Developing empowerment energy


PROGRAM is designed for you and your unique

biological blueprint and life experience.

It enables you to take command over the entirety of your biological energy & life path outcomes in a simple, systematic and easily understood framework. 

Here is an overview of what you will be investing within should you decide to empower yourself with the developing empowerment energy program.

The Developing Empowerment Energy Program is just as its title suggests.


infinite love vibes

In order to become the greatest and most high vibrational versions of ourselves, we have to go

DEEP Enables You To Do So In An Easy, Systematic & Drama Free-Flow.

AWARENESS NOTE FYI aka DISCLAIMER: The efficacy of this life shift is determinant on the participants ability to keep a flexible attitude with the schedules strict adherences.

 The schedule implementation times are flexible but the consistency and application in which they are to be dialled in, is


When you are able to commit and engage the schedule with an easy attitude, the shift will be apparent to you.

 If you steep yourself in complaint and resistance about its systematic repetitious nature, then you either get over it and do it anyway or you fail your commitment through your no can do attitude.

The choice and responsibility is always yours. 

Get started on the right foot by knowing this at the onset of your investment.

 The entirety of the program is geared towards the individuality that is you.

The more authentic and open you are in terms of your application to the investment of all requirements of the DEEP framework, then the more you will gain out of the program. 

It is a self study program so you need not share your expressions with anyone and it is recommended the program be engaged fully on one’s own as a kind of sacred investment to the honour and dignity that is who you are.

The Self Study DEEP is at a cost of $777.00

It is being offered in full or week by week for you to invest a mere $111.00 to engage the first week to see how it suits you and your feels and give you a beginning idea of that which you will be engaging for the entire 7 week experience.

Additional support is available via coaching with Bex, energy alchemist, for a cost of $1111.00/ 7weeks/ 2×1 hour coaching calls

As well as maintain energetic and vibrational dignity of your investment into your own empowerment.

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