The Limbic Brain System & Optimal LifeForce



The human mind is a real marvel and one of your most energetic entities to your biological empowerment. When a human being gains knowledge and experience that puts them in a thrive, then it is well to share and spread a goodvibe. 

Knowledge is power and self knowledge is self empowerment.

This post takes a look at the power of your limbic brain system and how to tap your optimal life force by having an awareness of how to connect and optimize this pivotal part of your biological functioning.


The limbic brain system is made up of the brain stem, the neocortex and the limbic brain.

To optimize this aspect of the brain is to maximize your learning capacities for expansion and healthy living. The limbic brain system

The Brainstem:

Nearly all life forms contain a brainstem. Although making up under 3percent of the brains mass, this small part of our brains is designed to keep us alive. We all contain the animal instincts to ensure our survival and the brainstem is where this instinct resides. Such human investments such as reproduction, fueling and breathing all derive from the brainstem. It has an invested involvement with the human body’s integral functions. Included in this is our cardiovascular system, our alertness, our respiratory regulation and our sensitivity to intense stimuli. It is plays a pivotal role in the entirety of our human living experience.

The Neocortex:

The Latin translation of the neocortex breaks down like this: Neo translate to “new” and cortex translates as “bark of a tree”  The neocortex wraps itself around the brain as a bark wraps around a tree. The neocortex is the rationality part of the limbic brain system.  It is what separates us from the animal species in that in enables us humans with conscious thought. It is the rational part of our brain functioning and is responsible for high order brain functions such as motor commands of voluntary movements and our ability to interpret language.

The Limbic Brain:

This area of your brain controls your ranges of emotional energy that exists within you.  Your emotional states are managed by the limbic brain, and not only that big part of your expression, but also houses your memories and your general stimulation responses.

The limbic brain system

In practical application of understanding the 3 parts of the limbic brain, it would break down like this:

The brainstem tells you that you are thirsty. The neocortex will tell you where to get the drink you need and the limbic part of the brain determines if we want lemonade, soda, juice or water.   It is a collaborative and supportive system for your optimal governance in living.

Having and awareness as to how to engage and optimize your limbic system is a life force optimal thrive.

Working in concert with the limbic brain is the almond shape mass of grey matter within it what is labelled as THE AMYGDALA.

The amygdala helps coordinate responses to things in your environment, especially those that trigger an emotional response. This structure plays an important role in the emotions of fear and anger. The amygdala may be best known as the part of the brain that drives the so-called “fight or flight” response. While it is often associated with the body’s fear and stress responses, it also plays a pivotal role in memory.

 Understanding how fear plays into your physiological expereince is an empowerment thrive for your own optimal governance. 

The brain functions wth the combination of these parts working in harmony with one another.   In order for you, as a human, to enable learning and the absorption of it you need to engage an emotional investment into that which you are learning otherwise it will not resonate or retain in your memory.

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Dial In The Optimization of Your Limbic Brain System and Keep You In A State of Thrive.

The limbic brain system to peace

1. Relaxing Into and Engaging A Peaceful State of Being.

Science has shown us that the body is its own intelligence with its own intelligent functions. In order for us to maintain expansion and growth in our life forces it is optimal to encompass a state of being in which peace and relaxation are at the forefront of our condition within.

 Being able to generate positive feelings and peaceful states is a form of biological growth, care and mastery that is well to be estimated at its value.  The cause of almost all disease is stress on the cellular structure of your functioning.

Many people exist in a normalized state of stress and then get lumped with these diseases in their later years as if it is out of their hands.

Understanding that you are the generator and creator of your life experience and the health of it is an ownership thrive that would do well to invest.  

Here is a list of peace inducing activities a human being can engage to activate the power of the mind to a state of peace.

Meditation takes the cake for the top of the list. If you can get your Ego mind out of the way and tap your consciousness, you can really blow your own mind and discover the creative powers of neuroplasticity.

Yoga is a whole healing system of which I had no idea its profound impact until after I healed a cracked lower lumber and slipped disc.  Yoga has been around for centuries for a reason.

The limbic brain system on yoga

QiGong cannot be underestimated in its efficacy and application of simplicity. A continuous and devoted routine to daily Qi gong investements, even only ten minutes daily can keep your energies humming and maintain your state of energetic balance and peace.

Breathwork is a beautiful way to empower and know the Self and the innate connection to different aspects of your own consciousness.  The healing effects of BreathWork are unparalleled in my humble experience and opinion.

SoundToning is incredibly peace inducing as our bodies are made of sound. The mechanisms of generating sound in your own body is highly effective to keep you optimal and in a state of peace as you engage your vagus nerve.

Taking a walk in the natural world while adorning headphones that listen to the stylings of Marconi Union who have worked with neuroscientists to induce a state of peace within your brain hemispheres. Simple, yet very powerful stuff!

2. Exercise

Exercise increases the creation of new neuronal connections. New neural connections are crucial in the learning process as they build neural pathways in which information is stored.

 It is a sweet feel to engage in aerobic and high intensity exercise as doing so creates neurotransmitters such as endorphins.

The act of exercising is a surefire way to renew and optimize your cellular health, Your brain power and mental focus are enhanced and expand when you invest in a consistent lifestyle that engages exercise 3-5 times in a week.

Over at the GOODVIBELIFE there are a myriad of recreational engagements that are a thrive to engage. 

3. Consumables of Advantage

Relinquishing stimulants that wreak havoc on your cerebral functioning is one of the most optimal and efficient ways to enable a state of peaceful equilibrium in your human physiology.  When I eliminated refined sugar and caffeine from my biology the stress quotient I experienced was evident.  The old adage you are what you eat is quite true and reflective of your energetic output.

Natural, whole foods are a thrive for your biology. As humans it does well not to forget that it is the Earth and Sun that provides our human nourishment.  With commerce and profit, our methods of nourishing our bodies has taken a turn in terms of dignity and health.

Taking authority over your own health is an empowerment thrive.  Understanding how what consumables affect you and how is extremely useful for your optimal life force. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are a good feel for your cerebral health and antioxidants are a thrive in the form of natural fruit like blueberries.

Cacao is one of natures most profound and empowering healing entities and consuming dark chocolate that is 98% cacao can be healing for the body, however if you have had any history of trauma, then keeping away from refined sugar found in most regular chocolate will stave off your reactivity to a degree.

Refined and unnatural processed foods wreak havoc on the naturalness of your system. Nothing complex to acknowledge, just cause and effect common sense application to your health is simple and very effective.

Understanding that you are the director of your life experience by way of your habits and the method in which you direct your own experience of MIND & BODY is a self responsiblity awareness that can propel you into the heights of a very good feel biologically.

Expanding your own conscious awareness of the habits you keep and how they affect your entire life is extremely advantageous for your life force.

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To take empowerment over the Self and to transform the Self is an investment that will always yield the most optimal results for every aspect of your life experience.

Change is the only constant in life and to expand and change oneself for their own betterment is the natural order.


For any inquiries in empowerment guidance and energetic mastery of the Self, please reach out to Bex at yourlifeforceoptimal@gmail.comRadiate sweeet harmony in your limbic brain system