How to Be Confident Being You


In a world where the energy of the mass media, the mentally skewed perceptions about our connection to the Earth and how we manage our health, us humans all have good reason to be lacking in feels of how to be confident being you.

Having an understanding and knowing how to remain confidant and assured in your own state of being is optimal lifeforce and a sweet vibe to encompass in this all-inclusive and sometimes overwhelming world.

Being in a consistent esteemed vibration is an investment worth making.

How to be confident


So how does it roll for someone to know how to be confidant in being themselves?

It is actually a lot easier than the mass media and industries of self development will let you know.

Simplicity and ease do not seem at the forefront of the collective world model of mentalizing human well-being and living.

The normalized stress vibe is omnipresent and a good amount of people ascribe themselves to this way of life.

Being able to put the brakes on your own life’s momentum of stress is an optimal way for you to determine you confidence in navigating your life purposefully.

What is confidence?

The dictionary definition expresses as such:How to be confidant

It is also coupled with these words here:

How to be confidant being you

Now the question to pose yourself is: Do you trust in yourself?

When we as humans choose to develop the self and take time, space and attention to the inquiry within ourselves, then we can learn to build and yield confidence within ourselves.

Intrinsic to this state of condition of inner confidence is a developed aptitude of learning through our own experiments of cause and effect through our life experiences.

When we gain knowledge within ourselves that has tangible precedented outcomes to our detriment or, alternatively, to our favour, the subtle, unconscious energies that are present to our experience take shape and we learn to navigate what works, and what doesn’t.

Whether it be yielding out of our comfort zones or attempting actions we have yet to experience, navigating confidence is an investment worth making.

Being able to align your intentions with your actions is one of the fastest ways that you can gain trust within yourself.

We as humans live primarily in our unconscious programs. Being able to dial in our own empowerment of awareness and reeling in our own behaviours is a prime feel for our expansion.

The first order of business in gaming in your own confidence is to encompass a state of mind in which you let go of your attachment and need to be confidant.

By negating your acknowledgment to lacking confidence, it automatically yields a space in which it is natural for it to be present.

That which we resist will persist.





Confidant path



When you approach your own being with an idea or belief that you need to gain more confidence, you are automatically asserting your lack of confidence with this mental outlook and internal belief.

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Insecurity lies in the overestimation of things.

When we apply an investment of our psychological energy into the importance in regards to anything we assess, then we tip the scales of a natural homeostatic balance of the naturalness of value that is inherent bred and ingrained within you by the Divinity of life.

When the word Divinity comes into play, most people have a natural tendency to thwart towards their chosen religion and beliefs. This is not a religious thing. Religion separates and most religions end up with pedophiles and murderers justifying their misaligned predilections and behaviours . This is a “we are unified as one humanity” thing.

It is a dignified humanity and naturalness to well-being thing.

It is abnormal that the pillars of self-esteem are no where to be seen in the fundamental public education systems.

It is not profitable to have people independent in their own sovereignty, empowerment and complete authority of their own rights of life and empowerment.

In a limited scope of mentalizing, this is not fodder for profits by way of subtle human manipulation.

No need to hate on those who have yet to awaken to the good feels of self directed and cultivated confidence.

The beautiful truth of our lives as humans is that we have FREE WILL OF CHOICE.

Do what you love


Insecure feels within means that you are applying too much emotional or mental energy of importance to your state of condition of confidence.

The key to being confident is to understand that the natural essence of what makes you, you be intrinsically unique to your own Soul’s expression and permeating yourself in feels of insecurity feels so volatile because it is going against the naturalness that you already are.

You need not infuse your life experience with the importance of not feeling worthy or in command of confidence.

The world is becoming a more kind and compassionate humanity as a natural balancing offset of the undignified and profit grabbing practices at the peril and diminishment of humanity that is the “pandemic”

People are seeing the truth of things and those who are buying into “synthetic immunity” will likely discover a synthetic experience to naturalness within themselves as a result.

It is not conspiracy or conjecture, just natural law and physics, really.

The vast minded Vadim Zeland demonstrates in his expression of the world model of Reality Transurfing that the fundamental principle many humans are negating to acknowledge is an emphasis on IMPORTANCE.

Life flows effortlessly.

That’s the whole vibe you may want to become aware of and harmonize with.

The world is designed in a way to convince people that to survive you must compete and work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

When in factoid, the world is actually designed to support you and fulfill your most ravenous heart * mind’s desires. In balance and in the right time.

When us humans apply too much importance of either polarity of good or bad, then we are rejecting the natural laws of which our world is inherently governed.

Being divorced from the natural world is something that is normalized in the structure of mainstream society and it is normalized but highly abnormal to the natural rhythms of the human system. This stress state can wreak havoc upon our abilities to discern the truth of who we are vs the conditioning and influences that surround and impact us.

When a person is empty of their need to prove their confidence, then they have a natural energy within them that is vibrant and light and exactly fit for the individual.

Becoming beautifully self accepting and worthy in your own skin is an internal encompassment that yields confidence, NATURALLY.

There is no need to fight or be at odds within yourself about your own confidence.

Be you


When you accept yourself fully, you engage an energy that is at peace – nothing to fear, nothing to prove, nothing to gain, nothing to have to achieve and nothing to prove.

You are just you in your skin and that in itself in a peaceful and acceptance kinda vibe will infuse the natural energy of confidence within you.

If you refuse to resist and fight your own state of condition, then your state of condition has the opportunity to return to its balance.

You have no struggle, you carry no excessive need to develop your confidence because it just naturally is.

When you are within yourself with this attitude and aptitude of self awareness and governance you may walk your path and take what is yours along the way.

This kind of position within is not one of a shaky and insecure nature – it is confidant.

Calm, conscious coordination of your well directed mind towards the acceptance of yourself will go a long way for your outcomes.

In the throes of insecurity a vicious and detrimental cycle is created that reflects to your world an energy of just that so your experience will be indicative of that.

The greater your desire to achieve a state you believe you lack will fail you every time. The more you engage fear and anxiety within you, the more results you will yield in that vain.

Battling yourself over your own worth and state of confidence is a HUGE energy suck!

When you stop fighting to prove your confidence and worth, it will just naturally surface.

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How to be confidant