The Dark Side of Being Human – The Shadow Aspect of Your LifeForce

The Dark Side of Being Human

The Shadow Aspect of Your LifeForce

The dark side of being human

The Birth of the Shadow


Most of the humanity are walking around in biologies that have undergone a good deal of misaligned energy to the naturalness of the Divinity and life flow essence that is NATURAL to LIFE. This means that the majority of people whom you interact are in need of healing and repair in some aspect of the entirety of their life forces whether it be emotional, mental/psychological, physical or spiritual.

The entirety of humans governance is not a separate matter as the mainstream governmental modalities have structured.

The very separation of mental and physical health is highly unnatural and skewed to the realities of the human evolutionary system.

This enables a good deal of misalignments to occur and perpetuate in the human race.

The unconscious conditioning of a human occurs in childhood and it is in these years of a human’s life where the birth of the shadow takes place.

As children we are bred into families and social structures that are rooted in the dense duality of reality and have very little to do with the natural order forces that compel life.

Dualistic conditioning to a child dwell in being “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “nice or nasty” and so on. It is in this conditioning of duality where we divide ourselves within.

Being told to adhere to certain standards of behaviours and modalities of living framed by others, the more our autonomy gets rejected and repressed in the authenticity of our own characters and personalities.

The birth of the shadow


The more askew our experiences to a natural thrive and support of nurturing to unconditional love and acceptance, the bigger our Shadows are able to grow and gain power over our own unconsciousness.

The birth of a human’s shadow is primarily a product of the conditioning both familial and societal/relational dynamics that we are immersed within.

For example, if you were told in your home that being happy was good and being angry was bad, then a shadow aspect of you will create a suppression of anger and it will cause you great misalignments in terms of your aptitude of your own emotional governance of intelligence.

Another example: If you were raised in hardcore religion and told to fear God and that sex is bad you have basically denied two of the most energetic forces a human can compel and that will breed all kinds of imbalances in your life path forward; yet your conscious mind will fervently adhere to going to church, reading the Bible and saying your prayers while in truth you are denying two very optimal and pivotal aspects of your natural human expression.

The pedophilia phenomenon that was uncovered in regards to men of the cloth having sexual predilections for small children and taking power over them is an example of such a phenomenon.

What you repress will magnify and manifest in the most abhorrent of implementations and to the great demise and detriment to yourself and those whom you are impacting with such misalignments.

Leave small children to play and be free, do not impose them with such horrific violence. Seems pretty straightforward, yet we live in a very complex world when the majority of all its humans have no awareness of their own complexities.

Information is not knowledge


I have had a great experience of the uncovering of the shadow aspect of my being having had suppressed, repressed and essentially created an entirely different human container to hold all the violent and sadistic expressions that were imposed upon me and I had been in witness of since my very first memory as a young developing child.

I seemingly led a simple and what I deemed a “normal” life until the shadow began to show itself and thus led me into a near half decade of complete destruction enabling its release from my entirety.

The aftermath of that exploded my world and denoted for me how highly disassociated I really was from the naturalness of mine own being.

Now living in the peace of an aligned biology with my shadow in my awareness and command I am at peace in my heart and no longer associated with any part of my former life.

Our shadows are essentially our unconscious and the unconscious will have its way regardless of what we choose to do with the consciousness of which we think we are in command of. The past impacts a human on various levels. Whether it is emotionally, physically, psychologically or spiritually. We as humans carry these wounds not only from our childhood but also from the lineage of our ancestral energetic ties.

To acknowledge the pain and the impositions against your own peace and sovereignty of limbic love, it is each our duty as autonomous individuals to decipher what this pain is, embrace it and put it to rest.

To be in relationship with your own sovereignty of self means to be in awareness of the shadow aspect of your own humanity.

Transmutation of your own shadow energy is the liberation of your SOUL.

Soul peace

What Gets Locked In the Shadow


The natural order of life is to express. As humans we have many avenues of expression by way of thought, words, actions and emotions.

Where your shadow locks in its energy to your ultimate detriment is when your autonomy and sovereignty of these natural force expressions you are gifted and meant to compel in your own unique way are suppressed and hindered by the people and events that are conditioning you and your experience.

The world model of living is highly dependent and unnaturally structured to the naturalness of the divinity and intelligence a human system is made to engage and compel.

The unnaturalness to this pristine intelligence in the form of such misaligned conditioned human behaviour comes in the form of perpetuated lower vibrational emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, lust, greed, guilt, shame, envy and despair.

In terms of perpetuated thought forms, the human psychology then takes on such manifestations as violence, manipulation, abuse, torture, blackmail and even suicide.

The dark side of humanity

Socially, the lower vibrational desires such as thievery, fraud, murder, embezzlement, drug lording, human trafficking, sexual deviancy (cheating, excessive pornography, rape, pedophilia, sadism, necrophilia, bestiality, incest and bizarre fetishes and even cannibalism are all predilections of an untethered shadow commanding a human system.

The shadow is not something that is all rooted in a low vibrational energy. In the acknowledgment of the shadow a human may also discover hidden positive qualities (the gold in the shadow) that were never demonstrated of expressed in our experience such as repressed intuitive and spiritual gifts and repressed/rejected personality traits such as kindness, compassion, ambition, passion and humour.

The Shadow Contains All That Is Repressed And Suppressed.

These energies can have a low or high vibrational energy to them, depending on where we came from and how we were conditioned.

In many ways your shadow is a dark omen within you, an energetic informational structure that lets you know where you are blocked energetically within your own naturalness of being human.

Falling to acknowledge yourself, take ownership of yourself and do your inquiry into your shadow work, you end up impacting yourself and the world around you with a very low vibrational and non evolutionary kind of feel.

This leads to a very wounded inner child and results in various forms of narcissistic behaviours that can prove very destructive to yourself and those whom engage you in this state of condition.

Narcissism is unnatural to the human condition in that it enables a deep misunderstanding of the self’s own autonomous propulsion and leads a person into delusional unconscious behaviours unbecoming of the truth of themselves.

This is basically your inner child screaming for attention, not being able to get the appropriate care and nurturing and then manifesting this fallout as combative adult behaviours in relationship.

With oneself and then exponentially, with others.

Let me be a kid

Narcissistic Relationships & Different Manifestations of Human Narcissism


One thing that any human would do well to invest an acumen within is to manage and protect the entirety of their lifeforce energy.

When life force energy is flowing through a human system unimpeded, it gives off the good feels of being light, spacious, calm, compassionate, grounded and filled with vibrant energy.

When the lifeforce energy within the system becomes hindered, stagnated, preyed upon or impeded by the energies of life and other humans, it leaves an impact of feels of depression, confusion, lethargy, anxiousness, irritation and exhaustion.

Our energy levels and the manner in which we manage it, directly impact our perceptions of life.

When energetically depleted, we are more prone to suffering, poor health and unsuccessful relational dynamics. When energetically masterful, we are propelled in the natural force law of all life and can renew ourselves and create as we wish. It stands to reason then, that mankind your LifeForce energy management your top priority is your go to game plan for any and all results you generate in your life creativity and experience.

Being vigilant about the kind of energy you allow to permeate your life is tremendously empowering to ensure that you remain in a trajectory of success as you compel your lifeforce energy forward.

By nature, we as humans are equipped with the limbic brain system which thrives on the lifeforce energy of creation, unconditional love. By nature, we are gentle creatures, very perceptive and highly resonant and divinely creative.

Narcissism Takes The Form In The Human System As The Exact Opposite Of This Naturalness.

Emotional narcissism is when a person is in such a depleted state of lifeforce energy within themselves they are symbiotic to a brick wall who see and hear others but fail to understand or be able to relate to them. As a result of this density, the emotional shallowness creates a void within the person in terms of their empathy and compassion for their fellow human.

Lacking an aptitude of empathy, a narcissistic imposition in a person can make them very destructive and dangerous people to be around, specifically if they embody or overlap with more extreme socioapathic traits,

The emotional blindness of the narcissist can be particularly dangerous because it means they will stop at nothing to please themselves. Even if it is to the detriment of those closest to them.

Because of their lack of empathy and their deep inner woundedness, they will use tactics such as manipulation, shame, bullying and just raw undignified abuse upon others with absolutely no remorse for their actions whatsoever.

Therefore, the manifestation of narcissism in a human makes them become solely interested and centred in their own selves and the lavish, desirable and very powerful, but false EGO.

The surrounding people merely become stepping stones towards creating this idealized and untethered identity.

Most often narcissism derives from abuse and/or prolonged normalized abuse in human relationship.

A human system is not made to withstand inordinate amounts of abuse stress and trauma. Trust me, I have done the legwork

Especially In Childhood.

Narcissists who experienced trauma from a caregiver in childhood tend to overcompensate and disguise their feelings of inner worthlessness by creating and hiding behind idealized versions of themselves.

It is a defense mechanism of inner safety.

Any time this idealized identity they have created for their own safety is threatened with truth, the narcissist will lash out and blatantly or passively demonstrate behaviours to ensure their idealized self Ego is maintained.

Ego pop to Spirit



Vulnerable Narcissism

A vulnerable narcissist is usually a very emotionally (non empathetic) sensitive person who tends to be shy or quiet in nature. Yet to disguise their chronic feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness they overcompensate by putting on a grandiose mask, seeking to merge their identities with their own created idealized versions of themselves. This materializes in relationship where they have an unshakable need to feel special about themselves with very little to no regard for the feelings or experience of others. The motivations that propel a vulnerable narcissist are fear, rejection and abandonment. This results in an inability to authentically love and care for the dignity of whom they are in relationship with. They will use manipulation, shaming, guilt-tripping and gas-lighting as their modus operandi go-tos. This is to secure sympathy and attention from others. Their lives are fueled by their inferiority complex which often stem from deep childhood trauma.

Invulnerable Narcissism

An invulnerable narcissist reflect the stereotypical image of narcissists. They are highly self-confident people who are emotionally cold and very ruthless. They differ from vulnerable narcissists in that they are thick-skinned and shameless in their pursuit of power, glory, recognition and pleasure. These kinds of narcissists usually have some GOD complex believing themselves to be far superior to anyone else and they have a pathological need within themselves to make this well-known.

The similarity between these two narcissists are they use others to fuel their narcissistic delusions, blaming and criticizing, lack of empathy, lack of faithfulness and a need for false power.

Amorous Narcissism

Amorous narcissists measure their self-worth and grandiosity by how many sexual conquests they have under their belt. This type of narcissist is known for using his/her charm to ensnare others with flattery, gifts and lavish attention but then quickly disposing of them once they become unuseful to the narcissist.

They are the ultimate relationship con artists, gold diggers and heart breakers. At first glance they appear very attractive, alluring and amiable but underneath they are only out to satisfy and please their own needs and desires.

And by any means necessary.

Compensatory Narcissism

A compensatory narcissist’s behaviour is driven to compensate for past traumas.

Compensatory narcissists love creating larger-than-life illusions about themselves and their achievements. In order to feel powerful and gain control in their lives, they prey on emotionally vulnerable people who will serve as an audience to their fabricated stage acts. In truth, this narcissist is very sensitive to criticism and will look out for negative self-directed cues from others. Emotional abuse and manipulation are common methods of control used by compensatory narcissists.

Elitist Narcissism

This breed of human will do anything to climb themselves to the top, win and completely dominate others.

Elitist narcissists are convinced they are superior to everyone else.

They are of the belief that they deserve special treatment and their entitlement bleeds into every aspect of their lives. Harboring a severely inflated self-image Elitist Narcissists are skilled self-promoters, braggers and one-uppers. They have a cutthroat need to be the best, to prove that they are the best and prove their superiority, no matter the cost to others.

Malignant Narcissism

The behaviour of a malignant narcissist often overlaps with that of antisocial or psychopathic personality disorders.

They often have absolutely no regard or interest in moral vs immoral behaviour and feel absolutely no remorse for their actions. This is characterized by an arrogant and inflated sense of self-worth that delights in outsmarting others. This kind of narcissist can often be found in prisons, gangs and drug rehab centres, although many manage to avoid the law and created a good deal of destruction in society and the lives of others.

Awareness Expands Everything & Knowledge is Power.

Awareness of these kinds of narcissistic behaviours enables you to be discerning in terms of your own self management and correction, as well as any red flags you may denote in others behaviours whilst engaging in relational dynamics with them.

Be the change you wish to see

Shadow Aspects To Be In Awareness Of – Check Yourself


Here is a list of human behaviours that are most commonly engaged when propelling your energy from your shadow. Paying attention to these human behaviours within your own governance is a goodvibe for you to be in awareness of.

In awareness, we can delineate a path to expansion.

In unconsciousness, we just keep bleeding toxicity that serves us not.

It serves no human to be in judgement of themselves or their present state of condition and modus operandi.

This creates resistance and fighting is futile. It is more advantageous to be in discerning awareness and direct and alchemize your own energy to a more aligned and balanced vibration.

It’s all a goodvibe

The truth is that most people are quite fucked up and just trying to manage their fucked up ness by making sense of their lives through repetitive action of that which depletes them.

Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

The check it out with yourself vibe is a self ownership thrive.

Take a look at this list and see what kind of vibe you are generating in your own life’s vibration.


Attributing our suffering to others, essentially avoiding self-responsibility for ones own happiness. We can certainly feel and be impeded by the energy of others, but ultimately it is our own CHOICE whether or not we cling or entertain this energy in our lives.

The people in the world and whom we are in relationship can be toxic, abusive and narcissistic but ultimately it is up to an individual to choose to take on that energy or allow it to flow through them or away from them.

No one holds the responsibility for your own happiness but yourself.


Projection is the psychological term for attributing our own psychological & emotional experiences & qualities to those around us.

This is a common human behaviour that denotes ones own emotional and psychological instability within of their own confident energetic management and then they hang these insecurities onto others as if to mirror or find mutuality with that which they feel so disempowered by within their own selves.

If someone is accusing you of having attributes you are no yourself resonating with, look to see if the person accusing you of such things, if they themselves hold the qualities of which they are projecting upon you.


Not many humans are aware of introjection, but it is a very real thing. It is the opposite of projection and it involves taking on the feelings and attributes of another person and then unconsciously believing they are their own.

This is a result of dependent emotional and psychological relationships and a muddy ness in ones own autonomous governance of their own energy. Determine what is your energy and what is the energy of another.

This kind of resonant and enmeshed human behaviour can be very very dangerous because it causes us to carry around a good amount of mistaken beliefs about ourselves.

These mistaken beliefs then result in the trajectory of our own creativity to be weighted with a good amount of unnecessary baggage.

Boundaries and self ownership can yield a person out of introjection in relational dynamics.

Victimization and Self Pity

Self Victimization and Self Pity are shadow twins that go hand in hand.
When we as humans feel excessively sorry for ourselves we tend to live in the perceptual lenses that we are victims of our lives or the impositions of other peoples behaviours.

The more we identify with the victim role the more our narrow lens is focused to our unnaturalness and ultimate demise.
When we are resonating in a vibratory space within ourselves of such low perceptual worth, then we indomitably draw such resonant circumstances and people directly into our life experience. It breeds a vicious cycle for the metaphysical feedback loop which keeps you at the mercy of energies outside of your masterful and conscious control.
The behaviours that are derived from such a low vibrational self stance become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Take ownership and check yourself.

You are a human being which axiomatically makes you worthy of a dignified and highly creative life.


A role that humans have a tendency to slip into in their own unconsciousness is to play the role of the martyr. While quite resonant with the victim vibe the martyr proves to be a bit more complex.

One side, martyrs are kind, generous, supportive and selfless. Underneath, however, a martyr is full of fear, paranoia and low self-worth.

Many people, especially men, who tend to absorb the emotional states of their resonant humans and then carry their energetic pain soon begin believing it is their “mission” to suffer so they can be a source of healing to others. This not only harms them, but the people they are impacting.

Attributes commonly found in someone who is encompassed martyrdom look like:

1. Having a hard time saying no to people and setting persona boundaries

2. They remain in abusive relationships or friendships with the “hope” they can fix the person who is abusing them.

3. They blame the selfishness of humanity of their own emotional suffering

4. They frequently seek to reassure themselves of their own innocence.

5. They exaggerate their level of suffering, hardship or mistreatment.

6. They refuse to take responsibility for decisions they have made that have cause them their own suffering.

7. They portray themselves as the righteous, self-sacrificing caretaker or hero.

8. They coerce others into doing what they want by portraying themselves as the noble sufferer.

9. They actively seek recognition by creating drama.

10. Most often the martyr is unconscious to their own behaviours.


Avoidance and Addiction

Given the density of the world’s structure many a human has to repress and suppress the naturalness of their good thrive and push down a good deal of emotional and psychological energy to their deficit.

This is a result of not having the appropriate intelligible skill set of how to manage and master the energetic aspects of ones own biology. The world can be intense and to avoid the pain of its intensity many people choose vices and addictions as coping mechanisms to deal with the encumbrance of such unnaturalness to their own divine autonomous systems.

This comes in the form of food, sex, drugs, work, shopping, internet, alcohol and other forms of mind/emotional numbing substances that detract from one sitting comfortable in ones own skin.


As humans we are natural resonant and co creative. As deeply sensitive and highly creative beings by nature, we have a tendency to be problem solvers who to love to help other people by default.
It is a good feel to want to be good to others, but not at the expense of the authority of your own light and love you contain within you and your autonomous heart space.
When humans have a desire to help others but it is mixed in with childhood trauma and self -esteem issues (95 percent of humanity) then it leads to co-depency.

Co dependency is the tendency to excessively rely on our relationships for our emotional and psychological fulfillment. In other words, we put the power into the hands of others to determine our worthiness and standing in our lives.

It creates an addiction whereby there is an enabler and an abuser as one person is following the dictates of another’s relational perceptual views – which may be and most likely are highly Misalign and skewed to the autonomous naturalness of the unique individual waiting to be expressed out of who they really are.

Falling into codependency in relationship tends to almost always sacrifice the needs of one individual and creating an abusive dynamic with an abuser and an enabler.

Interdependent living is more aligned with the natural order forces.

Let people be who they are and you have the courage to do the same.


Low Self-Worth

Most of life with the manner in which it is structured is just a playground for people to battle with their own self-worth and proving that they have it.

People who need not defend their importance, already have it naturally.

The human predilection to increase one’s importance lies at the helm of the human condition. Underlying any issue a human faces, is the need for their own sense of worth.

The tendency towards codependency in the societal structures and relational dynamics is responsible for where a person bleeds their own personal power, putting them in minimized roles to be manipulated and encumbered with coping mechanistic addictions.

On the surface it can appear that other people and situations are responsible for what keeps us oppressed, but most often it is an ownership of low self value within the human system and an innate belief that we are unable to take care of ourselves nor empower ourselves autonomously.

This creates a good deal of self suffering and an identification in our minds that is deeply rooted in unnaturalness and untruth.

The programmed cycle of unworthiness in humans runs rampant and is underpinned by a range of core belief systems that have been conditioned within misaligned to the naturalness and truth of the individual.

Core beliefs such as not being worthy of love, being bad, being a failure, not deserving happiness easily, being subject to abuse and punishment, feeling weak and powerless and isolated and alone all generate from a human system lacking worthiness.

Once you are able to assess in discernment and detachment what your core beliefs are that do not serve you, you can begin to unravel the blocked and unnatural energy of which is generated within you and begin to expand out to your most natural thrive.

Repression & Suppression

The human nervous system is an electromagnetic marvel of activity and when we as humans are fraught with the myriad of energies that are the emotional body’s work of torrents of very powerful energy, it is common for many systems to want to shut down.
The male species is especially prone to shut down in terms of an overwhelm of emotional energy.
Whether done consciously or unconsciously the suppression of emotions which then leads to a suppression of toxic energy within our energetic body is a kind of defense mechanism from other peoples (perceived) imposed energy upon us.
These suppression of emotion are highly dangerous and misleading to the natural thrive that is the humans emotional body and the propulsion of emotional energy that enables whole health in a human system.

It is a biological naturalness against very deep masculine programming passed down through generations where men were told that they were inherently weak if they expressed any kind of emotion and that women were considered “dramatic” or “high maintenance” for expressing “feelings”
The reason humans use this as a go-to mechanism is that they have an inability of self-sufficiency tools in terms of human emotion and how to biologically adapt themselves to the most optimal fashion in which to manage and field them.

Energy Vampiric Relational Dynamics


An energy vampire is quite simply a human that feeds off your emotional and psychic energy leaving you feeling In a state of complete dense lethargy.

People who prey off the vitality of others are such individuals, seemingly lost the plot to where to begin to take control of their own inherent natural and balanced vibration.

These kinds of people can deplete the fanangles out of you.

An innocent and kind yet completely accurate description of an energy vampire is a child.

Children will suck the living lifeforce out of you if you are a conscious and invested parent.

This is why being in ownership of your own vibration as you rear children proves a more empowering vibration than rooting your teachings or mechanics in the conditioning of your own past.

History repeats itself as nature creates cycles and humans do too.

The energy vampire is in their own self-propelled vortex of energetic fervour to gain and nourish themselves at any cost, and should you be an empathetic or kind-hearted person lacking your own boundaries, they are likely to drain you for all you have.

Helping, supporting and healing people is a sweet and natural human resonant vibration, but under no circumstance is anyone responsible for filling the tanks of other peoples energy bodies.

That is a self governance issue in every circumstance.

Either you are bleeding energy or someone is bleeding your energy, or you are in mastery of your energy and dialing in a goodvibe.

Energetic Management Choices are Everywhere.

As much as anyone may impede your energetic space, it is wise to remember that a person whom you would label as an “energy vampire” is really just a human who is having issues that need tissues and are fundamentally in a lot of pain and disharmony within themselves.

The last kind of feel a human needs who is portraying such an MO in the world is more of the same.

Showing kindness, patience, compassion and delineating your boundaries are all very effective and useful methods to be able to live in harmony with your fellow humans.

When you assert your worth and your boundaries to someone who is in a vulnerable and powerless state, you are unconsciously offering them an education of empowerment by mirroring to them a standard of which they themselves would do well to adopt and clearly have no knowledge of, given their present state of condition and behaviour.

There is no room to judge, condemn, reproach or lay any kind of shade on a human who is already knee-deep in the shadyville.

The Natural Order Law is Unconditional Love.

Anything done outside of the energy of love creates complete chaos, and balance is the fundamental governing principal of all life.

If you are dealing with a chaotic human, apply LOVE.

Energy of creation