of it without being accountable for your own gifts of giving? Many people mesh their lives together without really assessing how much of themselves they are in autonomous control of and how much they are giving of themselves that is not aligned with the truth and dignity of their own Soul’s calling.

Being able to have a level balance of giving and receiving in relationship is a prime principle for your own self management. Again, this does not just mean what can be gifted monetarily.

The gift of presence, the gift of communication, the gift of attention, the gift of respectful listening, the gift of honesty and transparency are all intangible but very real aspects to exchanges in relational wealth. Men and women are biologically wired differently, so it will look different for each person, male or female.

Having an awareness of the masculine and feminine aspects of our own biologies is a thrive too, to see where and how giving and receiving varies with each person.

Being open to giving and open to receiving is an exchange of life force. Assessing this aspect of yourself and your relational proclivities in reference to giving and receiving is a very solid investment for thrive and success in interpersonal relationships.


We as humans have become so accustomed to the online world that we can get separated from the truth of the naturalness of life’s offerings.

Physical touch for a young developing baby and child are imperative for their growth and development.

This is no different than for us adults who all have an inner child within us that we carry about with us no matter the age we ascend to.

The human body is an intelligence that is made by nature and acclimates to its highest wealth of health by stimulation, movement and transformation. In relational dynamics, the closeness and connection you feel with another is largely in part to how comfortable you feel around them physically. Your physical body is the final determinant on what you have going on inside of you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If you are achy, stressed, inflexible and all around stiff, then getting in and through your own body with tangible connectivity enables you a deeper connection to the higher aspects of your own energetic governance.

Being embraced in a warm hug, being kissed passionately, making intense and beautiful connected love with the one you adore, having your hand held, being snuggled, a kind and supportive hand on your back, a kind, warm massage….are all parts of our humanity that need attention and nurturing.

Hugs and love

Our bodies are made to be touched and not abused.

This is the natural order of love and life.

Human connection expands and flourishes offline and in human tangibility of physical presence and touch. Finding ways to connect physically with those whom you are close with, only magnifies and enhances your own human experience.

As a human being gifted with autonomy and free will of choice, you ultimately determine the kind of energy you propel and resonate with in this world.

The life we are gifted is a magical vibe and it is a thrive to harness an energy that serves and uplifts. Investing into practices within your own self relational upkeep and management and then reflecting that out to those whom you are sharing yourself with, determines a good portion of your own sense of personal wealth and happiness.

It stands to reason that when you make esteemed and good choices that those will most certainly be reflected back to you in your experience.

Love lights