The developing empowerment energy program


DEEP (the developing empowerment energy program) was developed and came through after 3 arduous years of healing back to wholeness a complex neural stress violent dissassociative disorder. #thatsamouthful #trynavigatingit

The brain and body that Bex had been nurtured in from birth to the time she left her childhood home was normalized toxic stress in a highly educated, world traveling, otherwise fun and affluent famjam of 9 environment.

Additionally a high stress working environment in the entertainment industry and the fallout of a toxic friendship with a narcissistic abuser was the catalyst for Bex to uncover these vibratory aspects within her to be fielded and transmuted back to optimal aligned mental, physical and emotional health.

The psycho-biological impact of prolonged normalized abuse and toxic stress showed itself in her late thirties as trauma neural stress and random and unexpected violent disassociations.

Expressions of the most violent and savage nature resonant of her conditioning proved to impact her own family to a great deficit.

Her child and partner of 20 years proved to yield the courage and perseverance in their unconditional acceptance and unconditional love for Bex to master and transmute such an inordinate amount of misaligned energy out of her biology.

For their unconditional love and support, she rides a very sweet and grateful vibe presently having given the time, space and attention to heal herself back to wholeness by way of the unconditional love and acceptance of these two formidable males.



Developing empowerment energy program

During her arduous three years of expunging 15 years of repeated abuse and unhealed traumas from her biology and psychology, Bex experienced many vibrations resonating with suicide and expressed as such in her behaviours that warranted 5 RCMP vehicles to arrive at her domicile and take her into custody (3 stints) to the mental health authority and have a case worker assess her aptitude in caring for her child.

If anyone knows Bex or is an invested parent, they will understand how this would have impacted her as she is a deeply invested and connected mother to her beautiful little ginger haired cutie bear.

Bex followed through on all the mandates handed down to her due to her misaligned behaviour only to discover that psycho-biological methods the government adopts are rooted in policies that have absolutely no acumen nor consideration for a persons felt emotional-biological experience.



Developing empowerment energy

Additionally, no modalities of healing offered were available for a period of 6 months.

Due to the abhorrent nature of violent disassociated stress trauma, immediate attention was required.

As a result of these FACTS, self actualization and self healing were the only avenues by which Bex could salvage her lifeforce and heal back to wholeness to be an ambassador to the life she created that is her honour to guide as a solid influence of a Matriarch to her son.

Deep gratitude exists to the powerful child Max for the love and life energy that he is that enabled Bex to remain persistent in her realignment to returning to a coherent and regulated state of being.

Is there anything more vibrant than the love of a child?


Bex took her health further into her own hands and remained committed to her bio energy work and elevations, breathwork and reading upwards of 200 books & 50 Audio books on human biology, the human psychology, quantum physics, the brain and healing the brain, dissassociative trauma and higher consciousness reality creation material.

She owes thousands of dollars in damage to her partner for the destruction of his belongings which included keying his motorcycle, climbing violently onto his truck, ripping off closet doors, throwing furniture, printers, computers and personal possessions off the second floor balcony.

A complete expression of destruction, anarchy, disrespect to the dignity of his right to peace and freedom.

It was what would you call the opposite of a good feel.

Presently and proudly with the launch of her humanity good feel drop, Bex is in full forgiveness of herself for such atrocious behaviour as she stands and will remain in complete and fully aligned ownership and mastery over her state of being.

She resides now in a biology that proves the polar opposite biological vibration of complex trauma and achieved wholeness to regulated and optimal health after the mental and mechanistic health system framed to her she would never heal and have to be on meds for the rest of her life to live a “normal life.”

There is nothing normal about policies and mandates funded by big pharma. It is a low feel for the truth of the human spirit and does a great disservice to the intelligence of the human biology directed by a delineated, autonomous and masterful MIND.

Self destruction, drug addiction, inappropriate sexual proclivities and self sabotage are quite common in the expression of unhealed complex trauma.

Repeated child abuse is normalized due to humans being in a state of complete disempowerment and expressing themselves from their unhealed wounds.



It runs rampant and it really proves a dive to the thrive of optimal health.

According to the RCMP that Bex engaged while fielding her neural stress, it has increased tenfold since the impositions the government leaders of the globe have imposed on their citizens.

There is a Much Better Thrive

Available To Be Had In This Life We

Are Gifted.

This thrive levels up and levels out of the misguided indoctrinations governmental systems and modalities initiate that are rooted in lower consciousness victimized conditioning and mental/educational acuity.

There is great love and forgiveness in Bex’s Heart presently for both her Patriarch and Matriarch as through her healing to wholeness she recognizes fully the landscape of which all this toxic energy had been bred.

Deep trauma resided in her father due to crimes against his humanity as a coloured man in a segregated and racist South Africa.

As well as losing his guiding forces of Mother and Father at a young age with no emotional or psychological guidance or repair in the aftermath of those very harsh experiences.

He too was the youngest of a large family and with his free will of choice propelled himself into the field of medicine where he met Bex’s Mama Bear who she too was resonant with that trauma energy within.

 Having fielded deep misogynistic abuse in her field of medicine being framed as a gender specific role not fit for women, along with a war ridden trauma riddled father who returned from the world war absent of his brotherhood who lost their lives in defense of Hitler’s powerful intentions.

 He ousted her from the beautiful and warm relationship dynamic she had developed with her mother, and met her father at 2years old when he came home and proved quite a heavy energy within that domicile as a result of crimes against humanity he witnessed, endured and took part in.

We as humans are made to be in expression of such energy that is the opposite of war, death and destruction.  Any person who has a connected resonance to their own energy of love will know this all too well in terms of their well being.

The developing empowerment energy program


They have endured and overcome so much adversity and enabled a good amount of well-being and healing into the world through the quality of their care governed by their intellect from a system and taught them medicine.

Bex’s father also supported and enabled a good amount of his family to be expunged from the harsh racism of South Africa and brought to more democratic nation found in Canada.

Bex and her Father had a very connected relationship.  She stood up to him and called him out as best she could within keeping her safety and chose to take the good of his Soul as her example versus his expressions from a place of trauma and disempowerment.

He was great at taking her on adventures driving and waterskiing and yummy fish and chips.  There are many moments to be grateful for in hindsight and a wealth of education having had to realign her biology from his misaligned energy perpetrated extensively to her two eldest brothers who took the worst of his ill expressed energy and modelled that behaviour towards her.

The weakest link takes the hits and in hindsight she sees she was conditioned to be a very formidable and strong woman as a result of such normalized misgivings.

There is always polarities at play by the dualistic nature of existence and Bex was very fortunate to be offered a wealth of education, knowledge and world travel through the affluence that was gifted to her.

A beautiful home in Salcombe South Devon, yearly Christmas trips to Walt Disney World and many more epic adventures were all available including education at the finest schools such as Oxford and Reading University in the UK.

She was in no way lacking in terms of her material and educational wealth and is grateful for the rewards of that conditioning too.

She is most honoured to be the individual in her ancestry to transmute such energy out of the cycle of destruction and into that of empowerment.

 Many relational trauma cycle dynamics are repeated and perpetuated when those who endure them do not repair or find healing within from the low vibrational and toxic impositions unnatural to the nature of human life.

Unconditional LOVE.




Intention impact


The intention of the DEVELOPING EMPOWERMENT ENERGY PROGRAM has been created to enable any self-sufficient human being to elevate, expand and manage their states of being in the world.
It is a systematic and repetitious implementation of worksheets and reflections that enables empowerment to be cultivated in an otherwise low vibrational state of being.

It is a self study program that puts the human into the dictates of their own Heart’s empowerment by unraveling any energy within that proves to be depleting their lifeforce.

It encompasses the mental, emotional and physical governance of the human and distills content to shift their minds to a higher consciousness and deliberately creative state of being in the world.

The manner in which the content is distilled ensures that any programming or low vibrational energy to be acknowledge and transmuted to a higher level of governance and vibratory functioning.

A complete self study program for the economical price of $777.00 for a seven-week LIFE SHIFTING elevation program.

Encouraging each member of the human species to take full ownership of who they are and to expand their self awareness in all areas of their energetic living to encompass a state of being of confidence, well-being and optimal energetic health.

Love and Light & A Happy Lifeforce

May We Humans All Live In Peace Within Our Own Biologies and Not Only That, But Thrive As A Result.Infinite love vibration