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This Post Is In a Goodvibe & An Honourary Feel for a Kind & Remarkable SOUL in this World, The Russian Giving Off a Thrive to our Humanity,

Vadim Zeland

Character design


Having Adapted & Adopted The Content of Mr. Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing, I Find Myself in An Elevated, Coherent & Consistently Optimal GOODVIBE.

A trajectory of optimality in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT yielded out of a very dense and near life depleting state of condition of which I was encompassing due to impositions out of mine own control.

I have had the luxury to design the energetics of mine own calling and delineation and as a result of these investments I maintain my own autonomous energetic practice. My energy acumen was initially introduced by the kind-hearted Irish gentleman, Micheal D’Alton.

I am most appreciative of the wisdom drops that are found in the model of reality that Mr. Zeland presents to the world and I have had experiential knowledge to have been able to compel mine own autonomous and individual evolution to a heightened state of energetic condition within myself.

For those of you humans who are not engaged in the field of energetics but wish to tap an elevated state of biology and condition, then this post may be the easiest and simplest way to dial that in.

These tips and VERY SIMPLE PRACTICES are adapted from Zeland’s book, REALITY TRANSURFING. Reality good vibes

The processes and distills you find in this post are a supportive and expositional feel to your innate powers and sovereignty you as a human energetic system contain being an electromagnetic being of light and wonder connected to the SOURCE of ALL CREATION.

Vadim Zeland presents very easy and effective practices to connect and expand your own energetic body, which in turn, affects all aspects of your state of condition, and then by extension, the reality and results you tangibly experience and yield ahead of yourself.

When you engage in these very SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE energetic practices, then you will see very easily your energy begin to level up, and your stress levels diminish.

The intention of this post is to offer an authentically supportive and warm energy to the formidable Mr. Vadim Zeland in recognition of the TRUTH of him and the GOOD he CONTAINS.

Acknowledgment can be a FORCE of great ADVANTAGE, and the reciprocal nature of this post is a balanced form of adorning gratitude and upliftment to the man himself and the work of which he compels to the support and wellbeing of his fellow humans.

For anyone who is led to further inquiry in regards to the work that Vadim compels in this respect, see his site here:



Zeland thrive

The simplicity of these practices may create a dissonance in your rational minds conditioning.

The reason this may be is that the majority of most minds are conditioned to having to strive, work hard, compete, compare and struggle to achieve or accomplish that which they intend ahead of them.

It is a structure of conditioning that is a great momentous energy in itself and the human adherences of dependent relationships and ill conditioned thinking which many people buy into, can prove to be quite depleting to the energy of a human system.

If you take these SIMPLE practices and invest within them with HABITUAL and SYSTEMATIC investment of REPETITION, then your rational mind will see, experientially, how easy it is to maintain a high and supportive energetic state.

Simple focused attention upon your own energy in a positive, simple and systematic fashion enables your focus to expand.

It Is a Thrive for Oneself to Be AWARE & In COMMAND of Their Own ENERGY.

Energy is the currency of the UNIVERSE and us humans on the planet are not immune to this metaphysical phenomenon, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

Energy is life

Creating a simple daily and systematic practice to connect and enhance your own energy is a very good vibe.

The world is composed of ENERGY.

You as a human system are energetic in many facets. For our purposes here, we will speak of your PHYSIOLOGICAL ENERGY and FREE ENERGY.

PHYSIOLOGICAL or BIOLOGICAL ENERGY is the energy you govern in terms of what you eat, the activities you engage in and the people with who you relate.

FREE or UNIVERSAL ENERGY is the energy that governs all life on planet Earth and is propelled from the entirety of the Universe in which our planet is a mere dot in the scope of the what the Universe is composed of.


Your physiological energy is something you have complete control over.

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Verbally.

You can choose what to eat, what kind of activities you immerse yourself in that either yield a peaceful vibe or a stress feel and the energies of people with whom you live, work and relate to on a daily basis.

All of these ENERGETIC CHOICES are entailed in your own sovereignty of how you choose to use your energy. You can store physiological energy by way of the foods you eat, the psychology you govern and the emotions of which you manage and field.

You choose you

If you eat unnatural and processed foods made from factories rather than the EARTH, then you are resonating with artificial energy and your energy levels will reflect this.

If you eat vibrant, natural foods cultivated from the EARTH, then you are resonating with the NATURAL ORDER and your physiological energy will be aligned with a thrive.

If you engage in self care and a peaceful kind of feel in terms of your profession and enjoy your work as a life purposes then your energy can be managed and yielded to your thrive.

If you are a stress bag and have no interest or real desire to invest in your work and you engage it like a cog in a machine for the end of result of a paycheck, then your body’s energy can deplete very easily as you are living for the needs and goals of someone else.

If you have positive, encouraging, communicative and supportive interpersonal relationships in terms of how your heart is held and your mind is understood, and they are both treated and held well and respectfully, then your energy can really thrive.

If you have normalized abuse and repeated disrespect, misunderstandings and projections in your most interpersonal relationships, than your body’s energy can atrophy very easily and deplete your LifeForce tremendously.

There are polarities to each of these aspects to YOUR INVESTED CHOICES in how you mange your physiological energy. One polarity yields a thrive and the other a dive.

The common denominator is always YOU.


Free energy is something you have absolutely no control over, but something you can connect to.

It cannot be stored in your biology as physiological energy is able through calories from food, psychological direction of thought and emotional intelligence. You can connect and RUN FREE ENERGY,

It is the Energy of the Source of All Creation.

Universal source

The energy of the cosmos, the energy that turns tides, grows trees and flowers, and the energy that propels all LIFE.

You cannot store free energy, you can just create an environment within yourself to let it in.

You have access to this energy by way of your energetic meridians.

When you engage in pursuits of physiological energy that goes against the natural order of your feel good thrive, then your energetic meridians can narrow very rapidly and your channels to connect and engage FREE ENERGY can atrophy, become stagnant and you can deplete your life force.

This can show up as lethargy, lack of motivation and/or disease or ailments.

In order to ALLOW yourself an ENERGETIC THRIVE, it is a goodvibe to connect to yourself, in and through the body and develop a relationship to RUN FREE ENERGY within you.

The meridian system is vast and complex.

What is a simplistic and beautiful thrive about Vadim Zeland’s recommendations is that he simplifies the practice to run free energy through two main energetic channels you contain that run the length of your spine.

The central governing meridians.

Your spine is the aspect of your body that really IS your lifeforce.

Running along your spine in opposite directions you have two major central/governing meridians.

One channel that connects to the Universal Energy of the Cosmos upwards and the second running down to the core of the Earth of which you are gravitationally pulled by laws of physics.

Learning to draw in and utilize FREE ENERGY is a much more efficient and effective manner to manage your energy rather than trying to work tirelessly to store physiological energy.

Drop in the ocean energy of life

An Excerpt From Zeland’s Reality Transurfing:

“Do not try to accumulate energy; just allow it to pass freely through you in the form of two counter directional currents. It can be helpful to imagine these two currents joining in counter directional fountains, but that is all you need to do. Do not strive to become a bundle of energy; rather, imagine yourself to be a drop in the ocean. Allow your consciousness to feel that it is an integral part of the Universe, in oneness with it and then its entire energy will be at your disposal. Rather than accumulating energy in your body, merge with the energy of the Universe.”

If your meridians are open and in a free flow, then running free energy will be a cake walk for you.

The human body atrophies its meridians by way of continual stress and the body being clogged up by unnatural foods and disharmonic mental and emotional engagements.

Stress is the cause of 95 percent of ALL HUMAN DISEASE (Bruce Lipton)

The body’s meridians cannot run free energy when they narrow as a result of too much external and internal stress, and this is how the subtle body of energy management leads to physical decline and disease.



Benefit you

The positive effects of these SIMPLE and CONNECTED ENERGETIC PRACTICES will be compounded the more often you tune into the feeling of your central meridian currents and your SUBTLE BODY.


1. Compels and enhances an inner feeling of balance and harmony with the world in which you live

2. Increases your sensitivities to changes in your environment and enables you to adapt your energy to the FLOW OF LIFE.

3. It creates and enhances a connection with the Universal world of which you live, the infinite information field which is the SOURCE OF ALL CREATION.

4. You access the ENERGY OF THE COSMOS which is INFINITE, so you have INFINITE reserves of ENERGY at your disposal.


5. You fortify and strengthen your energy field, making you more powerful and enabling you to compel higher and better results in your own life’s creativity

6. It enables an inner connectivity to the workings of your MIND and the universal connection of your HEART bringing you in alignment with the NATURAL FORCE ORDER of LIFE PROPULSION & CREATIVITY. This means you can compel results in your world with greater ease and efficiency.


Balancing the energy currents is essential so as to not yield too much energy generating upwards to your cerebral area or too much energy descending downwards. You are an entity of the world that thrives and governs itself in balance, so when you perform these exercises, ensure you are generating energy in a BALANCED FASHION.

When engaging any physical exercise, you can use this technique to enhance your energy either in the lower or upper part of your body, based on your own needs.

This is not and EFFORTING investment. The world works in a manner in which it never expels or uses energy unnecessarily. It has to be done in an effortless, connected, calm, discerningly masterful and balanced kind of fashion. Your focus of attention is training here. Use it wisely.

If you do not get a physical sense of your own energy at the onset of these exercises, do not stress. This is not an achievement to prove yourself based practice, but a cultivated felt and connected to your inner self practice. Allow yourself the luxury to be who you are as you are in this engagement without any propulsion of needing to prove anything or be bundled up in an energy of importance.

Over time, and with consistent investment, you will begin to widen your meridians and sensitivity to your own energy body.


Simplicity is genius and the key to all good design in any endeavour, so this exercise takes very little time, and only your concentrated, chill and fully present state of mind investment.

1. Stand in a comfortable and relaxed position. Your breathforce is a force indeed and can regulate your body to a chill vibration. Chest breathing ignites your fight/flight responses for survival and belly breathing ignites your rest/digest mechanisms. If you are a stress bag and find it hard to relax, take 3 deep belly breaths through the nose and out of the mouth to get yourself in a more relaxed state of condition. Then begin:Ascending current

2. Breathe in and imagine a flow of energy coming out of the ground from the core of the Earth, entering your ROOT CHAKRA  and moving up the spine, exiting your head (CROWN CHAKRA) and extending upwards to the sky to the Heavens above you. Universal energy then descends in the same fashion in the opposite direction, enters the head and moves along your spine and passes out and down into the ground.

You need not be in a state of feeling about this, it is enough just to IMAGINE it. In time and with repetition, you will begin to sense the energy moving within you.

Each current ought to be imagined separately and not moving towards one another at the same time.

Descending current

A formula that enables a good deal of ownership over your own energy is



Coming into a state of condition of your own FOCUS to your BREATHFORCE calms the MIND.

When the MIND is CALM, you can DIRECT ITS FOCUS USING YOUR IMAGINATION rather than rumination in judgements or ill conditioned ideas about being ridiculous or self-conscious in any way.

3. Once you have a good handle on the in breath drawing energy up, and the out breath drawings the energy from above and down, and you are in a mental and physical harmonic flow of this engagement within, propel your IMAGINATION every further and create a protective energetic shield for yourself.

Imagine the ascending flow of energy exits the top of your head and creates a fountain overflowing above you.

Do the same for the descending flow of energy exiting the base of your body.Currents

You now have two fountains of UNIVERSAL ENERGY engaged within you and spilling out above and below you.

4. Join these fountains together to create a sphere of pure thrive energy as if enveloped in a sphere of overflowing energy around you.

It is quite natural for people to be disassociated from their own energy so do not get disheartened if you have no tangible feeling to the energy moving within and around you,

In time, and with systematic focus of your IMAGINATION, your senses of the subtle energy body will enhance and you will begin to have sensational feeling of invisible, but very real and tangible energy moving through and about you.

This is a form of ENERGY TRAINING.

By joining the fountains of energy by way of your own intention, you create a PROTECTIVE SHIELD of ENERGY around you.

Protective field

This fortifies your subtle body and it will begin to reflect in your physical, emotional and mental bodies as a result. Your energetic depletion blocks will begin to ease and you will find more and more that you are oozing with a goodvibe.

It will not just happen. You have to make an investment to see your results returned to you.

It may even seem futile at first if you are not at all accustomed to your own subtle energy.

What you focus on expands, so give it time and investment and just wait and see, if it so pleases you to do so.

It may seem too simple to your rational mind. It may seem ridiculous to an old world modeled conditioned mind.

You need not take my word for it. Engage such a practice once in the morning daily and once in the afternoon daily for a period of thirty days. Be consistent and systematic.

Experience is your best teacher to real knowledge. After a month, you will most definitely KNOW.

This post is dedicated to my friend Vadim Zeland. Thank you for all you have cultivated yourself to be in this world. The energy of LOVE, never leaves you.

I appreciate you.

Balanced gratitude