Sexual Energy and Transmutation Of It For Optimal Life Outcomes

Understanding your ENERGY EXPENDITURES is a sweet feel.

Sexual energy and transmutation of it for optimal life outcomes is an avenue of empowerment for any human.

One aspect of all of our energy expenditures that has the ability to encompass the human experience in its entirety.

In awareness of your physiological energy there exists within you:


Sexual Energy and Transmutation Of It Is a Thrive. 

Is There Anything More Beautiful Than The Symbiotic Expression of Two Beings in Polarity of Masculine and Feminine to Express Themselves to Their Fullest Capacity in The Truth of Who They Are.



Express your being optimally


Whether that femininity and masculinity is expressed in same sex couples or gender opposite couples is of no consequence to the expression of this energy.

It is omnipresent in our experience as humans because it is the Source of which we have been gifted the ability to create life here on earth.

Sexual energy and transmutation of it for optimal life outcomes is a powerhouse tool for your well being.


Seductress of love

To Engage in Presence, Confidence and Expression of Your Sexuality With Another Sentient Being Can Yield to The Most Ethereal, Expanded and Uplifting Feels One Can Experience In Their Lifetime.

When Left Unattended, This Energy Can Yield Some Manifestations of The Strangest Kind.

Its Power is Tremendous and The Yielding of It An Axiom to Optimal Lifeforce.



Sexual energy is omnipresent to the human experience.

The relationship a human being maintains with this aspect of themselves proves a powerful life force energy.

 Sexual energy is well to be acknowledged, nurtured and respected.


Life giving love energy


The expression of our sexuality is a beautiful endeavour.

To be fully in one’s own skin and with confidence in one’s expression of sexuality with respect to others and in honour of the Self is a supreme energetic state to invest.


This phenomenon is one of the most pleasing sensations a human organism can experience.

Being in tune with your sexual energy and transmutation of it is having a very connected relationships to the Self.

The rhythmic stimulation of the genitals is the most common form in which to achieve orgasm, however through experience, I can also attest to thought alone enabling one to climax.


Orgasmic feelios

I am a highly expressive person and this is something the beautiful orgasm has been a longtime and well serving companion to my optimal health and well-being.

It is evident and propelled within the harmony of all my energetic expenditures.

I have cultivated a progressive and growth based sexual relationship with my partner over a twenty-year period.

Multiple orgasms and the expansion of relationship in this aspect has gifted me the elevation of spirit and mind and body in unison.

A harmony to understand the weightlessness and omnipresent state of pure energetic bliss free from any identification with the material matter of it all.

I have always been very comfortable with sexuality and the expression of it as an axiom to a natural expression of oneself and life energy.

It is the natural order of things, no?

My sexual energy and transmutation of it has yielded great rewards to my professional pursuits.

Everything is affected by everything

Having a connection to your own sexuality and the expression of it is a very beautiful and natural pursuit in being a human being.

Orgasms are a self-propelled drug of ecstasy to a human system and that is why when these aspects of ourselves are engaged they can expand and uplift as well as become a source of addiction for many.

Addiction is omnipresent in a stress state indoctrinated society so having a handle of your sexual energy and transmutation of it is a supreme feel.

You can yield optimal life outcomes with the direction and mastery of this energy.

Juicy grapefruit love


Maintaining a Healthy Balance in All Areas of Your Energy Expenditures Will Ensure That Your Life Goes Forth In An Upward Trajectory.

Sexual Energy Permeates The Entirety of Your System.

The vortex of life force love




Many a human carry their subconscious selves and their conscious selves and the life path of learning is a myriad of the management of the two aspects.

When people refer to their shadow selves, it is essentially speaking to the energy any human carries within them that is misaligned to the unconditional love and freedom of the very nature of this energy within them.

Having a Progressive & Connected Energy To Your Own Sexual Energetic Capacities is a Force Within You That is Fraught With Wonderful Benefits Across the Board of Your Energetic Expenditures.

Sexual energy and transmutation of it is a tunnel of power for your outcomes.

Men and women have different physiologies and therefore are impacted differently in terms of the experience of the orgasm and how it impacts the physiology.

Phallic banana bears


Men have a different physiology to that of women in terms of how the body responds and recovers from the sexual energy of the orgasm.

In understanding this, it enables empowerment for your experience and management of your shared sexual experiences.

Each individual has their own right to govern their sexuality to the degree and acumen they are able and willing.


Meow kitty lady


Those who become deviants and impose sexual energy as a form of violence or abuse are well misaligned to the implementation of dignity and good our human systems.

Many people spend hours entertaining porn in the privacy of their homes while professed to commitments and relationships elsewhere.

It has been my direct experience that the mental health and emotional health of a person is directly correlated to their sexuality.

I can only speak from direct experience and I have gained the wisdom to know that this is the place in which truths are found.

Hyper sexuality can be infused into a biological system as a result of the brain being out of regulation and coherence.

Balanced Mental & Emotional Well Being Yields An Appreciation & Naturally Healthy Expression of Sexual Energy.

In Fact, Anything in Balance is a Sweet Vibration to Yield Within.

When a person is deprived in any way to a deficit to the well-being of their energy expenditures, then this kind of human and animal energy is something that can wreak havoc on the system and prove to impact others too, to a deficit.

Balance yields yes

To Be In Control of Ones Own Energy and To Know Oneself Wholly is a Sweet Vibration to The Connectivity of Sexual Energy and The Discovery, Adventure, Fun and Expansiveness it Brings.

The naturalness of our sexuality is a pure and ethereal light of awesome.

The methods in which humans cater to this aspect of themselves is everyone’s individual and autonomous choice.

There is no shortage to the meanderings of the human imagination and the expression of sexuality.

It permeates our humanity and in all areas of delineated structures we abide by, its omnipresence and palpable frequency is something that is well to harness.

The floral of sexual energy




The energy of sexuality is cultivated in the lower energetic centre of your body in the sacral chakra.

 To learn a little more about chakras, has some sweet content to the effect of upliftment.

When sexual energy is generated it begins to transmute itself through the body by building up its momentum and then having it releases from the system in the manner of an orgasm….or… can be transmuted.

What Does That Really Mean?

It basically means that a human being who has STRENGTH OF WILL and the ability to DIRECT THEIR MINDS effectively. With good management they can take this powerful sexual energy and rather than dispersing and releasing it, you harness it and channel it, infusing it into your creative living pursuits.

Love splay


If you cultivate enough of a relationship with self and this energy that you channel it upwards through your other energetic centres and fulfill your creative potential.

Your pursuits with the energy and momentum of this energy at your disposal, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Sexual energy and transmutation of it is a skill of mastery and self awareness In which you can use the energies available to you to your optimal benefit.

Instead of Depleting the System With The Easy Release of Sexual Energy, One Can, With Delineated Focus and Will Power Convert This Powerful Energy Into The Infusion of Their Most Epic & Creative Endeavours.


Taking empowerment over your energy expenditures is an optimal lifeforce axiom.

Being able to gauge your habits of attention and investment is a supreme feel for your whole vibration,

Life is one big transmutation of energy as the laws of physics show us this truth it is a sweet feel to ride the waves of our own transmutation abilities.

To be generating sexual energy and directing by will to your creative pursuits and end goals gives you an energetic momentum unparalleled to any other energy you can tap.

Tapping the energy of love and creation is a pursuit that is well worthwhile.

It is Increases Your Physical Energy As Well As Your Strength of Focus, Mind and Will.

Seminal retention is the practice behind sexual transmutation for the male species and is the act of consciously abstaining from ejaculation.

Harnessing this palpable energy within you to cultivate their life force through seminal retention lends itself to achieving greater vitality and longevity.

The life essence of a man’s sperm and the nutrients contained within the semen, when retained, can be used and absorbed back into your body to support your higher energy centers, your nervous system, and your brain.


The addictive nature of consumption and imbalance in one’s own energy can lead to porn addiction.

Studies have demonstrated that the brain is neuroplastic and the effects of excessive pornography watching rewires the brain, yielding disconnecticiy and less active energy in the entirety of your system.

It is associated with the reward centres of the brain and can easily become a source of compulsion and addiction.

Excessive masturbation and pornography watching can lead to misalignment in one’s sexual desires, arousals and performance.

Nightly night

Balance Is The Key To Optimal Energy.

If you are drowning in porn, then some self responsibility and check in of self would probably be a wise idea.

No matter how you choose to dial in the energy you were gifted to manage and transmute as you see fit, having a conscious awareness of your own sexual proclivities and interests as well as how those are playing out in your world, is a superior feel.


The kidneys are a powerhouse in your human system and carry the responsibility of your brain, bones, urinary function, growth and reproduction.

They are housed in the energy influence of the sacral chakra.

Kidney stones earth heal


The kidneys prove a beautiful container for life essence.

To keep your kidneys optimal, is to enhance and support your subtle energies and the overall feels of your lifeforce power.

Regulating your sexual energy enhances your lifeforce energy and strengthens your kidneys over time. To be in improper regulation of this aspect of your humanness depletes your force.

Another solid reason to invest in the inquiry of self care and the optimization of such.

Whether you are committed and monogamous or committed and philandering or single and enjoying the pursuit of sexual adventures, to maintain a balance and an awareness of optimal to your intentions and the implementation of them is to THRIVE.

Happy Love Energy Transmutation Keeping It Honourable & Optimal for Your Well Being & Those Whom You Share Energy.