The Healing Vibes of Toning & Empowering Your Body With Sound

The Healing Vibes of Toning

The link to the video above is a sweet feel.  In the video I talk about the healing vibes of  toning and the amazing physiological and psychological benefits of generating sound in your own body.

I came to the healing vibes of toning as a natural byproduct of realigning my biological energy.

  After consistent bio energy healing treatments, and several breathwork journeys it expanded me.

I have connected completely with the entirety of my body and my body’s intelligence.

To discover the magnificence that is the natural intelligence of your breaths power is a formidable connection indeed. To anyone with inquiry, curiosity and courage I recommend whole heartedly connecting to such an experience.

It is a superior thrive.

  It was through breathwork I discovered for the first time what it felt like to breathe calmly and feel completely trauma free in my skin.

Peace within is a sweet feel


 The phsyiological and psychological fallout of ill repaired trauma is a beast to contend with if you have enough conscious awareness to be able to get a hold of it before it takes ahold of you.

 Trauma reactivity and breathwork are synonymouns with the regulation of the human system.

One depletes and the other heals.

For our purposes here, we will focus on our own self directed tools of empowerment.

Generating sound and healing vibes of toning in concert with your breathforce.

Here is the breakdown of the sounds I mention in the video.

Each sound is connected to the expression of tone through one of your seven energy centres.  To learn more on energy centres to empower yourself see this post here.

Here is a useful and handy chart for you to refer to:

The healing vibes of toning

The Power of Sound Within You is a Superior Feel.

I am a novice in term of my in depth research to sound vibration through toning with the varieties, options and historical significance of sound however I have experiential knowledge and a hyper sensitivity to energy that I can whole hearteldly recommend through experience and tangible phsyiological effectual results.

Sound into the purple spaces

It propels me to inquire with curiosity the dynamics of healing that is available to us and inherently wired within us to navigate in concert with.

Why Toning is A Sweet Vibe

SOUND is ONE of the basic MECHANICAL ENERGIES and is omnipresent in our human experience.  It is also a mechanistic tool to yield optimal lifeforce energy within your system.

The sound waves that are formed through the constant motion of our cellular activity assist in regulating more than 50 percent of our biological processes.

That’s Half.

Cut in half

A Substantial Amount.

Sound comes in the ears and through the cranial bones and is dispersed throughout the body through connective tissue. Water enables sound to travel vertically through the body at an alarmingly fast speed.

The transmission of sound can be hindered or halted entirely if the connective tissue in which it is travelling has been compromised from its optimal form.


Packaged emotions are a feel to let go of

The way we process emotional experiences has a direct impact on our body’s physiology.

There are COMPLETE and INCOMPLETE emotional experiences.

In a COMPLETE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE, a person experiences an event, has an emotional reaction to the event  and as a result experiences a reaction in their body.

 Fight or flight is an example – a person has an unexpected scary experience while out in this cray cray world  and the role their EMOTIONS play  will initilally cause a BODILY RESPONSE such as TIGHTENING OR TENSION.

If the person gives themselves the gift of fully FEELING & EXPRESSING the EMOTIONS of their EXPERIENCE, then the BODY returns to its homestasis of functioning and the TENSION is released.

Complete your emotional experiences

In an INCOMPLETE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE a person undergoes an EMOTIONALLY HEIGHTENED EXPERIENCE and if not given the REPAIR, VALIDATION or COMFORT to fully EXPRESS the EXPERIENCE then the body carries that energy within to a deficit and that deficit can be shown in random outbursts of EXPLOSIVE REACTIVITY or alternatively become very WITHDRAWN & ISOLATED.

Either way the cookie crumbles it ultimately yields a result of thick, dry and inflexible connective tissue fibres in which SOUND proves to be unable to travel successfully throughout.

The stimulation of SOUND through TONING has the capacity to stimulate and trigger the blocked and held emotional energy within as well as the psychology connected to the event that initial triggered the EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE within. 

For more on EMOTIONS read here.

Having an EQ, and Emotional Quotient and the awareness of it is a supreme thrive.  To recognize if you have EMOTIONAL REACTIVITY recycling then engage in a breathwork journey or a full bio energy treatment can sort that right out for you.

See Package Options Here.

An alternative if that isn’t your vibe is to take on a SYSTEMATIC and HABITUAL practic of TONING.

Connect to Yourself & Expand Your Vibration.

Vibratory patterns are omnipresent