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The throat chakra is the energy centre of communicating our truth to the world. The Sanskrit name translates as purification.  Shuddhi means “pure” and the root “Vi” intensifies the word enabling the translation of “especially pure” It is the centre of our expression, which in its purest form is a beautiful expression indeed.  This energy centre gives us the ability to connect with and share our own truths.


The throat chakra is represented by a symbol that looks like a downward pointing triangle within a circle, which in turn, encompasses a smaller circle.  The lotus wears 16 petals which most systems associate with a violet blue colour.


The Corresponding Element & Influence



The governing element of this chakra is ETHER. The most subtle element of all.  This energy is not restricted in anyway and enables an emotional Influence  on mastering the 5 elements as well as psychic communication.  It encourages us to blend the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves.

Psychologically, the fifth chakra opens us up to higher wisdom, our ethereal guidance and our own Soul expression.  A good many sources determine this chakra to be the centre of dreams.  In this communication centre a human can determine what truths they intend to represent to reach their inner actualization and achieve a meaningful life.

The seed sound for the healing the throat chakra is HAM.

See this post here on the healing benefits of toning sound in your own biology. 



How To Heal the Energy of Throat Chakra

                                                                         HEALING THE THROAT CHAKRA


Being expressive is directly correlated with your confidance and esteem within.  Thinking about yourself as not being too important in the grand scheme of the Universe, but also not insignificant and of value to your life,  is a balanced feel of humility.  Thinking on the colour blue of the sky or the ocean is a sweet vibe to still the analytic mind.  Coupling this imagery of deliberate thinking and empowering thoughts of yourself being authentically and confidantly expressive is a brain train that proves worthwhile. Think on the effortless action of you being expressive with your words, ideas and intentions is a really beautiful empowerment for your life force management. Being mindful and deliberate in your thinking processes is an empowerment tool worth investing time, space and attention within.


There are excellent phrases that encompass ones expression and having a go to list of words that cast spells of your own growth is a vibrant feel for that which you generate in your life experience.  These handy affirmations are words that will serve you well when connecting and enhancing the energy of the throat chakra. 

I am a speaker of Truth

I am a receiver of Truth in conscious listening

I am in expression of pure bliss and eternal consciousness

I am confidant in my expressions

My intent is pure, noble and kind when I speak

My voice is clear and powerful

My words have power and value

I feel compassion towards others and their expressions

I trust my own voice


Adornig yourself in the colour blue and investing in a daily devotional practice to connect to your own energy is a self ownership win that will prove empowerment city to you and your expression. Deep diaphragmatic breaths while sitting in state of peaceful meditation and then exhaling the tone HAM or AYE is a very empowering action for the enhancement and healing of your expression energy centre.  Engaging in activities and spaces that enable you to speak your truth and speak your expression in a held and safe space is a very wise investment for your own well being.  We are made of expression and it can get muted or overlooked.  Honour yourself and invest in actions that enable you to express authentically.  Keeping a journal practice is a beautiful avenue for one to express themselves authentically if they find that the verbal expression is too hindering for their present state. Expression is the natural order and engaging it is a supreme act for your well being.


Feeling confidant and feeling of value is intrinsic to your own expression.  If you feel insecure or trepidation in your own authentic expression, then know that this is quite a common occurrence amongst humans.  Emotions are bred from our thinking, so if you tend to envelop lower feeling emotions such as fear and anxiety in your expression, then try to navigate a thought form that propels a more empowering emotional state about your own truth.  It can be scary to be fully truthful when the world is constructed on mistruths.  Feeling into your own level of comfort in your own expression can be very informational to your own evolvement.  Assuring yourself that your feelings are valid and allowing them to be there is a manner to enable them to expand out of you.


Enhancing your energetic body by way of naturally energetic healing stones from the amazing Earth of which us humans inhabit is an investment that is subtle with huge impact.

Below are stones that are synonomous with enhancing the energy of the throat chakra and links to dial them into your experience.





Healing the throat chakra


-Brings Order and Calmness to the MIND

– Encourages Rationality Within 

– Promotes Clear Thinking, Truth and Intuitive Acumen

– Encourages Verbal Expression

– Brings Emotional Balance and Calm Within

– Self Esteem, Self Acceptance and Self Trust Enhancer




Lapis lazuli healing the throat chakra


– Boosts the Immune System

– Purifies the Blood

– Lowers Blood Pressure

– Cooling and Soothing Inflammation

– Alleviates Nausea and Vertigo



Blue apatite healing the throat chakra


– Encourages New Cellular Growth

– Aids Absorption of Calcium

– Strengthens and Heals Teeth and Bones

– Repairs Cartilidge

– Releases Joint Pain 

– Enhances Motor Skill Function

It is in your most authentic expression in which you optimize your life force energy.

Engaging a self care practice of connecting to your energy centres and optimizing them is a beautiful honour to the entirety of your being.

Be Well & Thrive In Your Own Bloom

Bloom in blue with the throat chakra healing