The belt flow

Around your waist is the belt circuit flow.  The role of this flow is to connect the energies of the upper part of the body and the lower part of the body.  The critical health task the belt flow is purposeful towards achieving is distributing the energies up and down your body.

The energy centres that are your chakras orchestrate your meridian health and the belt flow enables a harmony to achieve this Divine system to work in symbiosis. On a psychological and higher consciousness level, our groundedness and inspiration are contained within this flow.

Maintaining our own balance in our energetic health is key to doing away with human suffering that keeps us energetically top or bottom heavy.  Balance is the fundamental guiding principle of the Universe and becoming aligned with this truth in your own biology is a complete thrive for your life force experience.


Place the webbed area between the pointer finger and the thumb of either hand around the waist on either side of the body.
Activating the Belt Circuit. With fingers spread, circle the hands around the side of the body at waist.

Pull from the back of the body to the front and all the way across the belly and to the other side. Pull not only at the waist, but above and below as well. Do this several times with some pressure and lifting movement, alternating hands.

Then firmly slide both hands down the leg on the side you are pulling toward and off the foot.

 Repeat on the other side of the body. With a little improvisation, you can do this one on yourself, and it is a wonderful one to do often to keep your top and bottom halves in harmony.

Here is a handy instructional video for your visual reference to enable and stimulate your belt flow.

The belt flow feel