Bio Energy Healing- What it Is and Who I Am

What is Bio Energy Healing?

It is a Non -Invasive Healing Modality Optimizing the Renewable Source of Energy Contained Within a Biological System.

When in a Free & Good Flow, This Energy Enables us to Access our Most Optimal States of Being in All Areas of Our Lives.

 Bio Energy healing is based off a Quantum Consciousness Mindset Model of Living.  

It is a non-invasive health system that successfully treats the body through the Bio-Field.

 The techniques in the Bio Energy Healing Formula include a selection of specific techniques by way of the inherent and omnipresent electromagnetic nature of the hands.

 Hand movements are performed in and around your bio field clearing stagnant energy and bringing about beneficial results for acute and chronic illness or to just enhance and level up a seemingly healthy and well functioning bio system.

Bio Energy healing and alignment enables a human biological system to have its Heart space come into resonance with the frequency of the Earth.

It is also indicative of a health care modality that aligns with the nurturing of the Mind, Body and Spirit.

infinite love of life

 Bio Energy Healing understands the nature of how the Universe works in a Quantum Model of Science.

The findings of this Infinite Potentiality as opposed to the Newtonian Model of Science which denotes limitation and lack to what can be accomplished by a human system.

It is the energy contained within and about us, our pure potentiality to shift, expand and create infinite outcomes.   This is an expansion from a mechanistic approach to the matter and problems that have already been created.

The reason I am emphatic about the efficacy of Bio Energy Healing is due to my success in Self Healing broken lower lumbar spinal disc, a slipped lower lumbar spinal disc and a violent complex neural stress dissociative disorder.

I have overcome injuries, addictions, psychological issues and succeeded in creating deliberate intended outcomes. This was all accomplished by way of my own conscious free will and the exercise of it through the focus of mine own life-force energy.

Anything is Possible. 

 I know this through experience and because it is inherent in the laws of an Infinite Universe and a Higher Consciousness Mindset.

Healing myself by way of directing the energy in my Body by way of my Mind, engaging in serious inquiry within, coupled with extensive treatments with Bio Energy Practitioners and Breathwork & SoundBath Facilitators.

Narcotic and Surgery Free. 

The consumption of Cannaboids was present through oils and edibles and although as your bio guide I would recommend being in full charge of thine own energy without any need for external substances to have it feel or perform in a certain manner.
With serious neural issues due to misaligned wiring, however it has been my experience that CBD oils can prove very soothing to the limbic system and autonomic nervous system regulation.

That was the case for me in managing my state of being for the two arduous years it took me in completely healing C-PTSD.

I come from the school of experience.  My life experience has demonstrated to me that the system in which we live is designed to control rather than empower.

When it comes to one’s own governance of their life force, experience is your most authentic teacher.

The depth into which I met myself and expressing with full authenticity my experience. The ability to accomplish these feats was the most challenging work I feel I have ever encountered in my life.

 In moments when you are up against the beast of an unregualted brain and body system, your work can seem like never enough.

To be put in a space to field such an issue having been bestowed upon me by two medical professionals was my first foray into “things are not what they appear to be”

Very competent professionals but in themselves, unhealed trauma was rampant. It is evident to me that the older generations of past had a very brutal kind of existence with the whole World Wars Vibe. The segregation and diminishment of Humans at many turns to have bred such misaligned normalizations.

When you are subjected to enough trauma and abuse and repeat those patterns throughout your life, then one thing becomes pretty evident and a non negotiable to implement in one’s responsibility of their own existence:

We thrive and are built on the ENERGY of LOVE and it is our work to cultivate this energy unconditionally within ourselves and the planet upon which we live and extend and share it to others around us.

A pipe dream, or a quantum fact?  Only you can test it to find out. Experience is the real deal.

bio energy empowerment
When your cerebral functioning seems to take on a life of its own is a scary space to be.   To have yourself engage in expressions of a destructive nature seemingly out of your control is intense.  It comes to awareness pretty fast that energetically, there are pretty intense misalignments happening within the biological system.

Navigating being hijacked from your sense of safety and reality in both your inner and outer worlds at any given point of any given day, means that you have to become super aware and super present to your life experience so as to be able to try and circumvent or redirect a triggered episode of that nature.

The gratitude I am encompassed with, for remaining persistent and consistent with my own self guided energy practices is present and abundant.

Discovery of immense peace and acceptance within as I arose to be unencumbered by an excessive and inordinate amount of suppressed physical and psychological trauma is an elevation that cannot be expressed in words.

in the light of infinite energy

 It is the experience that led me to understand that I am a healer, by nature.  I come from a matriarch and patriarch of medecine practitioners.  I am bringing their good work of 4 decades into a Quantum Shift.

I am most honoured to be of service to any and all humans. 

 When you heal whatever you have within you that is supressed as your shadow, then the light you will find on the other side will be of a luminosity you cannot even imagine. It is well worth the investment into nourshing the emotional, psychological and physiological acumen of our own life experiences.

 It is courageous to go into oneself and be authentically honest about one’s own Truth of their life experience and to discern where one may need to clear and reset one’s energetic patterns that do not serve their most optimal Self.
heal thy self with focus

Anything You Bring Focus To, Expands.

 When the Heart and energy system is in alignment, the electromagnetic field of the Heart is expanded and the outcomes in a persons life shift dramatically to that of advantage, elevation and expansion as a natural by product of harmonizing the resonance in our systems with that of the infinite intelligence that creates all that exists.

It is predominantly hands free and completely natural in that no medicine is necessary. The manner in which a Bio Energy Healing practitioner is able to execute this with great efficacy is through the connectivity of their hands, being electromagnetic, and connecting to the energy centres of the body, called the Chakras.

your life force energy To read in full detail more about the chakras, see our sister sites post here.

There are 7 main energy centres in the body that relate to the physical glands and major nerve groupings located in the same vicinity.

The 7 energy centre points are vortices feeding a specific vibration and colour of energy into the organs and systems of the body.

your seven vortices

In order to function optimally, your body’s different parts require different nourishments of vibration and colour.

 The chakras are the mechanisms that nourish your body’s system in connectivity within and in connectivity to the energy of people and the natural Earth world around you.

When you are experiencing misalignments in your body, it is due to stress.

That handy science vibe by that capable and reputable person Dr Bruce Lipton who stated that 95% of all disease is stress related (Bruce Lipton Cell Biology)

 If you can know this, not only conceptually, but implement it experientially, then you will be able to see that you are in full governance to keep yourself in optimal health.

Invest in habits, activities, thought patterns and pursuits that bring you the feels of ease, joy, good,light, laughter and empowerment.

Not a bad gig!

earth energy and peaceful spacesEnergy medicine encompasses our rights to choose and be in receivership of optimal health, unconditional love and abundant living as natural by products of our humanity.

Dignity and rights to existence, unconditional love, acceptance and freedom are all axioms in terms of being a sentient being living in their Truth.

  Any misalignments in your energy body will be evident with a toll of stress from either your inner environment (thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, emotional awareness and set point) or your external environment (people, places, situations, events, perceptions, societal structures and adherences) empower yourself to know yourself

It is of value for you to understand that how you are nurtured through pivotal emotional experiences in your formative years can play a very influential role in your management of your present adult energies you carry within in terms of your subconscious programming.

Any trauma that occurred in your experience that was ill repaired will continue to be present in your field and be influencing your present state of being and thus, circumstances in the world around you.

I am a huge advocate and highly recommend the content that Dr. Joe Dispenza infuses into the collective consciousness of today.  Because of him and a gentleman by the name of Vadim Zeland, I am able to presently be a coherent, connected human being having successfully rewired my brain and taken conscious control over my own health and reality.

This was the path to my healing, and the reason I advocate such a modality.

 The more I focused on the break in my spine and the violent dissassociative disorder, the more they made themselves known to me.

This is a very simple example of “what you give attention to, you are creating.”

thoughts create

It is time we give the right attention to ourselves and our capacities as infinite beings of electricity and light.

Bio Energy enables a non-invasive yet formidably impactful result to detox, flush and balance your energy centres to abolish the energy circuitry that is running rampant in your system.

This kind of energy is a deficit to you and the reason for that is we were not made to withstand hate to our systems. Mild trauma happens as a result of being human and our capacities to self regulate and repair those instances are what enable us to expand and propel our growth forward, but a consistent vibe of diminishment and suppressing our most authentic selves and expressions is a vibe that decays.

I was brought into a famjam dynamic where toxic stress and traumatic happenings occurring in your everyday life was the norm. As a result it  had a most detrimental effect on the entire energy system I carry and caused the circuitry of my system to malfunction to varying degrees.

I am of the view that any illness could be considered the result of an energy impacting your system that is not aligned with unconditional love and peace. That’s not hippie talk, that is quantum finding factoids.  We thrive on unconditional love nurturing in words, thoughts, actions, emotion.

Simple but not easy.

And true.

You need not take my word for it, just observe your own life experience.

Addiitonally for you, the person investing in your own body’s energy elevation, an acceptance for your most authentic Self is a serious thrive vibe.

Resistance of one’s own perceived malfuntions can prove detrimental to one’s own well being so we will become discerning and vigilant in the Self Talk department.

  Having an inner awareness of your own belief systems, your values, your world beliefs and your mind’s perceptions of the world in which you live is a hugely empowering and rewarding awareness to cultivate and keep.

that's a love vibe baby

The Process

  The Bio Energy Optimization Process

 The bio energy treatments follow a specific formula in orderfor them to be effective. 

  It is a formula that has to be committed to in order for it to work.

 It would be one treatment, once a week for 4 weeks with a follow up treatment 3 weeks later or you can go full tilt with one treatment a day for 4 consecutive days with a follow up 3 weeks later.

Those are the 2 options for the formula, so it requires a commitment that can be followed through within order for the shift to take place. 

 There are 5 sessions to:

1. Create a change in your energy body

2. Create an improvement in your energy body

3. Heal your energy body in its entirety

4. Bring you to an elevated energetic state of health

3 week period for energy integration.

5. Solidify your integration and send you off in the world as a human vibrating with a new energetic blueprint.

total of 5 treatments over a 7 week period.

The days and times of the week can be flexible, but they must  happen once a week.

For the duration of the forty minute session you will be required to stand and breathe deeply.

You are welcome to lower your eyelids to relax and fully immerse yourself into your body while the treatment takes place.  The treatment is almost entirely hands off, with only a couple of techniques that require hands on treatment – this is at the head, the knees and the shoulders.

 If you are keenly adverse to any hands on treatment, my field is quite strong so the energy optimisation treatments can still prove effective entirely hands off.

I provide the treatments while communicating effectively as the process is underway. I will ask you about your comfort level and experience to ensure you feel confident and peaceful through the entirety of the treatment.

 When I apply the formula I will ask you to breathe deeply and try to relax as much as possible.

 I will play music and the intention is for us to be in silence to connect with the energy in your body.

 If you become too chatty, it can be a sign of resisting being in your body and I will gently guide you back to focussing upon your breathing.

Any and all inquiries and impressions are most welcome. 

Before and after the treatment are the most advantageous spaces in which to put forth items of that nature so as to respect the dignity of the work we are accomplishing with the subtle energies that exist within and around us.

  I will also ensure during the treatment to communicate verbally before you are touched in any way, shape or form to ensure your peace of mind and feelings of complete safety and security.

Here is a video for you to absorb that speaks about Bio-Energy.

Get in touch with me at 604-910-5227 or and let’s elevate your vibe!!


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