The Mastery of Self & Doing Away with Negative Emotions

The Mastery of Self & Doing Away

with Negative Emotions

We as humans are very gifted in our prowess to yield and compel energy. We have mental energy, emotional energy, physiological energy, Universal energy all existing and permeating our experience.

The aptitude a human gains in terms of their own development is acquired through experience and knowledge gained through experience. We live in a world of duality where the majority of people adhere to right and wrong and judgement and punishment if you are wrong, and inclusion and acceptance if you are right.

The morality of justice exists within each human being which adheres to such dualities of thought and belief. It makes for a good deal of energetic waste when we as humans steep ourselves in the narcissistic drama of our lower emotional states.

The predilections that have been bred and normalized by the political structures that uphold the fabric of society are so misaligned in their implementation of congruent governance to a naturalness and ease that is omnipresent in the natural world, it is quite easy to see why the mental health deficits of humans are on the rise and the planet is in a state of peril.

The mastery of ones own mind and the matters of emotion and psychology of which they carry and handle in their own self propelled governance are the arenas where one can access the keys to authentic and peaceful living. Where there is peace, there is creative energy. Where there is chaos and incongruence, there is energy that bleeds out of your conscious control and anarchy ensues.

As a human mechanism, you are above the animal kingdom in terms of intelligence in that you have the capacity of RATIONAL THINKING. Animals are built solely with survival mechanisms, and their behaviours are rooted in survival and instinct. They are not hindered by the investments of rational or delineated choice in intellectual thinking and therefore the majesty of animals is that they are unaware of how majestic they really are, because they just ARE, they BE, they do not JUDGE, CONDEMN or PUNISH – they merely exist and their mechanisms of mind are geared solely towards survival on the planet.

We as humans have made it so that we are made victims by the choices of our own delineated thinkings. Emotions are always bred from your attitudes.

 Your internal attitude towards yourself and your own value, and your external assessments of that which ignites within you such emotional energy of either “good” or “bad” It is seldom you find a human who is just able to BE. In their own states of being with absolutely no resistance, no judgement, no condemnation, but just an honouring of life, the presence and essence of lifeforce that is omnipresent in all arenas of which we find ourselves relationally.

Identification and attachment to our own perpetuated ideas, thinkings, words and beliefs create the landscape of which we live and compel ahead of ourselves.

 To be in a state of antagonism within yourself or with another is, in truth, a very highly abnormal state in which to relate and exist, yet the world is built upon conflict, chaos and contradistinction and it is glorified and supported by the belief that we are separate from one another and must compete and defend our right to garner us into an established pecking order of which we are placed to know our value based on the station we keep in life.

It is absolutely exhausting and ludicrous, yet it is how the functions of the modern day consciousness adheres to in terms of their general modus operandi – you can see then, the issues with health care and dignified living are on the rise due to the unnaturalness that people normalize in terms of their own diminishment and victimization to how they buy into living their lives.

The fastest way a human can lose energy is INCONGRUENCE. When what you say, feel and do are all generating the same vibe, then you are in ALIGNMENT. If you say one thing and do another while feeling in a whole other spectrum, you are incongruent.

To be able to RISE ABOVE the incongruence of poisonous governmental ideals and take ownership over your own state of condition is FREEDOM. To be free from mandates, to be free of competing, to be free of judgement, to be free of punishment, to be free of condemnation…..there is freedom to be found but in order to unleash it, you as the human need to really recognize your own power.

Your power is not found in the opinions of others. Your power is not found in the manipulative games of a hierarchal pecking order. Your power is not found in the likes of others peoples ideals. Your power is ultimately found within you. It is found in the management of you. How you think. How those thoughts make you feel. How you CHOOSE to delineate your mind and your body and your emotional states to a THRIVE rather than a DIVE.

It takes OWNERSHIP and SELF RESPONSIBILITY. These are hallmarks of self esteem. The esteem you carry within yourself is indicative to the level of energetic congruence you compel outside of yourself. Tracking your investments of attention and tracking your state of condition based on your thoughts is a self management position that needs filling. To be in command of oneself and to know oneself is PURE POWER. This is the self that is autonomous – the self that needs no approval or justification or validation – it is a becoming, a rising, an inherent knowing.

A person cannot actualize to their highest energetic state of being when they are in conflict within themselves. Conflict is bred from an antagonistic and misaligned internal relationship within that steeps itself in negative emotions and identifies with them. It is YOU HUMAN, who are responsible for your emotions. Not the government, not your spouse, not your inappropriate online lover who ignite them within you.

 They are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and we must learn not to put the blame on other people for how YOU FEEL. Another person might have acted as the exciting cause of a negative emotion, but the unpleasant manifestation itself was our own and not the other person. Therefore, if we want to be FREE of negative emotions we must STRAIGHT AWAY accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for them, and NEVER, on any occasion, find excuses for them.

To dwell in the misfortune of your own negative emotions and then act and behave in ways indicative of that energy is childish, lacks self responsibility and bleeds unnaturalness every which way, perpetuating it and creating a character within you that is devoid of any kind of vibrance. It also is just exhausting and huge energy suck to be this person energetically.

We cannot enjoy simultaneously two entirely incompatible pleasures, that of putting blame on another for our negative emotions and the pleasure of escaping from them entirely. You as a human have a CHOICE. You choose one of the alternatives and give up the other.

Which one sounds the most appealing to you in your aptitude and choice of how you govern your LIFE FORCE?

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