The LUNG MERIDIAN regulates life force energy, or vital CHI throughout the body. It also regulates your breathing and many water channels such as the KIDNEY and BLADDER.

The LUNG MERIDIAN begins at the TRIPLE WARMER near the navel, runs inside the chest, and surfaces in front of the shoulder. Here is branches out from the armpits to run down the medial aspect of the upper arms and crosses at the crease of the elbows.

It continues until it splits into two more branches, one flowing to the tips of thumbs and the other tot eh ends of the index fingers.  One branch runs front he chest to the large intestine.

The lung meridian


To trace the LUNG MERIDIAN place on hand over the opposite lung and move it up over your shoulder, straight down your arm, and off your thumb. Do both sides.  The peak hour in your natural rhythms for this meridian is 3am-5am.

Mislignments in this meridian will show themselves as distension or a full sensation in the chest, asthma, allergies, coughing, panting, belching, restlessness, cold limbs, hot palms, shortness of breath, issues with the skin and extreme fatigue.


According to ancient Chinese medicine, the Lungs are called “the Priest” or “Minister of Heaven”. Thus they are responsible for establishing the foundation of Qi for the entire body.

The Lungs house the body’s Corporeal Soul, called the ‘Po’, and are responsible for self-protection and self-preservation.

The elements of your own consciousness associated with this meridian are Grief, Letting go, Release, Surrender, Vulnerability, Acceptance, Receiving, Manifesting, Reactiveness, Responsiveness, Courage, Communication, Justice, Suffocating, Control, Vitality

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