The kidney meridian in the human physiology begins its initiation between the long bones of the second and third toes, near the sole of the foot. It travels the inside of the leg entering the body near the base of the spine.  At the kidneys it splits into two branches.

The kidney meridian

These pass through the chest, intersecting with the PERIDCARDIUM MERIDIAN and then touring on up to the tongue.  There exists a small branch of the KIDNEY MERIDIAN that divides at the lungs linking to the Heart and Pericardium.

The kidneys are known to be the “CHI GRASPING MERIDIAN” and takes the title of RESIDENCE of YIN & YANG.  The kidneys also rule the teeth, bones and adrenal glands. The kidney meridian trace



Place your fingers under the ball of each of your feet with your middle finger aligned with the space between your first and second toes. Draw your electromagnetic fingers up the inside of each foot, circle behind the inside of the each ankle bone and straight up the body to your K-27points.  It is a sweet feel to thump these points or apply a good amount of pressure to them whilst you massage them in a circular motion.

The kidneys are your purification meridian.

They unobstruct toxic energy from your energetic system.

To be free and clear in your energy, the kidneys are a beautiful investment to ensure the optimal functionality there within.

 Having an overall awareness of your energetic system in its entirety with the energy centres of your chakras and the distribution of life force energy they distribute to the meridians, enables you to take full empowerment over the authority of your life force.

Keep an empowered state of being  and mind through and through.  This kind of energetic awareness will only serve you well.

The house of the yin and yang