To trace this meridian place the open fingers of one hand at that end of the pointer finger fo the opposite hand, trace straight up the arm to your shoulder, cross the neck to underneath the nose and then out to the outer most point of the nose where the nostrils would flare.

The large intestine meridianThe LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN begins at the tip of each index finger and rises up the lateral side of the forearm and the anterior side of the upper arm to reach the highest points of the shoulder. It is at this I location it then divulges into two branches.

One branch travels internally to the diaphragm, lungs and large intestine.

The other branch flows externally passing the neck and cheek to enter the lower teeth and gums, and then onto the end of the nose.

The LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN rules elimination and communicates with the lungs to regulate the transportation functions of the body. Any misalignments in the human body that deal with head, face and throat are associated with this channel. Toothaches, runny noses, nosebleeds, swelling of the neck, sore throat, pain in the shoulders, arms and index fingers. Intestinal cramping, diarrhea, constipaton and dysentery are all symptomatic of a misaligned meridian channel.

The Large Intestine’s close relationship to the Lungs makes it equally affected by emotions of sadness, grief, and worry.

An imbalance in the Large Intestine can cause emotional introversion or physical weakness accompanied by feelings of discouragement, distress, depression, irritability, and apathy.