Don’t Get The Energy is Everything Vibe? This Article is For You

Energy Is Everything

What Do I Mean by Energy Is Everything?

These famous words have been distilled by some of the greatest MINDS and HEARTS combined to distill TRUTHS of our humanity and the knowledge they have acquired through their own self actualization.


Everything is energy


I never understood what ENERGY IS EVERYTHING really meant.

When I was introduced to the modality of bio energy it propelled me into healing.

It also led to my uncovering my most authentic and elevated version of who I am to date.

It has been a trip and in many moments filled wth awe, inspiration, love and magnificent unbelievable ethereal happenings.

Things of this world one can only experience to know the truth of it.

There was an instance in Costa Rica  where the energy of the Earth is tangibly felt in its magnification, it being one of the 5 Blue Zones of the world.

Here you can clearly see that energy is everything.

At the Bodi Tree Yoga Resort  I was in such a high state of vibration that the statues appeared to be in motion and full of character and life that I was actually interacting with them.


Energy work has been my life’s saviour and put me on a path of peace unlike anything I have ever encountered in my life experience.

This is why I am emphatic that energy medicine works and I am on the leading edge of understanding that energy is everything.


Bodi tree statues in energy is everything


Encountering the good work of Michael D’Alton, I came upon a structure where the modality of energy could be quantified for my understanding.

I was always aware of my acute connectivity to different frequencies of energies about me, I had yet to learn about it applied in a forum that could be digested by the skeptical MIND.

In the EXPERIENCE OF ENERGY WORK you open yourself up to a flow of life that is abundant , renewable and opportunity for transmuted elevation.

The knowing comes through the experience.

It Takes Courage To Be In The Skin You Are In, With Absolutely No Resistance or Apology.

The things I said in winter

I have elevated myself out of CPTSD and continue to do so daily, which the mainstream told me I would be lumped into addiction, pharmaceuticals and a limited scope of being in the world.

I have to say that this is a goods example of commanding energy is everything, in terms of the words and beliefs you govern your life force by.

I am presently with a biology that I can regulate and completed narcotic and pharmaceutical free and have only retractory periods with trespasses against the dignity of my humanity to a degree that is detrimental to my energy expenditures across the board.

We Were Made To Love & Be Loved.

That is the simple truth of life yet we humans make it so difficult with the unnecessary energies towards problems rather than solutions.

Seeking to take and consume rather than give and expand.

It is a paradox of the MIND led life and the HEART CENTRED approach.

Two yield very diverse energetic results.

Be fiercely you

I have had severe retractory periods in my healing but the truth of who I am?

I am a beacon of peace in the world and an advocate for the dignified treatment of humanity.  Tall order, but anything is possible…..

Never stress it is health to

The People Whom We Invest Our Lives Into Are Our Biggest Teachers.

My partner, in remaining with me through the darkest of my days has demonstrated to me that I am lovable no matter what kind of state I am fielding and he is loyal to that love for me. In him holding me by remaining and not abandoning me at my worst, I have been able to see myself clearly again.

A Being Worthy of Love With No Conditions On The Receiving of Such Energy In Every Moment of Everyday

When a person can take responsibilty for the energy they keep within, the energy that they cultivate in guardianship of that which is held and invest in it a dignity & honour…that is an investment that yields optimal lifeforce.

Force of nature

I find that if you allow other people to tell you about your own experinece then you have to be quite discerning about what they are choosing to distill you with.

I met a group of well-intentioned RCMP officers who were only doing their jobs but following policies and protocols that are diminishing to my humanity.

Trauma brain

The experience proved all kinds of informational to me in terms of how the psychological and emotional wellbeing of a human life is somewhat overlooked when implementing a blanket conformity upon individual experiences.

Those who protect and serve are following indoctrinated policies and it makes their implementioan of it as if dealing with mechanistic robots.

Yet, We Are Human.

This is an energetic misalignment that is profoundly deleterious to the uplfitment of the collective and yet it goes unacknowledged.

Strange times.

No emotional or psychological help


If You Negate Your Emotional Energetic Experience, You Are Negating a Big Part of Your System Which is An Informational Technology Ingrained In You For Your Optimal Life Force & Overall WellBeing in Being a Thriving Human on This Planet.



There is the entirety of the human being which has multiple facets of energetic expenditures.

The mechanistic model approach to medecine is rooted in the body as a separate entity from the command of the individual, and yet anyone who has conscious governance over their MINDS and a solid CONNECTION TO SELF understand that the body is not separate from them at all.

Present moment awareness and reflections in hindsight of their life’s experience, any human with the capacity for such funtioning could acknowledge that the choices they make in MIND, EMOTION & BELIEF are the directives of their outcomes ahead of them.


Be here now


This applies to the governance of life within you, which is then reflected to the life outside of you.

The body is unable to be creative without the direction of the MIND, however the BODY, being the encasor of the HEART is an INCREDIBLE INTELLIGENCE.

We would do well to acknowledge this INTELLIGENCE rather than diminish it to a mere stagnated entity of which we manipulate mechanistically.

To fix what is not broken by the mechanism, but by the constructs of limited knowledge and thinking rooted in opinion vs experience.

When a human being is able to harness a balanced and optimal approach to the harmony of a well-directed MIND and well nourished and exercised BODY, the empowerment force of SPIRIT is an energy that elevates you to the highest life tracks of your own creating.

This is taking your energy and understanding that energy is everything.  You have complete free will of choice in how you govern it.


The divine nature of things

In those spaces, disease has no place to take root, nor exist.

Humans thrive on ease and love.

95% of all disease is stress related (Cellular Biology – Bruce Lipton) so keeping the energy in your life to a chill vibe is a sweet feel.











How you direct all of these energy expenditures you carry determine how clean you vibrate and the level of energy you carry within your own physiology.

Take control now of your thinking

Having a solid grip on your own energy means that you have conscious awareness of these aspects of yourself. Your state of being and your ability to govern it optimally in a present moment state of awareness.

To have complete alignment in these expenditures in all areas of your life is a sweet, sweet feel.

Along With The Esteem of An Individual Comes The Responsibility of These Parts of The Self.






The ENERGY OF THOUGHT is powerful and a tangible energy that exists within and outside of human systems. All matter is made of energy and thought forms are no different. All that has been, will be and is now existing in our worlds was all brought about by ideas.

Should you be with ruminating or anxious thoughts, you will find that your MIND ENERGY of THOUGHT is being taken away from PRESENCE of your PEACE. The MIND has the wonderful gift of imaginative thinking.

The Tesla feels

When we expunge any conditionings or beliefs about ourselves of lacking creative powers and possibility with our own thinking then we can put our thought energy to good use and direct it to our advantage and a positive trajectory forth vs to our destruction and our detriment to the lower feels of anxiety and ruminating thoughts.

A consistent negation and misalignment in your EMOTIONAL governance of SELF can be bred from ILL THINKING.

Thoughts Are An Energy That Have An Energetic Substance To Them.

Nothing Has Come Into Existence For Us Humans Without A Person First Having A Thought About It.

The MIND is an instrument like a recording device and interprets your experiences based on the perceptual frames you carry about it.

When the first film was to be shown to a group of citizens for the first time, many people ran out of the theatre in terror as a 2d image of a train was coming right at them.

The scope of their MINDS could not conceive of it that they imagined, based on the experience of real trains and no experience with cinema or life represented on 2d film.

People were in genuine fear that their lives would be taken by the train that was seemingly heading in their direction.

The film roll of life

Of course, once the cinema became adapted into the collective, such MIND FRAMES were expanded and people were able to accept that whcih they had never encountered before.

Being a discerning player in your world as to how you are generating your thought focus is a supreme feel for your success and trajectory forth to elevated life lines of living.

Managing your state of being in large part has to do with the energy of which you are circling and cultivating in your thought forms.

Beautiful servant and dangerous master

To dwell in that which has past or to ruminate anxiously in what is to come proves an energetic waste to your optimal state of being.

Your most profound gift in terms of your ability to direct your MIND in CONSCIOUS THOUGHT is the gateway to your IMAGINATION and your ability to CREATE THAT WHICH YOU PLEASE FOR YOURSELF.

In a globe where the powers that be are riddled with unnatural fear of how to manage their life forces, taking command of your THOUGHT FORMS and how, where and why you are directing them as you are, yield amazing insights into your own success.

The magnetization of thought energy


The ENERGY OF EMOTION is energy in motion. Emotions are an informational aspect of our human systems and we would do well to honour this aspect to of ourselves.

The societal indoctrinations put very little emphasis on the emotional aspects of our humanity which are directly correlated with our psychological well being.

To own yourself to the degree that your emotional intelligence is heightened and cultivated enough that you are able to use your emtionnal energy to your benefit rather than have it rule you through your day.

Emotional energy is palpable and is a force. Love is the most forceful emotional energy a human system is meant to thrive and built upon.

Love litter

Anger and rage are equally as powerful in a polarity of goodness. Love is a universal energy that has no opposite. This is why it is a sweet feel to engage that which enhances the emotions of love within you.

Gratitude, acceptance, peace, understandng, non resistance and presence all yield advantageous emotional states within. Anger, fear, hate, resentment, jealousy, comparison keep you vibrating in a state of being that yields not the thrive.

Good vibes only

Stuffing down emotions and the authenticity of them, their informational impact and governance is a recipe for misaligned manifestations of the lowest kind.

In alignment with how one feels overall, in life, is a major energetic advantage. To be continually swept away and be led by your emotional reactivity is to be out of balance and in control of oneself.

Adopting an attitude of well being and positivity breeds emotional states to your systematic benefit.

If you are perpetuating fear and uncertainty then the emotional states will be representative of your MINDS predominant focus, and then exponentially the outcomes you encounter in your experience.

Panic not as life rolls forth

Emotions are a circuitry of energy that arises and completes out of your system should you have the wherewithal and presence fo self to be a witness to them and how they are informing you.

Understanding your emotional body and the aspects of this energy that drives you as a system is paramount to your success as an elevated functioning human.

The light of self knowledge


Your consumables and your expenditures are the categories of which your physiological/kinetic/physical energy you are capable of governing.

Consumables are not merely limited to your food and beverage. Consumables are also impactful in terms of the relationships you keep, the MIND FRAMES you encompass about your experience and the perpetual emotional states you generate.

Expenditures include not only the output of energy you invest within in terms of your physical endeavours into motion based activities but also the psychological and emotional energy you are directing out into the world.

Our society has normalized refined sugar, processed foods, chemical and genetically modified consumables as an appropriate way to nourish the human biology.

Donut do it

It is seen in excess with such conglomerates as Costco and Walmart that feed these products to the masses in mass proportions intended solely for profit and no concern or regard for the products themselves and the promotion of them.

Balance is the Leading Principles of Nature.

Nature never wastes energy. It Strives Solely To Be In a State of Homeostasis – Or Optimal Balance.

Natures balance is your blueprint to health energy is everything

Having fielded complex neural stress and having to bring the body into a complete state of homeostasis of balance I have come to know a great deal about the human energy body.

Not only intuitively and logically, but also experientially that natural foods from the earth yield a thrive.

Naturally vibrant colours and nutrients cultivated from the Earth are axioms to optimal health.

The obesity epidemic is a result of the weak willed in terms of people encompassing esteemed value and investment of dignity into the care and optimization of their own bodies.

Obese lady is just that in energy is everything

The normalization of overconsumption is one of the reasons our globe is in such imbalance.

If humans are consuming inordinate amounts of unnatural refined sugars and in excess, then the balance of that is askew and is then dominoed into health care, job aptitude and overal health and wellness in living.

Many people are led to what they consume unconscious to its impact upon them.

Consumption of energy is everything

They absorb the news, the media and the latest fads and the indoctrinated methods of being in the world based on other peoples ideals and experiences of how life should look like.

The inquiry into ones own feels of wellbeing and experience is paramount to understanding and navigating and optimal life force.

A society normalizes abundant quantities of food consumption as an inherent right to abundant living when in truth the consumerism is so inflated, there is no repair to be found as the imbalance is not achieved by way of a conditioned ignorance.

It stands to reason, then, that having knowledge is empowerment and using that knowledge is pure power for your life force.



The somatic impressions we absorb as human systems is responsible for half of our sensory experience. If you have ever attended a soundbath ceremony, then you will know, experientially, this statement as one of truth.

The colour of sound energy is everything

Sound is an axiom to movement and movement is an axiom to human cellular biology, so to know that that more than half your body’s regulation is dependent upon the resulting energy of sound, you can start to take a conscious investment into the sounds you permeate in your llife experience.

The ears and cranial bones absorb sound and it travels through the body via our connective tissues.

Water Is The Element Of The Body That Sound Uses To Disperse Vertically Through The Body At An Insane Speed.

The transmission of sound can be free flowing or blocked dependent upon the health of your system.

If your connective tissues are shot from maltreatment of your human system then the sound energy that permeates your system is at a deficit as it has not method to travel effectively.

Sound makes up a good deal of vibration in our bodies and connecting to the emanation of sound in your own physiology.

The Act of TONING is a Huge Benefit to Your Well Being and I Have, Again, Had Experiential Evidence of This.

Our words have a powerful influence on our perceptions of ourselves and the way we impact others with how we choose to use them.

Words are words in energy is everything


Toning was something I was introduced to in terms of being a magnificent healing agent for the body.

When we generate certain vibrational tones out of our own system then we instigate healing vibrations in our body’s own natural intelligence.

Our somatic experience is impacted by the sound of which we both experience and cultivate from within.

Sound Vibration Plays A Pivotal & Influential Role In Our Life Force Energy.

Sound wave portals in energy is everything

Sound Waves Are A Medium Which Exist In The World In Which We Inhabit.

Our bodies vibrate and within those vibrations we create patterns of waves and frequency.

This either keeps us in balance or upends us to create complete energetic havoc and anarchy in the worlds of which we yield for ourselves.

I have fielded neural stress and need to maintain a level of peace withinin myself and in my surroundings.

I cultivate a daily devotional practice of well being for this purpose.

I can govern my own biology with mastery, however I am not immune to the impact of that which exists around me.

Water vibration sound vibration

There is construction outside of my house that entertain a good amount of cement trucks that give off a very harsh and dense unnatural vibration.

I awoke to this one day and I literally could not begin to function in my day and had to adorn my ears with earphones and close all my windows. The vibrational sound of frequencies that are unnatural to human life and nature prove to have a deleterious effect on the world and the human systems inhabiting it.

Death metal rockers fielding hormonal puberty lends itself to acknowledging this truth along with many other human experiences one could denote in terms of how we, as humans, are impacted by sound waves and frequencies.

Grow like good weed

Some Researchers Believe That Sound Governs The Growth of The Body.

I have been witness to this in cultivating a connected relationship to mine own physiology and most notably from inside of me to outside of me, to music while incubating my child.

Throughout my pregnancy I played a specific Sarah McClaughcalan song for experiential purposes (and also Sarah’s expressions of sound are a sweet feel)

When my child was expressing disharmony in his being in his first few weeks outside of me, I would play the song and he would regulate immediately.

It was fascinating for me to recognize when I implemented it consistently and noted that each time it had the same application to his sense of safety in his being, the familiarity and relationship to it.

Music record player

Sound Bylaws Are In Place For This Very Reason To Our Peace As Humans.

An inordinate amount of destructive sound can be quite deleterious to the human biology. Logic would then reason that a good amount of healing tones and vibration would prove supremely advantageous and healing for the body.

When you recognized what sounds you are absorbing and producing, you have taken further ownership of an impactful energy of which you govern and are in relationship.


The force, the powers that be, the renewable source of energy that makes everything is this energy, and each human biological system has meridian streams that enable this energy to flow freely within the system.

Life Is Created From This Renewable Source of Energy and Energy Is Transmutable.

The laws of physics tell us hat energy can not be destroyed and is infinite in its existence. It can be transmuted, however, never destroyed. A renewable source of energy that creates life.

Like, Everything.

This Energy Is The Energy Of Pure Life Force.

to have a conectivity to this energy is to be connected to the source of life and to the truth of oneself.

Some people revere gods through religion, others swear off this power as non existent and profess themselves as atheist non-believers….. whatever the human minds relationship to this force of energy, the one universal aspect of it, is that it is omnipresent and an axiom to life.

It is an energy that is permeated through our physiologies, our earth, our planets and the entirety of the Universe in whcih we live.

The creators spark


I have connected to this energy within me as a restful of unencumbering my body’s 15 years of toxic stress and trauma and know it to be formidably real and tangible entity in experience.

Whether your connection is direct through our physicologiy and developed intuitive capabilities ( Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance).

These are all available to us as human systems as a natural by product of being energetic beings of magnets and electricity.

Whether you are able to connect to this Truth and buy into it or not is your choice as an automnomus being.

However you CHOOSE to frame or judge these aspects of energy that is palpable and makes up the world in which we live, they are present.

To Harness a Conscious Relationship to THE PRESENCE is a Sweet Sweet Feel and a Testament to Ones Own Self Mastery.

A deep respect, acknowledgement and dignity to this force of empowerment is one aspect you want to tap to propel you to your life force optimal.

Kicking up sunshine

With aware and invested time, space and attention with your human energetic expenditures, in no time, you will be Kicking Up Sunshine.

Be Well & Keep It Vibrant