3 Optimal Life Force Energy Thrives – Pursuant 2 Ease & Joydom

The GVL have just lit up this July with an introductory post to the optimal forces a human can harness on this pandemic style globe of ours we share.

Optimal Life Force Energy Thrives Yield Empowerment in Physiological Energy.

 This Is Paramount to Ones Knowledge & Education of One’s Own Mind.

There are supreme optimal life force energy thrives aka tools any human with a functioning respiratory system and brain  that can engage.

This is a lifeforce that is optimal without much need for drama of rooting oneself in a deficit of illness and recycled ill beliefs of ones own health.

Our beliefs govern our vibe so can you latch onto the belief that you have empowerment within you and available to you at all moments of all days?

Your optimal life force energy thrives demonstrate to you your inherent power.

To thrive that vibe in any direction you see fit to encompass how you envision yourself to be is what optimal life force energy thrives are all about!

What does that mean exactly?


Check yourself before you wreck yourself with optimal life force energy thrives

The First 3 Thrive Tips Distilled Here Will Put You on a Lifeline Trajectory of Optimal Vibrations.

  It may mean that a certain amount of clean up and shifting may be in order in terms of how you dial in your everyday vibe.

Owning your life force energy thrives in  small, incremental and systematic shifts are the supreme way to elevate out of patterns of behaviour and habits that prove to serve you not.


The eyes are the window to soulfeels in optimal life force energy thrives

Top Spot That Takes Number One Is


There Is a Flow of Life.

  It Is a Flow That Takes Care of All That Was, Is & That Ever Will Be.  

It is LIFE.
The tides, the moon, the trees, the flowers that bloom, the human lives that renew – LIFE HAS A FORCE.
However you capture or acknowledge this force of life existence is particular and unique to you.

The flow of life is an axiom and omnipresent to all expereince here on our beautiful planet.

Knowing this is one of your optimal life force energy thrives.

This earth is a beauty and the optimal life force energy thrives

To acknowledge and access this flow of life will be the avenue to your liberation to expanded living.  There is an energy of life that exists and takes care of each and everyone of us.

To harness this energy that is accessed through your body’s intelligence is a sweet feel to enhance its impact working for you.

I have come to learn through adopting the transurfing modality of living that this flow of life works to our favour, as an inherent axiom to our existence and overall optimal well being.

Whale of a time in life flow
When you can see yourself as a person who can recognize and witness that which is the natural flow of life, then you have introduced yourself to the LifeForce that keeps you optimal.

 Your work is to seek within your own unique expression that connects to this force.

For me, this force is ever present when I immerse myself in the  pursuits of meditation, yoga, Qi gong and the bio energy formula acumen I have acquired and become a conduit for its expression when healing those whose energy has stagnated as a result of living misaligned to their own SoulSpeak.

 That’s my experinece of it, anyway, and we as humans each have our individuality to determine the feels of this flow and how we move with it.

Harmonize with flow of life

It is a Thrive for Your Lifeforce and An Extreme Goodfeel If You Can Harmonize and Live Symbiotically with this Flow of Life as It Yields an Energy That is Optimal to Your Most Optimal and Expanded Self. 

The Number Two Vibe Yields


This Force of Energy That Expresses Itself is a Full Throttle Force to Your Optimal Expansion.


When a human being is able to take full responsibility of the entirety of themselves and their life outcomes then life is super sweet ride.

When you create dependence on others for any of your fulfillment, you are creating a vibe that is set up to fail you.

It is a sweet vibe to understand and practice experientially being your own source of everything.

It is one thing to know about the optimal life force energy thrives, and quite another to practice them in experience.

 It is autonomous freedom to direct and be exactly who you are meant to be. Easier said than done in a society that indoctrinates you to seek outside of yourself for confirmation of who you are.

Everyone likes you

To be courageous is to be the authentic self free from obligation and expectation.   To step into ones own courage to become the most optimal model of oneself is a something to be proud of in terms of accomplishment in this life.

Having beautiful sources of support about you that offer you space, time and attention to be exactly who you are is a very sweet feel. Self responsiblity is also a self esteem win and dialing in a conscious relationship to that vibe is an even sweeter feel to your lifeforce expression of optimal. 

The GVL expands on this FORCE here – if it resonates, check it out!

Our Third Force of Optimal 2 Thrive


If you waver between commitments our you are unclear about your life’s direction then it is a thrive to optimal to take time to look at who you are, inside and out and figure out what it is you want to accomplish in this life of yours.

Are You Living Congruently?

Are your commitments invested in one pursuit yet your heart yearns for something entirely different?

  To take responsibility of the self and have crystal clear envisionment of your purpose moving forward, then you are optimal to be creative to your elevated life tracks.

Clarity of your future

Asking yourself some questions about what you want vs what you currently have is a good place to start.

 However you dial in your own vibe will be how you determine this life of yours to unfold for you.

What you say and what you seek are inherently there for the taking if it is a happy and authentic combination of the Truth of who you are. The expression of that authentic truth is what force number one is in play to enhance, support and ultimately deliver to you, IF, you are doing the good work to align wIth it.

Ask yourself how clear you are on the kind of life you are living.

When you dial in that vibe with specificity you are well on your way to the most optimal creativity you can muster.

Congruence is Synonymous With Clarity.

  If you are unhappy in your interpersonal familial relationships, get clear on how to elevate yourself within or out of those.  Same with the pursuits of work and social networks you entertain.

All these aspects of yourself are yours to be responsible for (handy force tip number 2)

Life is a Web of An Intricate Play of Energy. 

Invest Yours Wisely.