Vancouver BC is host to a beautiful backdrop of the most glorious and epic kind. What better place to rejuvenate and renew the entirety of your life force. There are many modalities of healing that are available to any resident or visitor to Vancouver, BC. Energy healing in Vancouver is a great investment for anyone to make.

Energy healing in vancouver

One modality that has a precedented history of being successful and extremely effective as well as the most non-invasive manner one can honour their own biological health.

Bio Energy Healing is a highly effective modality of healing in which you can invest. This kind of medicine tackles your physiological issues by way of the higher consciousness aspects of our human existence here on Earth. It treats the human system by way of the bio field.

What is Your Bio Field?


In 1994, a panel of scientists at the National Institute of Health chose the word “bio field” to describe the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. The bio field is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi.

The human bio field, aka, your energy field is generally described as an energetic field or network that integrates the functions and systems within a living organism. It connects the human body in its entirety with the energetic and physical functions and systems in the organism’s environment. The human bio field extends beyond the physical boundaries of the body. This provides a zone of subtle energetic exchange between two or more human systems as well as the individual and their environment.

This aspect of your human existence is defined as low-level but measurable electromagnetic activities that play a pivotal role in maintaining optimal physiological health.

The human aura is an example of a commonly known bio field accepted in scientific circles of proving the electromagnetic changes emanating from the human system whose aura is being read.

The bio energy healing technique of which I am trained uses the electromagnetic nature of the hands, as well as the mental and energetic acumen of my developed investment into intentional governance to tangibly clear and shift any energy within the energetic system of the human system to be cleansed, cleared and rejuvenated.

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What is Energy Medicine?


Energy Medicine is understanding that your body is not a separate mechanism from you, but in fact an intelligence all of its own. If you observe your human experience in presence, you will see that your body keeps breathing and functioning for you while you are asleep.

Your body’s natural design is created to heal itself. In fact, the body’s ability to maintain pristine health and overcome illness is one of nature’s most remarkable feats. An experience with this energy healing in Vancouver will demonstrate this to you.

In order for you to come into your own energetic health means understanding that the method in which you have been conditioned to understand the body may need expanding.

The world of mainstream mechanistic medicine leaves a dependency outside of yourself and most often upon pharmaceutical dependency.

To be consciously aware and connected to your own body and its energy is where your foray into energy medicine begins. Your body is made up electromagnetic pulses and subtle energies that give your entire body’s physiological system life. Subtle energy creates the fuel and atmosphere for the entirety of your health.

Your energy system is made up of MERIDIANS and ENERGY WHEELS CALLED CHAKRAS whose functions emit electromagnetic energy and light. Subtle energies that exist but are unseen (metaphysical aspects of our physical experience) is the foundation of energy medicine.

As Albert Einstein demonstrated, matter is energy. The laws of physics demonstrate that energy can never be destroyed, it can only change form. By this rationale, your body is made of energy and so any misalignments you experience such as illness and disease is a form of energy. This energy can be shifted and transmuted to a more even and fluid flow to its natural rhythms.

Bio Energy healing restores the natural flow of energy within your human system. Its core premise is that the body and its energies are intelligent and that you can engage them in intelligent dialogue that fosters optimal health and well-being.

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What Happens in An Energy Healing Session?

One session of a bio energy healing treatment lasts just over an hour from entry to exit. Upon your arrival to the healing space you and I, the practitioner will sit down and check in with how you are doing overall and create a dynamic of well-being with each other before the treatment begins. You can ask any questions and express any concerns or intentions you may be carrying.

The only thing that is required of you during the session is for you to connect to your breath and relax yourself as much as possible by quietening your MIND.

This can be done by purposefully focusing your MIND’s attention on the task of deep belly breaths through the nose and out the mouth. The more you can get out of your head and into your body by way of your deep breathing, the more energy you engage within your cells through the oxygenation of them.

The first portion of the treatment involves you standing with your arms rested at your side while I do a series of formulaic hand movements around your body, close to the surface of your body, but completely hands off.

 These movements last 15minutes in the standing position and then you will be asked to be seated with your legs up on a stool for another 15 minutes and then back to standing for yet another 10-15 minutes.

Bio Energy Healing sessions require you to relax and connect to your breath and experience the sensations of the work as they present themselves to you in your own body.

 The ease of which you are able to encompass in your state of biology in presence and relaxation makes it a very beautiful experience. If you are prone to great stress and unable to relax, then no worries, as there are techniques to bring you into a more peaceful and relaxed state of being.

After the energy session is completed, you will be given the opportunity to express your experience by providing feedback and ask any questions or inquiries you may have.

Energy medicine harnesses a simplicity and deep respect for the dignity of your human life and the care of it. The energy healing session is symbiotic with this truth.

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How Energy Medicine Differs From Mechanistic Medicine


Energy medicine differs from mechanistic medicine in that it treats the entirety of your energetic body and not just the physical symptoms your body is demonstrating. It is whole healing in terms of your psychology, your emotional well-being and your physical health.

Energy medicine is non-invasive.  This differs form mechanistic medicine in that it treats your body as a whole system and NOT a MECHANISM to be mutilated or rearranges physically in any way.  It enables the respect and dignity of the natural human intelligence to do its work it is naturally designed to do to maintain pristine and optimal health.

An example of how the body heals itself is with broken bones.  Mechanistic medicine contradicts its own system of beliefs. When my partner broke his hand and his ribs by way of a skateboarding endeavour gone rogue, and when he was treated, they operated on his hand but left the rib to heal on its own.  The reasoning with the ribs was that the bones heal themselves.  If the bones can heal themselves, then why operate and cause further trauma on the hand?  When you leave the body to heal itself, what it is naturally designed to do.

 When you begin to mutilate and interfere with the natural forces inherent in the biological systems on this planet, then that is an investment that can yield pretty dicey results. The same awareness to the pharmaceutical industry.  My parents were physicians for over 40years and they both acknowledged to me that if they were to choose professions today, they would not choose medicine as it has been their experience the drug companies care more about selling their drugs then they do the welfare of the people whom they are treating.  Back in the day it was about the indiviudal, my father said to me, it is now about how much money can the latest drug make and how they can keep people abdicated to them.  If pharmaceuticals made people better, you wouldnt have to keep investing within them.

Energy medicine elevates your biological vibration so you need not be dependent on chemical combinations that are depleting your body’s natural intelligence and that make you reliant upon them.

Energy work puts the authority of your optimal lifeforce energy into your own hands and enables you to be free and healthy on your own terms. 

It is whole healing of the entirety of your system and not just a surface look at the ailment(s) present in our experience that are proving problematic to you.

It encompasses a higher consciousness mindset and harnesses the very real, yet unseen metaphysical aspects of our human experience and then capitalizes upon these truths that are prevalent in your human experience.

The subtle energies and metaphysical aspects of human intelligence are demonstrated in the world of quantum physics. It is taking a broader and more expanded view of your existence here on Earth and maximizing this knowledge in experience and practice.

Being able to be open-minded to a different methodology of belief and understanding as well as complete authority over your own body’s energy.

It is a reconnection and remembering of your own self to the Soul level.

Energy medicine is like a bridge between Spirit and matter.

This is not anything that needs religion or mystical investment on your part. It is accepting that in this world, there are broader and unseen aspects of our humanity and connecting with them to optimize your human physiological experience.

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What Can You Gain From Energy Medicine


When you take ownership and authority over your own well-being there lies your freedom.

The world has indoctrinated a belief system of having to always work outside of yourself and strive for that which is outside of you.

Energy medicine enables you to see that the more you invest within your own management, the more empowered creativity you encompass to direct within your life.

Here is an article for you to understand the immediate effects of undergoing a Bio Energy Healing Elevation Treatment

As you are a being in a physical and material world, you are also a being that is impacted by the metaphysical aspect of life itself. When you engage energy medicine and undergo a full five treatment session, you are elevating the entire vibration of your biological set point.

This usually changes areas of your life both personally and professionally to your thrive.

The world of metaphysics understands the mirror effect at play and when you, yourself are at a higher vibrational set point, then what you attract and cultivate in your experience are resonant with this.

Your life is a direct reflection of your consistent state of being and your predominant thinking patterns.

Energy medicine enables you to clear your entire energetic system and propel you into a higher state of being.

This can adorn you with a great elevation and expansion in the way you feel day to day and the health you generate moving forward.

In all the healing sessions that I have done for full treatments, all candidates lives were shifted and improved upon. When you approach your own state of being, in symbiotic resonance with the natural forces of nature that propel all life, then of course engaging in that kind of pursuit will only yield dividends for you.

Unraveling your energy can also look like a period of destruction while your world makes room for your higher vibration. One need only recognized the value within themselves, that renewable life force energy exists within us all.

It is a great idea to know of it and optimize it to yield an elevated, expanded and long life.

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