The bladder is in charge of storing and eliminating fluid waste in your human physiology.

 It receives life force energy (Chi) front the Kidney meridian and uses it to transfor fluids for elimination.

This meridian begins its journey at the inside of edge of each eye and travels over the top of the head where it visits the brain to the back of the neck.

The bladder meridian

From this point on the neck, the bladder meridian then splits into two parts:

THE INNER BRANCH – travels into the base of the neck and moves down, parallel with the spine.  At the bottom it reaches into the bladder.

THE OUTER BRANCH – travels across the back of the shoulder and then runs downward along the INNER BRANCH.

The two branches move through the gluteal region and then join at the knees.  Each meridian then continues down the back of the lower leg, circles the outer and ankle and arrives to its finality at the tip of the little toe.   It is here where this meridian connects with the KIDNEY MERIDIAN (not the starting point, but a connection)

Tracing this meridian with your hands from front to back as well as you are able or having a friend or loved one do the trace for you is a sweet feel to get the chi flow moving down this meridian. Place both hands between your eyebrows, go up over the crown of your head and down to the back of your neck.

Remove your hands from your neck and reach them back underneath as high as you are able to reach and stretch onto your spine.  Trace your hands down either side of your spine to below your waist area and in and around your gluteus maximus.

End that trace and come up onto your shoulders as best you can and go straight down to the back of your knees, in at the knees, down to the floor and off your little toes.

Ensuring a healthy bladder, avoiding headaches, yellow eyes, nose bleeds and neck tension are all work of the bladder meridians energetic flow.  In your lower body it enables your spine, gluteus, hip joints, calf muscles and the groin area to be free of any pain and in optimal functionality.

It also enables flexibility in muscles around the knee and calves to perform optimally.

It proves a goodvibe to be engaged and connected to your own energetic system and its functioning.

Infinite bladder meridian