The 4 Layers of The Human Condition & Understanding Your Identity

Being Human is Something That Everyone Has In Common Here on Planet Earth & Understanding Your Identity is Key to Living A Sweet Life.

In being human understanding your identity

Our humanity is under a good deal of stress given the global climate of politicians and ill directed power to the detriment of the purity and truth of the human condition. The 4 layers of the human condition and understanding your identity is a self-esteem thrive.

In times like these it can really be a thrive in understanding your identity.

For centuries us humans have done a disservice to our own selves with the stories we spin.

How we choose to spin them in terms of our limitations and our inherent capacities.

Many People Identify Themselves By The World and The surrounding Influences.

A do it yourself project in understanding your identity

A good portion of other people cultivate the inner world of creativity and express themselves from deep within having complete understanding of their identity.

We live in societies that indoctrinate competition and comparative measurement by the masses.  This is why understanding your identity is a power house thrive for your overall well being.

Many well-intentioned people have children and normalize the most abhorrent abuse to the dignity of the human Soul.  The expenditure of energy to our deficit is displayed palpably.

We are conditioned to withstand the harshness that is the reality of life yet, we fail to get the teachings that life is actually something that is expressed through us, rather than something that happens to us.

What makes you limitless in understanding your identity

A connectivity to life is inherent in our divination as human beings and in honouring that TRUTH of ourselves, we can identify to a higher standard of well-being and peace for ourselves, and those whom we share this life.

It is a paradox and can leave any logically reasoning human confused and then, perhaps somewhat petrified.

Knowledge is Power and Self Knowledge is Self Empowerment.

Something that is supremely empowering to any human system is to take ownership and complete understanding of your identity.

One aspect, being the human body you have been gifted to care for and connect with for your journey here through this life.

To do so with autonomy and to do so in a devotional non-negotiable honourary dignified investment is a testament to the esteem you hold within.

One of the most empowering pursuits a human being can endeavour in this life is to identify to themselves exactly who they are and what the highest version of that individual looks like.

Understanding your identity is a powerhouse thrive experience for your LifeForce.

The Universe is infinite and our potential variables the same, so what, exactly, will you identify yourself to be?

Below you will find a handy guide for understanding the framework of being human and then each part of the framework will expand outwards to enable maximum growth and creative potential for the epic soul that is you.






Essentially your identity is who you claim to be in the world.

Many people identify with their conditionings and others remain vigilant to their autonomy.

Whatever the CHOICE a human makes about how to engage and govern their lifeforce is just that.


1. The FIRST LAYER, the SURFACE LAYER of our Human Identity is Displayed Through Our ACTIONS

Understanding your identity in action

ACTIONS Determine What You Do In A Day.

Days then turn into weeks, weeks into years and years into a lifetime.

How and what you act upon determines your experience and is informational to who you are.

Actions make up what you put your physical body in motion towards as well as the kind of habits you keep such as diet, exercise, work and relationships.

Actions also determine your success, in terms of how you initiate and manage the activities that support you and your life force.

The more you gain understanding in your identity, the more empowerment you carry within yourself.

Action by its very definition is “. the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.” and “a thing done; an act.”

2. The SECOND LAYER, the 1ST SUB- LAYER of our Human Identity is Displayed Through Our Thought & Emotional EnergyThe thoughts and emotions train while understanding your identity

What we think about affects our emotions and vice versa.

A good amount of our attitudes are cultivated from the nature of our attitude towards ourselves, situations and our fellow human(s)

Being a Human Means Acquiring Intelligence, As We As Humans, Are Already Magnificent Intelligence At Work,

You need only observe how your body reposes for an evening and then awakens once more the next day.

 It is empowering to recognize that there is an omnipresent lifeforce that enables us to connect and remain here in our lives on planet Earth.

We as humans have an innate intelligence and access to this intelligence through our emotional energy and that of our capacities in being neural plastic and being able to expand and harness education and intelligence both intuitively and studiously.

Emotional intelligence is key to ownership in understanding your identity

Having a High IQ and EQ – Or A Balance of These Quotients is What Makes a Human Optimal.

Emotional intelligence, self intelligence comes from simply following the dictates of one’s own authentic self, expression and yields of the heart space as well as taking ownership and responsibility for one’s thought frames and attitudes.

Awareness goes a long way in terms of how we are able to function as humans and propels our ACTIONS.

Being consciously aware of one’s own thought patterns and consistent emotional landscape is inquiry and management well worth investing within.

3. The THIRD LAYER, the 2nd SUB- LAYER of our Human Identity is Displayed Through Our Belief System(s)

Belief System and understanding your identity

A beautiful way to make yourself rise and empower is to understand that your beliefs are responsible for the THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS and ACTIONS you generate.

The belief system works in a very subtle and powerful way.

Most of a humans beliefs are unconscious to them until the misalignments within them start showing up and causing them disharmony in their energy field and overall vibration.

What you believe about yourself and the world propels your THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS and ultimately your ACTIONS.

Our belief systems get indoctrinated within us in two ways.

Through the gift of hindsight derived of our own interpretation and firsthand experience.  Additionally, through our unconscious dictates within by the influences and nurturing that was indoctrinated Into the human system during its developing and formative years.

The uncovering and understanding your identity will demonstrate these to be Truths.

A Human is Guided by Their Subconscious & It Governs 95 Percent of Themselves.

The balance of the belief

The conscious part of ourselves is in our centre of awareness in the present moment.

Observe yourself and your level of awareness and attention and then see if you can be honest with yourself and your own level of conscious awareness.

Do you  know if you are consciously in control of your attention or if your attention is unconscious and controls you.

Tracking your awareness and your level of present moment focus is a huge thrive to see where your belief systems are stewing.

Humans have delineated belief systems to that of religion and/or the higher aspects of ourselves.

Beliefs, however,  play a role in other areas of our lives such as our self-worth and the attitudes and capacities we frame ourselves as being capable of achieving.

Understanding our identity is an avenue in which we can optimize our entire lives.

The Power of Belief

A Simple Example with Profound Impact to a Human’s Belief System

A group of parents are watching over their children.

Each child is perfectly able in mind and body.

Both are eager and energetic to climb a tree.

The tree climbing monkey understands his identity

One mother says no, no, no, be careful, it is dangerous you could fall and hurt yourself. The other mother says “Have fun, stay aware and call me if you need any help. Make sure you feel safe and in control when you go.”

The Be Careful Parent is a well-intentioned parent that watches over their child to such a degree they instill fear of doing anything for themselves whereas the Go Ahead but Be Aware Parent is the same well-intentioned parent that watches over their child, but to the benefit of the child’s empowerment.

Two approaches to parenting yield a very different concept of beliefs for each of the children who are being influenced with their beliefs about the world.

The vibe of belief


One child gains confidence, and the other learns to believe that if he wants to go explore and try something it is dangerous.

Not only that, the warnings and word of his mother loses credit because the child then experiences seeing his friend climb, safely and with success the tree that looked so good to climb to him just minutes before.

The Enthusiasm and The Adventure Seeking Nature of Children Is Natural to Optimal Lifeforce.

When parents project their insecurities or ignorance onto the activities and behaviours of their children then it makes for a stagnation in the inherent naturalness of who they are.

Empowerment comes when you allow your kids to be exactly who they are. Enjoying them without any resistance.

 Arming them with information, empowerment and reasonable and age acumen boundaries.

Saying no yields fear. Saying yes, but with awareness and information yields empowerment.

4. The FOURTH and FINAL LAYER, the Culmination of All Layers is The Identity.

The identity gang

When you get a grip on your beliefs, they ignite your most dominant thoughts which yield your most dominant emotions.
When you have emotionally charged experiences, it is a derivative of a belief you hold with you to ignite the emotions energy in the first place.
Your brain is a recording device that has been conditioned by your experience and the dominant habits you keep in your thought forms.
Heightened emotional experiences during your formative years can yield internalizations that keep you elevated or keep you in stagnation station.
The brain is your mechanism to discern what it knows. It then calculates for you what the best and most efficient response is for your well-being.

Walnut brains


Expunging out of your system that which does not serve you from your life is ownership.
Engaging experiences through various healing modalities such as breathwork, yoga. EFT, acupuncture, bio energy healing...the list is endless to how one can nurture and care for with great dignity their own biology.
Realigning your identity to optimal means taking responsibility of yourself and how you classify your layers.

Cultivating a Conscious Practice of Understanding the Self With This Handy List of Human Layers is an Empowerment Thrive for Your Lifeforce and The Trajectory Forth of Your Success in This World.

Stay Vibrant.