How To Stop Negative Thinking & Thrive Your Life Force



We as humans are keen to create and expand. It is what we are designed for. In order for us to keep expanding and creating we have to take conscious control over our frames of thought.

As human biological intelligents, and not mechanisms, we have the capacity and skills to manage and direct our thought forms in a productive and empowering fashion.

Having the knowledge and awareness of this is where our empowerment lies.

We Have the Power of Choice.

How to choose to stop negative thinking


When we have knowledge of ourselves and our choices, we can yield an expanded empowerment within our own path forward that we carve for our life’s journey.

The seven pitfall patterns of thinking below are a great self reference guide to the kind of energy you may be investing within your big brain that may be proving to keep you in a low vibe.



Taking a look at these patterns of negative thinking will enable you AWARENESS to your own proclivities to thought patterning in your own biological experience.

Awareness breeds expansion.

Listed below are the 7 P’s of Pitfall Thinking.

With your awareness of them and their MO, you are then able to identify and weed out any patterning that you can make yourself aware of within your own modus operandi.




How to stop negative thinking like double o seven


Are you stewing and ruminating in anxious thoughts? Are you creating a paralysis for yourself by analyzing in ways that are irrational and rooted in ruminating and victimizing ideas?

Paralysis by analysis is the kind of pitfall thinking pattern that prevents any momentum forward or productivity in action from moving forth.

It is stewing in thoughts that are not entirely useful to your trajectory forth.



This negative thinking pattern known as permanence yields a false assumption within you that if something is a problem now, then it will always be a problem, permanently.

When we have memories within us that are charged with emotion, they can be lit up by a phenomenon in the brain called MOOD-CONGRUENT RECALL.

If the emotional charge of the memory is of a negative nature it will create the effect within you that you will remain in this state for future experiences you have.



This pattern of negative thinking is a mind focus of blame on the self if things do not go your way, even if the result has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Reading into nonverbal cues such as looks or mannerisms as if to be offended by them when they have nothing to do with you.

Creating a state of victimization within as if all the negative and unyielding results are personally your responsibility and doing when in fact, it is just a matter of circumstance.


This kind of pitfall negative thinking pattern is a kind of perspective where the individual sees a negative event as something that is global rather than specific.

When PERVASIVENESS THINKING has taken over you lose your ability to rationalize your experience where something bad in one area of your life has now spread to all areas of your life experience.



This kind of pitfall thinking pattern is rooted in the feels of the worst case and most detrimental and catastrophic scenario. It dwells in negativism of the possible and not realistically in the probable. It is irrational thinking rooted in fear and negativity.




This pitfall thinking pattern is a mindset that has a binary, black and white kind of feel. Statements like “always” and “never” are frequently found in expressions and thinking. It is a kind of perception of all or nothing. People with this unrealistic expectation do not see gray areas in most situations; hence, they often feel frustrated, bitter, and disappointed.





This kind of pitfall thinking pattern assumes that the other person is psychic and is a mind reader without you verbalizing what you need and vice versa.

When a person takes a state as if they are psychic, even though the other person hasn’t communicated anything, this person thinks they know what the other person is thinking.

Of course, these assumptions are rooted in the worst case scenarios and usually prompted by feelings of victimization and unworthiness.



How to stop negative thinking

When you have awareness of what you may be generating unconsciously within your own operating system, then you have the aptitude to intercept and reprogram yourself to a more natural and balanced state of condition.

Taking ownership over your LifeForce is an investment and takes work but it is work worth investing within.

This one life, after all….

When you invest your own time, space and attention to the thrive that already exists naturally within your Souls expression, then you begin to harmonize and sync with the Natural Forces of which, as nature & physics would have it in your favour, are designed to fully support and nourish you and your creativity in your own life.

For an in depth look at examples and exercises to determine your own vibe with negative thinking patterns then visit the GoodVibeLife at this link here.

When you purposefully gear your thinking to a positive and advantageous lens of perception then you are working in harmony with natural law.

You are fully supported in the goodness of positive expectations to your most advantageous, flexible and least effort kind of energy.

Natural thinking is pristine in nature