The Energy of The Root Chakra & Healing The Root Chakra

The Energy of the Root Chakra &

Healing the Root Chakra are An

Elevation Win for the Human


The energy of the root chakra

It is a Sweet Feel to be Empowered with

Knowledge for Your Own Energetic



We in the Western world have adapted a way of medicating and treating our bodies as if they are mechanisms separate from our own control and governance. The energy of the root chakra and healing the root chakra inspire empowerment.

Where energy medicine rivals that of mechanistic medicine is that it is much more gentle, loving and respectful to the natural intelligence inherent in our human biologies.

It harnesses a higher consciousness mindset to the dignity and capacities of human intelligence in terms of the body’s governance. The energy of the root chakra and healing the root chakra are investments worth making.

It enables an elevated biological governance over Mind and Body.

The Root Chakra is the Base Energy Centre for your human energetic body. It is also known in Sanskrit as MULADHARA

This translates as: MULA: Root and ADHARA: Basis The base of our physical life here on Earth. It is usually associated with the colour red or pink.

The energy of the root chakra

The next 7 posts will throw down a detailed inquiry into the 7 main energy centres a human being has to govern their most optimal life force.

For a preliminary overview that covers all the chakras, you can check this post out here.

Energy medicine is effective in that it treats the human physiology through the Energy Chakras and the Energy Meridians.

It is a healing modality that is centuries old and rooted in the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The study of the chakras and the meridian systems can be supremely advantageous for your life force toolkit.

Understanding the Chakras and Energy Meridians impact to your physiology gives you a huge opportunity for empowerment.

When you take full ownership over these energy aspects of yourself you yield alignment.

Alignment in a human body is a clean energetic vibration and can yield great success for one’s overall health and life outcomes.

The Corresponding Element and Emotional Influence


The Element of the Earth is represented through the base of our ROOT CHAKRA.

It is the governor of our feelings of safety and security in the world.

It has the capacity to make us feel safe and secure or in a perpetual state of fight or flight reactivity.

It serves as the foundational basis of our physical life here on Earth.

Its main aspect is SECURITY.

The energy of the root chakra

How to Connect To The Energy of The Root Chakra


As an energetic being, you have your energy outputs to manage and control. When you purposefully direct your MIND’s attention to these energy outputs and make them optimal then that is the energy you are creating for yourself.

The ROOT CHAKRA and the energy of the root chakra is located in your body at the base of your spine between the anus and genitals.

The ROOT CHAKRA and the energy of the root chakra governs your bones, skeletal structure, coccygeal nerve plexus and the adrenal glands.

The hormones epinephrine (adrenaline) /norepinephrine (noradrenaline) in the adrenal medulla (the inner part of the adrenal glands) are secreted and the mechanism in the fight or flight response is initiated.

The energy of the ROOT CHAKRA is associated with the nose and the sense of smell as well as the feet, grounding us safely to the Earth. It’s ruling planet is SATURN

The energy of the root chakra

How To Heal the Energy of The Root Chakra


A simple strategy to take ownership and empower your experience.

If you are willing and able to do so through the power of your energetic expenditures:


Imagine the colour red and the energy of the root chakra descending from your root, down your legs, through your feet and penetrating the core of the Earth.

Use any IMAGINATIVE images that come naturally to you when you perform this MINDFUL ATTENTION.

What resonates with you naturally will come to you if you are relaxed, non-resistant and fully engaged in the task.

Keep thoughts optimal and connected to the truth of your security and safety in the world.


Words emanate a sound energy that have creative power. Using AFFIRMATIONAL LANGUAGE that supports your connectivity to the energy of the root chakra may sound something like:

“I am connected with the energy of Mother Earth. My body, mind and spirit are grounded, centred and purified.”

There is also an arsenal that can be found on this lovely site here.


Deep diaphragmatic breathing is a wonderful tool to calm and quiet the mind so that you are enabled to connect to your base root chakra unimpeded with a busy brain.

Eating grounding foods and naturally vibrantly coloured and cultivated foods from the Earth source is a simple, yet profoundly effective way to enhance the vibration of your base chakra.

Here is a list of natural foods that prove to lend an optimal vibe to your ROOT CHAKRA.

The seed sound LAM and the tone UH are very useful in clearing and optimizing your energetic vibration.

Engaging TONING as a practice for your optimal health enable you to enhance fifty percent of your body’s cellular structure in doing so.

At this link here you will find a very empowering and effective ROOT CHAKRA meditation.


Fear is a strong emotional energy and a place that proves quite destructive for your overall lifeforce.

Our foundational relationships in life play a determinant role in our feelings of safety, security and connectedness to the world in which we inhabit.

Thoughts are bred from the emotions we keep and keeping an emotional quotient of awareness is an empowerment feel.

Taking measures and implementing habits that ensure your confidence and sense of security is paramount to aligning the energy of the root chakra.

Connecting the breathforce is an easy, effective and optimal way to manage the fight or flight reactivity that can be omnipresent in a human system who is engaged in short and shallow breathing.

The receptor cells in your biology that govern your feelings of safety and calm in your being are located in the belly area of your body.

Engaging repeated deep belly breaths and grounding your fight or flight energy to rest and digest energy is a biological and emotional relief win.

Healing the root chakra d

Healing The Root Chakra With Earth Elements


We are creatures of the Earth and the Earth has some profoundly cool elements in which it creates with its magnificent and powerful lifeforce energy.

The most beautiful crystals and gems that can be seen and cultivated from the Earth are a magnificent Source of energetic fodder for your empowerment and health.

The stones that resonate well in aligning and optimizing the base ROOT CHAKRA are:



Red jasper healing the root chakra


– neutralizes environmental, radiation and electromagnetic pollution and has a very profound grounding energy

– increases self confidence and self trust

– promotes balance and calm relaxation

– provides an energy of emotional well-being and protection

– increases sexual vibrancy

Red carnelian energy of the root chakra




– stabilizes the energy field to grounding

– restores vitality, motivation and courage

– promotes positive life choice points and success

– supports transmuting the energy of abuse and trauma

– increases sense of self security and trust in one’s perceptions



Bloodstone the energy of the root chakra



– cleanses and invigorates the blood

– heightens the intuition and unleashes creativity

– transmutes geopathic and/or electromagnetic stress

– grounding and purifying properties

– strengthens the immune system

– profound protective qualities

Black tourmaline healing the root chakra


– promotes compassion and tolerance

– a stone of prosperity

– balances the hemispheres of the brain

– aids in reducing paranoia, anxiety and stress

– grounding stone of protection

– balances and cleanses the chakra system

– inspires confidence within

Black obsidian root chakra energy



– a strong protective stone shielding against negativity
– blocks psychic attacks

– absorbs lower vibrational energies from the environment

– eliminates mental stress and tension

– powerful aura cleansing stone

– may aid in the boosting of precognitive acumen


Infusing your environment with elementals of the Earth that contain vibrational qualities rooted in your security and protection can have a profound impact on your energy body.

There is an intrinsic connection to your energy and that of the Earth.

When you optimize your energy with the investment of healing stones then you level up your vibration.

The changes are subtle yet profound.

You may find some stones appeal to you and others repel.

When you follow your guidance and intend on your optimal well being, the stones meant for you will find their way to you.

You need only invest within them.


The ROOT CHAKRA is your base to feel secure and grounded here on the Earth plane.

The right knowledge proves empowering for any curious human. Self knowledge is self empowerment.

When you connect to, honour and optimize the energy centres in your body, you engage a renewal and vibrant expression into your lifeforce energy.

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