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Dyad Work for Healing and Releasing

A dyad is defined as something with two elements or parts. When a human being exists in relationship with another, they are each considered their own part. Dyad work for healing and releasing is a supreme thrive to you and your relationships.

How we nurture and expand our own parts of ourselves is influenced by the interpersonal relationships we keep in our lives.  Those that have influenced our formative and most pivotal developmental years especially.  Engaging dyad work for healing is a thrive for those looking to repair their relationships.

If there are emotional and social issues in your family interpersonal relationships of past that have not yet been addressed or resolved, the participation and implementation of the dyad process is lit!  Dyad work for healing can prove extremely cathartic and offer a release of emotional energy for acceptance, healing, expression and finality for resolution.

It is a tool to further allow you to free, release and complete the circuitry of emotional energy that is hindering you from experiencing the best version of your most optimal self.

It is a psychological tool to address any destructive energy that does not serve your relationship goals.  Ideally those of living in peace, harmony and an optimal state within and those whom you share your energy.

Early physical and psychological traumas are quite common and can impact a personʼs biology and psychology, carving their way deeply into both body and brain. Dyad work for healing with open minded family members can be useful.

Relationships that develop between caregiver(s) and their children can affect the manner in which the child develops into an adult and their capacity to govern and regulate themselves optimally.

The Spirit and energy of these relationships are ones that are indicative of how we perceive our inner and outer world frames.

When there is a disconnection of unconditional love and acceptance, then emotional, psychological and in some cases, physical trauma are perpetrated in a young humans experience. This can leave a blueprint of experience that can prove detrimental to their processing and well-being as adults. Dyad work for healing can address such occurrences for transmutation

Working in harmony with bio energy we can also implement supportive tools for our healing to ensure that our emotional, psychological and physiological energy are functioning at their optimal level of performance.

The Dyad Work For Healing Process

In order for the dyad process to prove effective and successful, both participants need to be willing and open to sit and hold space for their dyad partner.

This means sitting in an upright and open posture with a neutral expression.

A neutral and safe space as an environment lends itself to a peaceful and dignified exchange.

The rules of the process are that the person who is expressing has a safe, quiet and respectful space in which to be heard.

There is no response to be offered by the person receiving the expression, such as agreement, shock, disagreement, scoffing, smiling, laughing or any other expression of reactivity to the words being said.

The framework of the dyad process is to ensure a safe a neutral space for the person to air their grievances with a loved one that has proven to create a heavy or unhelpful energy in their life and/or how they show up in the world.

It is not about blame, shame or rehashing what could have been.

If the expression is needed to someone who is no longer in the physical world, or is absent due to estrangement or inability to meet the person and participate in the dyad for whatever reason, then a substitute person of a trusting and safe nature may be used so that the person seeking healing may find an avenue to express and release.

It is acknowledging and emotional wound that has not been released that is proving to hinder the present state of being to the person whom was affected.

The person whom was affected is being received with a safe, accepting and unconditionally loving recipient.

The healing power in just the acknowledgment and validation of the hurt is exponentially useful in its integration and release of it.

In order for heavy emotional energy to be released, it has to have the light of awareness shone upon it.

Any resistance a person encounters when they express their deepest hurts can make them feel unsupported and unable to release it completely.

In order for the space to be held for a person to express their inner emotional truths as they relate to someone close to them in family or interpersonal relationships is pivotal to their health.

A neutral expression and the words “thank you” are the only options for a verbal response once the person has completed what they have to share.

This Enables the Person to Express Fully in An Unconditionally Loving & Accepting Space.

If a pattern of behaviour has developed between the two participants that does not prove healthy for engaging the in dyad, it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their adherence to the rules of the dyad process which are a by product of committing to investing in the work of elevating and expanding one’s own capacity to thrive within and interpersonal relationships.

The Dyad Framework

The two individuals agree and commit to be open in their hearts and hold space for one another with dignity and respect.

I, YOUR NAME HERE, agree to commit fully and respectfully to the dyad process with YOUR PARTNERS NAME HERE.

You each repeat the above statement sitting across from one another and staring into each others left eyes.

Person A begins and there is a 3 part process that A expresses.

PART 1: “Something I want to tell you is __________________________________________”

PART 2: “I am angry/frustrated/mad/irritated because ______________________________”

PART 3: “What I see you in you, that I also see in myself is __________________________”

Person B holds space for what was said and is only allowed to say “thank you”

Person B repeats the above process and A holds space for B adhering to the same rules.

This process can go back and forth to release and express as much as wants to come out and for how well and capable you are each able to fully be in the space with one another and follow the dyad rules respectfully.

The purpose is to RELEASE and not to harbour judgement or criticism due to past wounds that exist within. It is an attitude of acceptance, peace and unconditional love for both the participants.

To accept fully each individual in their humanness and to acknowledge and take responsibility for ourselves and how we impact those whom we keep closest to, or carry weight and influence with our sense of selves during our development and growth.

Elevated living involves very simple tasks for what can be perceived as complex problems. In order for a person to feel completely healthy, they need to be at peace in Mind and Heart.

When we carry emotional or psychological wounds of the past, it is not a path to peace. In order for anything to diminish, it needs to expand by way of not dwelling in its disempowerment, but to yield its healthy expression and repair once and for all.

The dyad process, when adhered to with pure intention and focused attention can prove to offer this expression for it to expand and dissipate.

Any questions, concerns or in need of facilitation, please contact Bex at 604-910-5227