The GALLBLADDER MERIDIAN runs the gallbladder which makes and stores bile.  Energetically, it influences our decision making process.  It is closely connected to the liver.

THE GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN starts as two branches emerging from the outer corner of the eye. An external branch weaves around the face and ear before travelling to the hip. The other branch crosses the cheek and descends to the gallbladder to meet up with the othe branch. This rejoined branch now runs down the lateral side of the thigh and lower leg and makes its way to the 4th toe.  And yet another small branch separates from the meridian at this point and ends at the big toe where it connects with the LIVER MERIDIAN.

The gall bladder meridian

To trace this meridian with the electromagnetic nature of the hands place the fingers of both hands on the outside of your eyebrows, drop to the opening of yoru ears, take your fingers straight up about two inches, circle forward with your fingers  and drop back behind the ears. Going forward again over to your forehead, back over the crown of your head, and around your shoulders. Leave your shoulders, take your hands ot the sides of your rib cage, go forward on the rib cage, back on the waist, forward on the hips, straight down the sides of the legs and off the fourth toes.

Symptoms of misalignments in this energetic channel include headaches, frequent sighs, pain in the jaw and outer corner of the eyes, swelling in the glands, mental illness, indecisiveness, fever and pain along the meridian.

The peak time for the this meridian is 11pm to 1am.  When you trace cleanse this meridian during this time period of your natural circadian rhythm then you optimize your energetic health very easily.

Energetic health lends itself ot simplicity. It is taming the complexities of the minds resistance to this simplicity. It is the natural axiom to being human, to have an intelligence that requires simple invested practices to support its naturality.