The groovy most amazingly cool aspect of being human  living on a planet in an infinite universe with our quantum findings in hand, we have the creative abilities to govern ourselves, as autonomous individuals and in a manner that is keeping with our own unique feels and desires.

Optimal health is a hot commodity when the planet upon which we live starts to take us out by way of a deadly virus.

 2020 has been an unprecedented and globally shifting year.  I would deem it in need of a thrive and times can seem to yield energy that is volatile and not in keeping with a thrive chill.

Optimal living and maintaining a thrive biological frequency in a covid imposed Earth is a wise investment and in doing so, you ultimately see that your empowerment lies within the parameters of how you optimize your lifeforce. 

embrace life force that is you

When we as humans have energy circulating in our systems and if this energy becomes stagnant or dense, then it impedes our abilities to thrive and vibrate at optimal energetic levels psychologically, emotionally and physically.

 The Mind & Body Are 1 Unit.

You may find people refer to their bodies as though they are something outside of themselves but the Truth is…


If it serves, which it does, sit and reflect about what that really means for you and your abilities to govern yourself optimally if you put those factoids into practice.the spine of your life

The Spinal Chord is the Backbone of This Unit.

Your energy centres that exist along the column of your spine and up to your brain represent different parts of your anatomy and their function.

 Our human systems thrive on natural foods from the earth, fresh clean water and motion. 

 A balance of these three aspects of our natural human biologies can do wonders for your life – should you have the self-esteem and self-discipline to manage these aspects of yourself in balance.


Nature Never Wastes Energy.

 Everything is accomplished with the path of least resistance.

Healthy living, superior, elevated living – where you love yourself, love the people around you and you are impacting the world with your own light.

healthy living trajectory

When we carry with us, as humans, from our human experience unexpressed and/or suppressed psychological and/or emotional energy, then that is the stagnation station our systems begin to reset to.

For a good portion of time in the world men were told that the expression of emotion was a weakness when quite the opposite is the truth.

Women were treated as an inferior species and overly emotional as if it is some kind of defect.

When a male is able to be emotionally expressive, it is one of the most powerful things he can do for himself and those whom he encounters.

all smiles vintage feels

 When a woman is acknowledged for her formidable contribution as a species of equality and of polarity, then that proves to empower the collective too.

People who were never given a handbook on how to thirve in being human and who have the wherewithal to use their creativity to impact human have normalized indoctrinated modalties of thinking and being in the world that are diminishing to the human system.

 It’s a weird vibe.

 We As Humans Experience Through Our Senses.

sounds to the senses

 One of our most effective sensory tools is that of our emotions. 

 Our emotions are powerful.  They are what create wars and breed populations.  To have a distant or even non existent relationsihip to this aspect of ourselves proves a deliterious effect on the person and the people whom they are impacting with governing such a state of being.

One aspect of your own human governance that you can delineate is how you are feeling about being a human on a globe where a deadly virus is seemingly eradicating our species.

To return to life as it was before seems quite ludicrous.

 We have had an awakening and taking one’s own empowerment is the thrive of the century.



Upon awaking, it is customary nowadays for most to jump on their phones. We live in a technologically connected and driven world.

It is a thrive to remember our roots as humans on an Earth.

inhabiting this earth

A superior feel and what tops the list even before your water consumable is to abstain from permeating your body’s frequency with that of technology for at least one hour after you initially wake up.

Keeping your sleep environment free of technology may sound ludicrous to some in this day and age, but it is a matter of your own self respect and the ownership you take over how you dial in and manage your own vibe.

You and only you are responsible for the masterpiece that is you and nothing and no one outside of you can know you like you know and exist within yourself, so it would stand to reason that it would be a daily thrive to keep your vibe grounded and natural and set to thrive for your day ahead.

When you jump onscreen first thing you are joliting your system into a state unnatural to its thrive.

Small Shift.  

Big Impact.  


Consume 2 large glasses of filtered room temperature water before eating anything or consuming any kind of caffeinated beverage.

 When you are in a sleep state your body absorbs a good amount of water processing all that it processes and work so beautifully to recalibrate us back to optimal.

water is a sweet vibe

The human body is so amazing that we can abuse and mistreat it  to varying degrees and yet it always rejuvenates its energy.

It is a thrive and a true investment of self esteem to consciously attend to the well being of your physiological energy.

Your body mass is made up primarily of water so it would stand to reason in the common sense arena that infusing your system with what it is naturally made up of, first thing in the morning before your day even gets rolling.


Some form of energetic or physical activity.  This too, can prove to elevate your vibe immensely if done first thing and with water fuel only.  Tabata, Qi Gong, Running, IHIT Workouts, Yoga, Roller Blading even Dancing….the list is endless as to the pursuits one can engage within being a human being and putting forth the effort to engage in movement.

your life force optimal

Perpetual states of motion are a superior thrive to keep your life force energy circulating and optimal.

Intrinsically, it is how we are made – to be in perpetual states of motion.  In fact, even in a a resting state, our bodies still remain a flurry of movement and motion.  Have you ever stopped to think about the Intelligence that allows your body to function as it does without your conscious control?

 This lends itself to expansion and expansion is the name of the game!


The matters of your mindset are matters to take control of.  Recognizing your thought patterns and your emotional reactivity to events and/or people in your life.

Doing a self check in for the overall feels of how you govern yourself is a supreme thrive.

 The first step to any endeavour of expansion is to recognize any though patterns and mental frames you may be recycling that have taken root and created a character for you that is not your most optimal.

everything is connected

Positive thinking and repeating mantras are a superior feel to get you in the right mindset to get your vibration tuning into optimal.

One superior way to elevate yourself and your life force is to seed a catchy and easy to roll off the tongue kind of statement that is easy to remember and easy to execute.

Here are some examples

 “Every day in every way I get better and better.”

 “Every day in every way I am optimal in my thinking”

 “I am an abundance magnet”

“I am worthy and loving and awesome”

“My world takes care of me and everything is always working out for the best”

“An attitude of gratitude. I see good every which way”

“My immune system is optimal and so am I.”

Taking systematic repetitious habits thorughout your mind frames throughout the day is extremely empowering for your body’s natural intelligence to work with you rather than against you.


Sufficient sleep and a siesta is a sweet vibe. When you have an early start to your day and your day is filled with plenty of tasks and activities and people to engage and take care of, then your thrive is superior in your life force when you allow for sufficient sleep and rest to permeate your life force and keep your body’s natural intelligence operating optimally and in an elevated frequency.

Sleep enables your body’s natural intelligence to rest and digest and reset to your present state of homeostasis in your being.

Each and everyone is functioning at their resident baseline of energetic functioning.

What does that even mean?

It means that the way you systematically and repeatedly treat your body, impacts its performance.

 When sleep doesn’t happen, strange things do.

the sleep state optimal

 Our bodies are meant to recalibrate for rest and repair.

When you cultivate a consciously aware governance of your sleep patterns, then you see how fundamental sleep is to your optimal life force governance.

Without it, the way you show up in your world proves to yield a deficit.

human body fun vibes

The human body is a profoundly diverse and complex system of which could be perceivd that us as humans, only scratch the surface with our understanding of our capabilities.

Our innate and inherent right to optimal feels within and superior results outside is an axiom to our worth and value as seen through the eyes of the infinite.

Yet there exists a paradigm of mental frames in which we label and normalize our misalignments and when a large enough group of people cast these mental frames in their thought energy, it takes on a life all of its own.

 If the masses believe in one way of living a model of reality then that way seems to be the method in which those adopt.

 Those who were not gifted a normalized toxic stress environment during their formative years of development may have been deluded into thinking that the opinions and beliefs of those who guide them, make up who they are.

 Expanding into a higher consciousness mindset and shifting to a more elevated state of being has to be clearly delineated in order for the expansion to take place.

When you take conscious control and a systematic, habitual investment into the optimal governance of your life force then you seed the expansion that is natural to your body’s intelligence.

The human body has tremendous capabilities.

It would do well to note a daily thrive habit to connect to ones breath. It can be considered our life force, really and having a solid connectivity to it and its benefits to your regulation and optimal health. To learn more in depth about that daily thrive, see this post here!

infinite neurons and activity
We only need look at the misaligned practices in the culitvation and distribution of our consumables and our consumption practices to see that our bodies will renew themselves to run optimally no matter what we perpetrate against them.

 There is an innate and natural intelligence at work and it is omnipresent in our experience.

When you culitvate and nurture an optimal investment of self then you harmonize with this natural intelligence.

You are more alert, acutely intutive and life is easy, in a sweet flow.

Your state of being is the catalyst for the outcomes you encounter in your life.

When you state that life is all good and you are in a state of being where this is congruent, then there is a flow that takes you wherever you want to go.

 With a well directed and discerning Mind, coupled with unwavering persistence, belief and systematic habitual investment of your time in action towards your intended goals, you are able to expand and achieve all that your imagination coupled with your Heart’s dictates.

make it a loving world yo

To take conscious governance of your life force is to know you are whole in your entirety and to return to wholeness is to honour and value with investment of time,space and attention into the beautiful uniqueness that is you.

To declare ones own optimal well being in thought, word, action and emotion enables one to encompass the Universal energy that is omnipresent in our shared unified field of consciousness.

Show up for yourself in the right way and with the right amount of investment to your own naturally inclined dictates of your own choosing, autonmously and without apology.



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