Healing The Third Eye Chakra




Healing the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra, or also known as the brow chakra ‘s Sanskrit name is AJNA which means “perceive,” “command” or “beyond wisdom”

It is represented by a two lotus petaled symbol with a downward facing triangle in the centre. It is transparent and made of light.

The colour associated with this energy centre is Purple and/or Indigo.

Some people associate OM as the seed sound or SHUM depending on the inquiry you make and the experience you cultivate in your own connection to your own energy.

Healing the third eye chakra

The Corresponding Element & Influence


Solar and lunar energies meet and mix in the third eye chakra.   The mix of these energies combine these principles:

Earth lines






Spiritual Devotion

The world is dissolved out of duality of good and bad, ceasing to differentiate between “I” and “You” when we accept the greater unity within the cosmos of which this energy centre offers. It is in this space of non dualistic energy that we may peer through reality into the truth of ourselves underneath.  It is guidance and expression of our inner sight.   Through this energy centre we are able to see everything as sacred.

The guiding influence of this chakra controls the subtle mind, thereby teaching us how to control our compulsions and desires.

Enlightenment, thought mastery, concentration, meditation, super conscious concentration and undivided attention yield through the healing the third eye chakra.

On a mental level, the third eye chakra relates to our cognitive and sensory faculties.  It is in this energy that  we move beyond  concrete and mundane information to formulate abstractions and higher thinking.   It is a bridge from the subtle realms  that form the entirety of the subtle body.   With this energy centre in good form one can now discover the true self and set out upon a journey that creates a desirable future.

AJNA is considered to be beyond the gross, concrete elements and carrying instead a supreme element that serves as the foundation for the elements processed in the lower chakras.

Purple healing the third eye chakra


How To Heal the Energy of Third Eye Chakra

                                                                         HEALING THE THIRD EYE CHAKRA


The thoughts we generate within ourselves are highly creative.  The third eye is well known to be a centre for intuition and higher visions.  Being able to synchronize your MINDS attention through the power of thought, but more significantly, stopping thought is a beautifully cultivated mastery within to invite your higher consciousness room to be experienced.  With an analytical mind, we cannot access the conscious mind.  Investing in no thought is the game of the third eye so that your intuitive guidance and visions may be brought to you in images, ideas, feelings or thoughts forms.  Imagining a purple or indigo flood of colour cascading through your third eye is a good feel to relinquish any ruminating thoughts impeding your conscious awareness.



Words are powerful and words cast spells.  Having affirming words to infiltrate the beingness of your natural intelligence wtih conviction and systematic repetition is a sweet flex for the health and alignment of who you are.   Here are a list of affirmations you can dial in to support your energetic elevation:


I am wise, intuitive and connected to mine own guidance.

I trust fully in myself and my intuition. 

I am connected to my highest Self. 

I am able to see and act in alignment of my divine purpose. 

I am open to new experiences and intuitive guidance.

I am the source of my truth and wisdom.

I trust my highest good is unfolding.

My imagination is vivid and full of power.


Taking time, space and attention to be within your own energy and optimizing it gets you out ahead of your own creativity through your days.   Third Eye meditations are readily available anywhere online for your engage.  Sitting in a silent and calm body by way of connecting to your breath and quieting your analytical mind by way of listening or even generating sound tones within to the seed sound SHUM or OM (depending on your preference and own guiding) as well as adorning your house or your own body with natural crystals with healing properties (see links below)  are all self love care investments that enable this energy centre to be in a thrive.



Your state of feels is a sweet vibe and guidance system as to your human direction forward.  When you are in balance, so is your emotional well being and health. Out of balance, with nightmares, fears, delusions or even just living a life of inauthenticity can prove to derail you from a balance energetic state.  In speaking your truths and acknowledging that which is within you that does not serve you, is a beautiful way to release heavy emotional energy.  Emotions are bred from our attitudes and our governance of our states of beingness.  In the clarity of your own self, then your emotional body is well tended.  Your emotonal intelligence is just that.  An intelligence. Use it wisely.

Earth element healing the third eye chakra




The Earth is plentiful with energetic enhancing stones that us humans are naturally in symbiotic resonance with.

There are many stones that prove healing and advantageous in support of healing the third eye chakra.  Simplicity and path of least resistance is a thing, and in the stones that came into my experience and had the most impact are below.  




– Amethyst Promotes Tranquility

– Relieves Stress  & Soothes Irritability

– Promotes Emotional Balance

– Dispels Anger & Rage

– Alleviates Sadness, Grief and Negativity

– Activates  Spiritual Awareness




– Stimulates Mental Acuity

– Relieves Anxiety and Stress

– Regulates Metabolism

– Balances Hormones 

– Promotes Menstrual Alignment

– Aids In Digestion

– Blood Pressure


You and You Alone are the Expression of Your Own Unique Blueprint.  

Engage your Energy & Thrive.

Beautiful swirl of purple love