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You as an individual human with your own SoulBox has a very unique expression to gift this beautiful world in which we live.

The mainstream consciousness and modalities of world model governance are at a particular energetic momentum of vibration.

The masses live in dependence of that which is outside of themselves and the governmental policies enable a huge deficit to the dignity of ones humanity by way of competition, control and healthcare for profit and manipulation.

It is actually quite fascinating to see the all inclusive nature of this Universe.

It is an even more fascinating feel to begin to harmonize with it for your empowerment.

This means that you as an individual understand that you have the power of your own consciousness to yield and empower in your own life experience. 

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In terms of your education of boundaries this is a guide to setting boundaries to essentially maintain your empowerment and protection in this life of your own creative imaginings.

What Are Boundaries?


Boundaries are the clear limits that set your energy apart from others and the world about you. You have an arsenal of energetic expenditures that you can learn about here. 

Your energy makes up your thoughts, beliefs, needs, emotions, and physical experiences.

The relational aspects of these parts of you and how you are separated from others in relation to these aspects of you is where your boundaries come in.

When we grow up as kids and have no idea about boundaries and none were present in how we learned to relate then that can prove to be the blueprint of how we roll forth in our adult lives.

Our authenticity of self gets muted and we take on the beliefs and conditioning of our most influential caregivers and people around us.

 When we as children do not have the freedom to express our uniqueness, our individuality and the autonomous SoulBox we are in our own cultivated realities then enmeshment occurs and we lose our sense of natural identity.

   When we lack our own individuality of expression separate from the influences of which shape us, then we become enmeshed in energy of the dictates of others.

This is highly unnatural and goes agains the natural order of individual life creativity.

Boundaries are your protection.

Boundaries are your balance.

Boundaries provide the necessary foundation for every relationship you will ever have. It is a safe place in which you can reside where you denote the safety of what feels right for you.

Boundaries are an essential part of your empowerment and can feel tremendously scary if we have never explored or implemented them in our own lives.

Where there is knowledge, there is power. You can gain empowerment by understanding what kinds of boundaries exist and how to set them appropriately for your most optimal vibe.

Boundary peace train

Different Kinds of Boundaries


There are different kinds of boundaries and implementations of them.

Here is a handy guide for your expansion.

Whether we are brutally entangled with others with no boundaries in sight or on the other end of the extreme and do not let anyone even get near us with a ten foot pole, balance is one of the fundamental guiding principals of the Universe.

Aligning with Universal Law vs Man Made Law is your biggest flex as a human system.

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To implement balance in terms of boundaries it is a good feel to have a reference in which we can refer to. 

1. Flexible Boundaries

A human who is in masterful control of regulating their emotions and allowing others to express themselves.

A human being who can refuse and say no to things that they would rather not engage and have the same reasonable expectation from those whom they interact.

A human who divulges and shares personal or sensitive matters appropriately and in a dignified fashion.

A human who can express their needs easily to others.

A human who is aware of their own values, thoughts, opinions and beliefs and is secure and confident in their expression.

2. Rigid

A human who has few intimate or connected relationships.

A human who has an incapacity to ask for assistance/help.

A human who carries a condition within of fear of rejection, chronically.

A human who is overprotectively private.

3. Loose

A human who has no ability to say no to others demands of them.

A human who gains and defines their own worth by the opinions of others.

A human who shares personal, private of sensitive information in an outlandish and undignified fashion

A human who chronically fixes, people pleases, saves, rescues others as a form of self identity

Without judgement or punitive condemnation within, denote where you and your experience fall on this assessment scale of  the range of boundaries.

When you take ownership and empowerment over the dignity of your own protection with the implementation of boundaries, you are affirming your power.

Do not misconstrue boundaries as ultimatums to have people adhere to a certain way of behaving for you.

 That is what ulitmatums are, assigning consequences to another’s behaviour in the attempt to change it.

 It is futile to change the behaviour of others or to try and put yourself in a space where you need others to change.

This will fail you everytime and keep you in a state of dependent powerlessness. 

Boundaries enable your empowerment for yourself because you need not rely on the behaviours of others.

It is a personal limitation expressed so that your needs will be nurtured and met.

 It is a honouring of your own autonomous energy regardless of how other people are reacting or behaving.

It is taking ownership over the sovereignty that is your life force. It is your acknowledgement of Self to honour the truth of who you are.

Rather than pointing fingers at other people demanding they be different, it is much more empowered and dignified feel to ask yourself what you need to do to ensure you are honouring your own needs.

In doing so, engaging and implementing boundaries is your biggest flex.

Keep in mind that the aspects of you that make up your energy, mentally, emotionally and physically are all aspects of yourself in which boundaries can be implemented.  If you feel overwhelmed or depleted in relationships, you need a boundary.  If you get mentally drained or over taxed, you need a boundary. If you are consistently feeling physically overwhelmed by others impact, you need a boundary.

No one is responsible for your well being but you.

Take ownership.

How To Set Boundaries


The first foray for you to set boundaries is to be aware of what boundaries need to be set. Defining your boundaries, or lack thereof is a good starting point.

  If you are a person where boundaries are completely foreign to you it can prove a challenging feel to know where to start to set them.

Being connected to our own inner landscape of well being is a priority to discovering and enabling our own boundaries.

Being able to denote for yourself how your state of condition is impacted by those with whom you have the most contact and relational activity with is a good place to start.

Going in and through the body to have a sensory feel of how your biology is impacted by those whom you are in relationship with his HUGE.

As human systems we are co regulators. 

Once you become adept at harmonizing with your own body’s sensations, you can determine where you need to implement boundaries.

You are basically taking claim over your own energy in its fullness. How you feel, think, act and behave are all unique to your own autonomous expression.

You have the right and duty to dignify and honour this expression with healthy boundaries.
No trespass

Doing the Work To Set Your Boundaries


How connected to yourself are you?

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The details of this life shifting and easy to implement program will enable a complete life force shift for you, your state of being and the world in which you inhabit. .

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Additionally, you can refer to these helpful tools below.

You as a human being have your various facets of energy that you have to manage in the form of your thoughts, words, actions and emotions.  These are your energetic powerhouses and you can read more about them in detail here in this handy and ever so economical Ebook:


When setting boundaries it is a good vibe to check in with your feels and your mindscapes and your physical feels when it comes to participating in relational dynamics.

How much physical contact do you have with the people with whom you engage your time?

Do any of these individuals impose themselves upon your physical self that you would rather do without?

How to set boundaries







There are 3 aspects to you in which boundaries will be useful.  Physical, emotional and psychological.  Spending some time witnessing these aspects of yourself while you engage in relating with others is how you will come to know where the definition of your boundaries begin.  Exploring your relational patterns with different people will enable you to look at how you are impacted by them.

How do you feel emotionally around this person?

How do you feel physically around this person?

How do your feel psychologically around this person?

Identify the people and kind of energy they are bringing to you.  This is the first step in your determining where you need to define your own boundaries.

 Do not worry about the other person or how they will think or feel about your own boundaries.  You are not depending on others here, this is solely for you and your autonomous empowerment.

Leave the others to define and implement their own boundaries.


Use FACTUAL statements only and aim to engage the discussion and boundary while you yourself are grounded in your own skin.

 When you state facts in a neutral state, it is the most effective and least defence initiating language and tone.

How you state your boundaries is just as effective as the boundary itself.

“When you impose your weight on me and come at me in an aggressive manner, it makes me feel overwhelmed and unsafe.

  I know you are a little boy and just being active and playful, but it is important that everyone feel and be respected in playful dynamics.

If you are unable to control or manage your own energy towards me that is aggressive, I will remove myself from this situation and no longer play with you.”

You must also ensure to enforce and uphold your boundaries after you have stated them.  Regressing back to disempowering behaviours takes away your credit.

Enforce and uphold your words with immediate and congruent action. This means when the undesirable physical boundary has been imposed, you address it immediately in that moment and make it about the behaviour and not the person. 

The consistency in which you do this will yield a result of new ways of behaving from the person with whom you are interacting.

Here is a very useful statement you can refer to that is highly effective.

It is a formula you can write down and practice ahead of time if you are in a timid or uncertain state of condition.

It is adapted from the very insightful and healing book “HOW DO THE WORK” by Dr. Nicole LePera.

Despite any contradictory or judgmental views on her personal engagements and expressions, her work is revolutionary for whole health healing and self ownership and mastery. Indicative of a higher consciousness that is a level up from the dualistic brand of right and wrong and merely a big warm hug for ones own humanity and the governance of it.

She proposes this statement as an effective way to ASSERT your boundaries.

“I am making some changes so that (insert your intention for your new boundary) and I hope you can understand that this is important to me. I imagine (insert your understanding of their behaviour). When you (insert problematic behaviour), I often feel (insert your feeling state) and I understand it may be something you are not aware of.  In the future (insert original problematic behaviour) happens again, I will (insert how you will respond differently to meet your own needs)

The timing and energy in which you deliver your expression is key, so prepare in a positive and peaceful expectation that your rights and needs are dignified in being honoured.

Any discomfort you feel within about setting new boundaries will be far more advantageous to overcome than the abuse and invasions you will endure by not setting them.

People tend to hang their projections and expecatations upon others in a demanding and dependent fashion.

Take your power back and know that you have the right to have sovereignty and command over your own life force. Pressure system


Once you have defined and stated your boundary, your ability to maintain it will determine your success.

 You may feel more comfortable or resigned to return to the old MO of relating but then you will just be perpetuating a circle jerk of disempowerment towards yourself.

It can feel difficult and hard to set boundaries in an internal landscape that has never known them or lacks assertion skills to implement them.

Boundaries are usually made known to those in an organic need for them.

Learning how to protect and honour yourself is not something that is common place in the governmental modalities of health and humanity so there is no education playbook you would have had at your disposal.

Go easy on yourself and know that you have the right to dignity and peace within your own biological state.

Maintaining your defined and set boundaries is a beautiful honouring of you in your wholeness.

How to set boundaries

Taking your power and ownership over your own life force and the cultivation and mastery of it means implementing and upholding boundaries.

Just as the example demonstrates above with clear and decisive statements, you can implement this boundary approach for your physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your own unique self.

Working towards balance in being who you are and adhering to a flexible boundary energetic state is your most optimal as it is in a balanced fashion to your well being.

Balance is the main governing principle of the natural forces and world about you, so being in symbiotic harmony with it in the way you dial in your vibe is primo for your life experience.

Being free in your state of condition and being comes a lot faster and cleaner when you do the work and own your light.

For any questions or inquiries please reach out to Bex at yourlifeforceoptimal@gmail.com