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The GoodFeels of Gratitude

The link to the video above is a natural expression of Truth inspired out of me and distilled in the moment it arose.The Goodfeels of gratitude is an energy that serves any human system well.

I am a pretty active reader and am shifting and moving about books from shelves about my space with some frequency.

The other day I was shifting some literature and came upon 3 large sketchbooks filled with gratitude notes.

The GoodFeels of Gratitude seeds save lives

What is crazy about fielding complex trauma is that reality can sometimes seem elusive and things and experiences can get quite muddled.

The GoodFeels of gratitude is an energy that promotes elevation.

It can be a scary and daunting feel to encompass when you are seemingly losing your Mind. Unable to discern or make sense of the world within you or about you.

Something I started to do in my healing myself back to wholeness was to take stock of the realities that surrounded me in which I could find appreciation and engage the GoodFeels of gratitude.

Thank you for thanks goodfeels of gratitude

It is pretty much a non-existent thing in terms of a brain ridden with complex trauma.

The feeling portion of your capacities leave you entirely and you are left in a state in which you mimic a rabid animal under the most vicious attack.

Animal brain reactivity and loss of self-regulation is a wacky and unnerving state to seed oneself back from. It is no cake walk.

In doing so, I did not use any pharmaceutical drugs but instead systematic repetitious pursuits to my nurturing.  In my most darkest moments I chose to the goodfeels of gratitude as a practice to help me see clearly.

My life experience has proven to me that pharmaceuticals as avenues of “healing” the body is really a front for a legitimized drug operation that feeds a normalization of dependency on a pill for ones own optimal health.

Pharmaceutical abolishment for ones empowerment

The body is a dynamic and electric mechanism that has its own natural intelligence.

When we as humans acknowledge this axiom and truth to our paths forward then we enable within us the power of authority over our own life experience and the outcomes we generate.

There is the Breathforce & There is the Mind & A Connectivity to the Heart.

Those are the only mechanisms a human system born in a regulated and healthy fashion need to live optimally.

Instead of hooking myself up to another problem, becoming dependent on a drug for my recovery, I instead did inquiries into the works of Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton.

When I put into practice varying modalities of an expanded consciousness mindset such as Dispenza’s teachings, bio energy healings and acumen as well as formidable breathwork journeys.

These experiences demonstrate to me the real ness of the intangible potentials which are omnipresent in our experience as humans living in a quantum world. What you seed in Mind can be created in Life.

I am grateful

Creating, cultivating and practicing systematically and habitually my seeds of gratitude and my personal amalgams I eventually saw the deficit of the trauma reactivity and hopelessness recede in terms of the psychological fallout of the isolation that comes with repeated trauma to the brain and heart.

I had a lower broken lumbar spine and was told that if I had surgery it may mean I couldn’t walk again.

So…..thank goodness for Dr. Dispenza and a Mr. Vadim Zeland and now I am able to back bends Qi gong style while being suspended by the universal energy contained within a 200-year-old tree.

Suspended by nature

I am living and breathing example of the resiliency of the human body and mind by way of a connectivity to ones own Spirit and I need not acknowledgment of that for my own rewards, I only seek to share in the name of expansion and aid to those who be under the illusion that their situation of diminished health is not something permanent, nor out of their control.

Whatever the avenue you approach the higher aspects of our existence is your jam and for you to dial in as you see fit. I never could buy into religion just because my church experiences seemed odd and off kilter to me.

I did enjoy the singing part and the going for the wine part (when I was clearly not of age to consume liquor) but other than that it seemed a strange vibe to me just the manner in which the Reverend would take a hold of me from behind and hold me by the neck while he spoke to the rest of the family.

He did this with my sisters too and it was always a game to make sure you could stay out of his reach just cause it was a boundary break feel for me. A simple hello would have sufficed.

There was one portion of the experience where I was invited to make cookies but when I wanted to make my own design on the cookie, it proved to be a really really big problem for the facilitator of the activity.

Unusual fodder for the experience

I recognize that many people get caught up in their beliefs and then feel that because it is a belief in a higher aspect of ourselves it gives them the right to choose for other people.

That is just is wacky to me.

All kinds of atrocities have been perpetrated against humanity and different groups of humans in the name of defending the beliefs of the Gods in which they follow.

I have never been a fan of absorbing mainstream conflicts.

It is exhausting to me, probably given the nature of conflict omnipresent in my life experience.

I am much more geared towards nature, peace, potentials, creativity and harmonizing with my fellow humans through acceptance and understanding.

I think it is great that people engage their religions and celebrate them and find comfort in who they are.

I keep a boundary from the whole scene because for me it is a very personal experience and choice that to make it mainstream seems counter-intuitive to autonomous lifeforce.

I adopt the transurfing modality of governance which is counter-intuitive to most modalities of indoctrinations.

It takes a certain level of focus and skill to be able to unravel and undo the ancestral conditioning of relationships past that are rooted in the unTruths of our humanity.

To gain awareness of Self, in its entirety is to gain empowerment in Life.

On a very surface level people feel they are conscious and are going about life in the right way, yet normalizing the most diminishing and superficial aspects of relating and governing themselves in the world.

The common cold, is an example.

What if you gained the belief that you were never meant to be sick.

In solitude of oneself feels


My guess is your Mind and its experiences and conditioning demonstrate to you that this statement is not fact.

How could it be, right?

When flu season comes about and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to inoculate themselves with the energy of a virus so as to mutually be able to combat it.

The ironic thing is that you are the placebo, and if you consciously decide that you are healthy and free of disease, then guess what?

Your world will mirror your belief system.

I have evidence through life experience and tangible evidenciary results that we, as humans, are supremely creative beings.

Goodfeels of gratitude

Take Not My Word For It.

Go and explore this truth experientially yourself .

Create a consistent, systematic and habitual practice of gratitude in thoughts, words and actionable /tangible creativity, your world will only give you more to be grateful for.