Healing the Heart Chakra



Healing the heart chakraThe Heart Chakra is a wonderful place to be connected to within. It is a power house energetically and its intelligence is Divine. Healing the HEART CHAKRA is one of the most dignified pursuits a human being may engage within for an esteemed life.

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is ANAHATA which translates as unstuck or unbeaten. Anahata Naad is the unstruck, mystic sound that occurs spontaneously and is not the result of striking or beating certain things.

It is the fourth primary chakra and serves as our center of love for oneself and others, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Healing the HEART CHAKRA then proves a byproduct of complete thrive energy for you and the people with whom you impact in that accomplished self investment.

It is said that those who are enlightened can hear the sound of the Universe within this energetic space of the HEART.

The HEART is the human body’s most vital human organ.

Healing the heart chakra

The electromagnetic nature of the HEART has shown to emanate an electromagnetic energetic signal that is thousands times more powerful than that of the HUMAN BRAIN. The natural essence of life is expressed through the sound and rhythm of the HEARTSPACE.

The systems that the HEART CHAKRA governs the cardiac nerve plexus, respiratory and cardiac systems and thymus gland.

It is symbolized by a twelve-petaled lotus with two triangles inside that creates a six-pointed star.

Twelve petal lotus star

The two triangles in the HEART CHAKRA symbol portray the complete union of the male and female energies. The element of air is not considered the “vital breathforce” but rather a conveyor of sound and energy that enables connection and understanding of matters beyond everyday concerns.

In psychological matters, the HEART CHAKRA is devotional to love and compassion as well as all the necessary ingredients for one to become truly loving within the wholeness of themselves and therefore expanding that outwards into their experience. P

The colour of the HEART CHAKRA is usually associated with the colour green and the element of AIR. It fields the subtle element of impact and felt touch. The SEED SOUND of the HEART CHAKRA is YAM or AAH. In healing the energy of the heart chakra, SOUND TONING is an esteemed vibe through and through.

On the cosmic realm it governs our overall ability to remain balanced. The lingum to unbound in this energy centre is the Bana Lingum which must be dissolved to eliminate the perception of separation.

The heart space energy

Connecting With The Heart Chakra

The SEED SOUND to TONE for this chakra is YAM.

The benefits of generating sound tones in ones own body is one of the most highly effective and untapped healing agents omnipresent in a humans experience.

Standing in the company of a well-established tree and connecting your back body and heart space to the energy of the tree will prove to ground your biological energy to the resonance of the Earth. The most natural frequency for you to be in symbiotic relationship with.

Engage a deep breath through the nose and natural expellation through the mouth.

Close the eyes and do this several times until you are in a state of peace and bliss connected to the energy of the tree. Free of any thoughts and fully in and through your own body. Focus your MIND on the area in the middle of your chest and imagine the colour green.

Then on an expellation of connectivity into your body and out of your head you can implement the seed sound YAM.

Additionally, you can tap your HEART and expand the frequency it is vibrating at by your feel and attention to this formidable space within your own biology.

Healing the heart

Healing the Energy of The Heart Chakra

A simple strategy to take ownership and empower your experience is to be in awareness of your own empowerment tools.

If you are willing and able to do so through the power of your energetic expenditures:


The Heart Chakra is the centre of unconditional love to your life. Your seat of power and from where your light resides in confidence. Imaginative imagery is the power of the MIND at work to harness an optimal feel within you. Closing your eyes, and imagining a beautiful bright warm white light or your body being permeated with the most vibrant of green luminescent lights cascading through the entirety of your cellular structure emanating from the centre of your body where your HEART power resides. Knowing in your thought application that it is an organ within you of great communication that manages your body’s intuitive processes. Think of yourself in the most loving light imaginable too. Humbled grace in love of oneself is and optimized and balanced vibration.


The Power of your Word is something that is well to be recognized as a wonderfully creative power indeed. The investment of affirmations to oneself is extremely useful and empowering in terms of the language you choose to adorn your life experience with. Here are some useful and empowering statements one can adopt to elevate and nourish this powerful and vibrant energy centre.

I am worthy of love

I am loving to others and to myself

There is an infinite supply of love

I live in balance with others

I forgive myself, I forgive others

Love is my guiding truth in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally

I live in balance, in a state of gracefulness and gratitude

I accept things as they are

I am peaceful

I chose to be united with all beings, visible and invisible, in the realm of love and light


Spending time in the space of your own heart in silence is a superior feel for this energy centre as well as nurturing pursuits of daily devotional self care. Taking time, space and attention to sit in a space of connection and peace with your own biology is a supreme feel and devotional win for the entirety of your being.The seed sound as mentioned above, for the Heart Chakra is YAM or AAH. Generating SOUND TONES from your own biology is one of the most underutilized human tools for healing a human can implement for their optimal well-being. Consumables that are natural, organic and made from the Source of the Earth are always a superior choice for the entirety of your biology and focusing specifically on green leafy and natural foods such as kale, spinach, cucumbers, zucchini, green apples, green pears, brussel sprouts and asparagus.


Unconditional love is the emotion that is linked to the optimal function of the HEART Energy Centre. The HEART is not a rational mental place to expand, the MIND is. The HEART feels and knows. It is the seat of your intuitive guidance and ultimate truth. Emotions are bred from our attitudes so it is a good feel to feel the feels that are present within you and determine if the emotions you are generating are aligned with your empowerment. Are they unconditionally loving & accepting or are you immersed in the vibratory feels of victimization and resistance to the natural goodness that exists as an axiom to being alive?

Cultivating an acumen in your own healthy guidance and discovery of thine own emotional quotient is a pursuit that can prove to align your life paths to optimal with greater efficiency. The consistent emotional states you encompass determine a good portion of your vibratory energy.

Healing The Heart Chakra With Earth Elements

Connecting to the energy of the chakra by way of the natural vibratory benefits of that which our beautiful Earth provides for us, is a superior and elevating feel for your body’s energetic state.

The feels of natural and bio field led medicine demonstrate an innate appreciation and dignified respect to the natural elements that support and enhance our human life experience.

Healing stones by way of jewellery, talismans and adorning your spaces with the dynamic and magnificent energy that is contained in that which the Earth’s energy has produced is a superior investment for your energetic health.

Here are some solid finds that will prove to enhance, optimize and support the energy of the HEART.



Rose quartz healing the heart chakra


Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. The light pink stone carries the energies of compassion, nourishment, tenderness, peace, and pure, unconditional love. Click on the links below to check out the selections you may choose from.

– Promotes Positive Emotional States

– Induces the Energy of Unconditional Love

– Increases Self Worth and Self Esteem

– Promotes Peace and Balance

– Generates Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing Energy


HEALING THE HEART CHAKRA Healing the heart chakra





Compassion and self-love are the energies that radiate from this beautiful stone. Rhodochrosite raises your own awareness within, and emboldens the esteem of self and supports emotional healing.

-Promotes Emotional Healing

– Raises Your Sense of Self Worth and Esteem

– Awakens the Emotional Body for Healing

– Known as the Stone of the Compassionate Heart

– Can Repair Ill Repaired Inner Child Feels

– Brings Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace and Renewal





Healing the HEART CHAKRA with the lusciously green stone of aventurine is a serious level up for your energy body. The nervous system, heart and lungs get a good dose of ethereal love energy with this lovely Earth Element.



– Balances the Pressure of your Blood

– Balances the Pressure of your Blood

– Stimulates Metabolism

– Heals the Lungs and Heart

– Anti-Inflammatory Properties

These three Earth Elements above are a beautiful devotional investment to the optimization and nurturing of the energy of your HEART.

Enjoy The Love Within!