The heart’s intelligence is unparalleled in terms of its electromagnetic impulses it generates out of the human physiology. The human heart meridian is a meridian with great energetic power.

Having a handle on the knowledge of the meridian that allows the renewable life force energy that is free energy to circulate and optimize the function of the human physiology to its maximum benefit.

There Are Three Branches To The Heart Meridian.

1. To the small intestine

2. Upwards to the eyes passing the tongue

3. Crosses the chest and travels down the arm ending at the little finger on the inside top. 

The human heart meridianThe heart takes governance over the blood and pulse, the MIND and the eternal connection to the SPIRIT.

The heart’s energy is an energy to be heeded and deeply respected.  It is the expression of our most strongest and highest selves that resides in this organ all humans have the gift of owning and accessing.

Misalignments in this meridian show up as heart pain, heart palpitations, dry mouth, thirst, heavy chest pain radiating down the arm, fire in the hands palms, ocular discolouration to yellow and sensation of thermal deficit or discomfort down the pathway.

Follow the dictates of your heart, eat a clean diet and use this muscle physically, emotionally and mentally and you will live your best life to your highest truth.  Deny its energy and you will eventually lump yourself in a deep stress state of cerebral misconceptions.

Trace or pressurize this pathway periodically between the peak times of its free energy governance and you will gain an enhancement the optimality of its function.

Heart led living